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The “JamesAllen.com” Factor

 If you’re seeking a proven, economical way of safely buying loose diamonds, engagement rings and finished jewelry and gifts – based on reliable reporting, high-resolution images and video, and interactive online meetings – JamesAllen.com provides all of that, and they do it at some of the most industry’s most competitive prices. The “JamesAllen.com” factor is their constant innovation of new, efficient, and economical ways to elevate the consumer diamond buying experience – raising the bar for other online sellers. These ongoing developments have transformed JamesAllen.com into a world leader in the field, offering the widest range of traditional and modern options, readily available to fit any budget, with a non-commissioned customer service team and guarantees to ensure that your purchase is entirely risk-free..

JamesAllen.com at a Glance

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1. What is the JamesAllen.com Story?

JamesAllen.com changed the way people shop for diamonds.

If you traveled back to the early 2000s you might be shocked to discover that most diamonds listed for sale online had no supporting photos. This was a deal-breaker for many shoppers – only about 2% of all diamond sales were occurring online. All of that changed in 2006 when JamesAllen.com arrived on the scene. Founders James Allen Schultz, Michele Sigler and Oded Edelman empowered consumer confidence by partnering with leading diamond suppliers and supplying them with cameras capable of high-resolution magnified images and videos – as well as scientific Ideal Scope imaging to demonstrate a diamond’s light performance. Suddenly, online shoppers had access to photos and videos of tens of thousands of diamonds, accompanied by the same free shipping, no-hassle returns, and long-term customer care policies sellers without photos offered. JamesAllen.com’s presence instantly raised the bar, causing others in the eCommerce diamond industry to scramble to keep up.

“James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for jewelry online” – Forbes Magazine

Today JamesAllen.com continues to push the envelope. With more than 150,000 happy couples (and growing), a series of funny, entertaining commercials on social channels and a pattern of continuous innovation – including an interactive Diamond Inspection conference option – JamesAllen.com has become one of the most successful diamond and jewelry sellers in the world, earning $300 million in revenue in 2020.

2. What is most appealing about JamesAllen.com?

JamesAllen.com pairs one of the world’s largest diamond inventories with diamond-specific 40X magnified 360° video-imaging, providing you with the ability to see and compare diamond details. In addition to natural diamonds and gemstones, JamesAllen.com offers a robust selection of loose lab grown diamonds. They are also the world’s largest company going the extra mile for technical minded shoppers, providing supplemental diamond cut analysis photos such as Ideal Scope, and Hearts and Arrows images for the educated community of shoppers focused on detailed cut quality assessment. The inventory you see on JamesAllen.com is also continuously updated in real-time, which translates to better than 98% product availability, and their customer service team is non-commissioned, ensuring that your JamesAllen.com expert is entirely focused on your needs.

Grading Authorities

JamesAllen.com’s loose natural diamonds are typically certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGS), and their lab grown diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) – the world leader in lab grown diamond assessment and grading.


JamesAllen.com offers more than 200,000 natural and lab grown diamonds, from 0.15 to 15.00+ carats with 360° video-imaging. These offerings include the JamesAllen.com True Hearts™ collection, a branded line selected for higher standards of optical performance and precision cutting. JamesAllen.com offers a wide variety of bridal jewelry, including designer collections, and a vast amount of ready-to-ship finished jewelry at all price points – from birthstone jewelry and gifts under $500 to luxury diamond tennis bracelets, opera necklaces, and ruby, sapphires, and emeralds rings – all supported with high resolution images.

Ease of Use

JamesAllen.com’s website is fun, fast, clean, well-organized, and easy to navigate on desktop, tablet or mobile. They answer calls and texts through a website chat feature 24/7. They also have two locations; a walk-in showroom in Washington D.C. and meetings by-appointment in the New York diamond district.

The Selection

  • 150,000+ Natural Diamonds, all shapes
  • 40,000+ Lab Grown Diamonds, all shapes
  • Featured Diamond Brand: True Hearts™
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Fancy Colored Diamonds and Colored Gemstones
  • Fancy Colored Lab Grown Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

The Experience

  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Free insured shipping worldwide
  • Virtual Ring Sizer
  • Custom Ring Design
  • Financing Options
  • 30-day inspection period with free return shipping, if needed
  • 360° videos for all diamonds
  • One-click Diamond Inspection with live expert
  • Free engraving
  • 1-year free resizing (shipping included for clients in the US and Canada)
  • Lifetime upgrade: 100% credit for any replacement diamond at least 2X or greater value
  • Lifetime jewelry warranty including prong tightening, re-polishing, re-plating and cleaning (client is responsible for shipping)
  • Refer a Friend
  • Thousands of online reviews
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Source: JamesAllen.com

3. What diamond and jewelry products does JamesAllen.com offer?

The True Hearts™ collection

Featured Diamond Brand – JamesAllen.com True Hearts™

JamesAllen.com’s True Hearts™ collection is curated according to a higher standard of light return, diamond performance and optical precision. A round Hearts and Arrows diamond, also called “H&A,” is one fashioned so precisely that its facet reflections overlap when seen in the structured light environment of a hearts and arrows viewer. Every round True Hearts™ diamond has hearts and arrows images posted on its website page.

