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Diamond Ring Settings

Engagement Ring
2.36ct Ideal Cut H&A Diamond Engagement Ring
Posted by Lynn B

You’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, but where to begin? There are many choices available, so take your time and enjoy the process. Do you want a simple solitaire ring, a split-shank pave halo ring, a 3 stone ring, or a 5 stone ring? Do you want prongs to hold the center diamond or a bezel? Do you want an intricate gallery or an embellishment like millgrain or engraving? From classic to cutting edge, the world is your oyster when it comes to diamond engagement rings. This tutorial showcases basic styles and terminology that you will encounter whether you are shopping for engagement jewelry online or at local retail stores.

Topics in this Tutorial

  • Engagement Ring Anatomy and Glossary
  • Learn basic Engagement Ring terms

  • Precious Metals
  • Overview of Metals used in Engagement Jewelry

  • Solitaire Rings
  • Examples of Solitaire Engagement Rings

  • Three Stone Engagement Rings
  • Three Stone Engagement Rings - Pictures and Information

  • Five Stone Engagement Rings
  • Classic examples of Five Stone Engagement Rings and Anniversary Rings

  • Halo Engagement Rings
  • A selection of different Halo Engagement Rings

  • Prong Settings
  • Four Prong Engagement Rings, Six Prong Rings, and many other Prong Styles to explore

  • Bezel Settings
  • Classic examples of Bezel Engagement Rings

  • Tension Settings
  • Tension Set Engagement Rings and Burnished Set Rings - Pictures and Information

  • Engagement Ring Mountings
  • Knife Edge Rings, Pavé Engagement Rings, Split Shank Rings, Channel Set Engagement Rings, and other Mounting Styles

  • Embellishments: Engraving, Millegrain, Intricate Gallery
  • Enhance your Engagement Ring with special features

  • Men's Rings
  • Men's Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

  • Antique Engagement Rings
  • A selection of romantic Antique Engagement Rings

  • Princess Engagement Rings
  • Princess Cut Engagement Rings and Information about Fancy Shape Engagement Diamonds

  • Unique Engagement Rings
  • Looking for something different? Examples of Unique Engagement Rings

  • Consumer Diamond Buying Experience
  • A personal diamond buying story

  • Wedding Bands
  • Wedding Band information

  • Should You Surprise Her?
  • Things to consider when planning a surprise engagement

  • Engagement Ring Care and Cleaning
  • Caring for your Engagement Ring

    Archived Topics

  • White Gold vs. Platinum
  • Prong Setting
  • Flush Set and Bezel Set
  • Pavé Settings
  • Channel Set Ring
  • Engagement Ring Color
  • Side Stone Ring
  • Gold Rings
  • Platinum Engagement Rings

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