Engagement Rings – Bezel Setting Styles

Setting Your Diamond

The setting style of a ring refers to how the stones are secured. Setting styles for center stones include prong set, bezel set, tension set and burnished set.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are divided into two categories, full bezel and half bezel. Both full bezels and half bezels provide a sleek alternative to traditional prong settings.

Click on the links below for examples of bezel settings shared by Pricescope community members.

Full Bezel Rings

Half Bezel Rings

Full Bezel Rings



Diamond Engagement Ring Bezel Setting
.81 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring from Engagement Rings Direct
Posted by neatfreak


Diamond Engagement Ring Bezel Setting
1.85ct Bezel Diamond Ring from James Meyer
Posted by coatimundi


Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
.56ct Antique Cut Diamond in Bezel Setting
by One Garnet Girl on Etsy
Posted by shimmer


Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring
.71ct Asscher Cut Bezel Engagement Ring
from Whiteflash
Posted by LaurenthePartier

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Half Bezel Rings


Diamond Engagement Ring Half Bezel Setting
1.01 Gabrielle Cut Diamond in Half Bezel Engagement Ring
Posted by BlueKeet


Diamond Engagement Ring Sholdt Half Bezel Setting
2.52ct Diamond in Sholdt Half Bezel Ring
Posted by elle_chris


Ruby Van Craeynest Ring
Ruby Ring by Van Craeynest
Posted by Love in Bloom

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