Princess and cushion cut diamonds selected for the True Hearts™ collection are accompanied by grading reports from the American Gem Society (AGS), the laboratory of choice for proof of superior diamond cut quality and light performance.

150,000+ Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Featured Lab Grown Diamond Brand – JamesAllen.com True Hearts™

The True Hearts™ collection includes lab grown round brilliant diamonds. Every True Hearts™ lab grown diamond has hearts and arrows images posted on its website page.

40,000+ Lab Grown Diamonds

Bridal Jewelry

Other Fine Jewelry

4. What sets JamesAllen.com apart from others?

JamesAllen.com offers a variety of client-centric features which aren’t common to all sellers.

Untreated Lab Grown Diamonds

JamesAllen.com is the largest online seller offering a full range of lab grown diamonds, both loose and incorporated into their ring and jewelry builders. All their lab grown diamonds come “as-grown” – meaning they required no enhancements to disguise underlying brown or grey tint. This is a significant quality control measure: According to the IGI, the majority of lab grown diamonds, worldwide, are subjected to these post-growth treatments.

Interactive Diamond Inspection

JamesAllen.com now offers the first ever virtual Diamond Inspection experience. One click connects you with one of their experts, opening a window with that diamond’s images, specs, etc. You can ask questions, mark points of interest on the diamond, learn specifics and browse other diamonds.

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Source: JamesAllen.com

Real Time Updates

The inventory you see on JamesAllen.com is also updated in real-time, which translates to better than 98% product availability. This provides a significant advantage over internet diamond sellers publishing outdated lists – which can include stones sold days or weeks ago. In addition to natural diamonds and gemstones, JamesAllen.com offers an abundant inventory of lab grown diamonds with 40X magnified 360° video-imaging, also updated in real-time.

Reports by Request

Anyone these days can start a website and list diamonds. JamesAllen.com went to extra expense on behalf of clients, purchasing cameras for their upstream suppliers to provide thousands of diamond videos for clients. This standout initiative was so successful that other online sellers began to plagiarize videos from the JamesAllen.com website. For this reason, JamesAllen.com sends correlating grading reports to customers only – by request – to ensure their videos and images are not misused.

Free Engraving and Round Trip Resizing

If you’d like to put a meaningful message on the inside of the ring you’re purchasing James Allen provides a free engraving service for most engagement rings and wedding bands. Also, if needed, JamesAllen.com provides free resizing with return shipping for up to one year after purchase.

5. Are you the ideal JamesAllen.com customer?

JamesAllen.com’s approach to business, and their ongoing innovations and improvements, are reminiscent of Amazon and Alibaba. They quickly became one of the industry’s primary online diamond sellers, listing hundreds of thousands of diamonds from a wide variety of reliable sources without taking on the expense of that vast inventory. They have an easy-to-use interface and a ring-builder allowing you to start with a ring, or start with a loose diamond, with 360° videos of your choices – and guarantees making your purchase risk-free.

Most diamonds JamesAllen.com offers are located close to their offices in New York, permitting them to inspect and verify every diamond prior to setting and shipping it to you. They are excellent at marketing and communications while simultaneously offering the diamonds they list at some of the most competitive prices you will find anywhere.

6. What does JamesAllen.com’s packaging look like?

JamesAllen.com takes care to ensure outer packaging is nondescript, for purposes of security during their insured shipping process, and to avoid spoiling a potential surprise for a lucky recipient. The outer packaging is simply a plain FedEx box which, of course, requires a signature upon delivery – whether that’s your home, office or an authorized FedEx hold center. Inside the FedEx box is a carton containing your order.

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The presentation box serves several purposes. It holds the ring box securely during transit, protecting your new treasure and holds an array of documents which accompany your order, as well as a JamesAllen.com jewelry cleaning cloth. After the item is presented to its recipient, the JamesAllen.com presentation box also doubles as a standalone jewelry box.

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Source: JamesAllen.com

The original ring box can live in its bed on the top level of the jewelry box. The bottom tier features a drawer containing your diamond’s certificate, a JamesAllen.com appraisal good for securing jewelry insurance and all their accompanying warranties and quality assurances.

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Source: JamesAllen.com

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