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Absolute Commitment to Quality

 If you’re someone who values high-quality products, full information, artistic images, video, and customer support, Whiteflash is a great fit. Their absolute commitment to quality ensures that you’re wrapped in layers of protection, ranging from full verification of a diamond’s grading and gemological details to an elite cut quality pedigree – the most difficult C for most shoppers to solve. Their premium A CUT ABOVE® super ideal hearts and arrows diamond brand is one of the finest ever brought to market. When you add a Whiteflash diamond to one of their fine jewelry settings, you’ll have a firecracker that draws eyes from across the room, comparable or better than what you might find in a blue box on 5th Avenue, New York – at a far more competitive price.

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1. What is the Whiteflash Story?

Whiteflash created a luxury jewelry experience online.

Whiteflash was established in 2000 with a bold vision. The founders were determined to create something no one imagined possible – an internet company with the feel of a fine jewelry boutique, curating and providing the crème de la crème of diamonds and jewelry online. Doing this would first require a source of diamonds with undeniable, impeccable cut quality. So, instead of listing the same generic diamonds as other sellers, Whiteflash traveled to Antwerp – the world capital of diamond cutting – and commissioned their own exclusive line of diamonds cut to the highest standards of performance and precision: The A CUT ABOVE® super ideal hearts and arrows diamond brand put Whiteflash firmly on the quality map and remains one of the finest brands ever brought to market. Their reputation for complete quality focus attracted elite names in the world of designer jewelry, expanding the range and reach of the company’s fine jewelry offerings.

“Whiteflash is Lord of the Online Rings.” – Kiplinger Magazine

Today Whiteflash is the world’s most successful online seller of super ideal hearts and arrows diamonds and high-quality jewelry. Their intense focus on customer satisfaction – coupled with a generous unrestricted trade-up benefit unrivaled by their largest competitors – has produced a vocal culture of loyal fans, evangelists, and supporters. By controlling every aspect of their quality proposition, from loose diamonds to jewelry to customer service, Whiteflash achieved what no one imagined possible. They created a true luxury jewelry experience online.

2. What is most appealing about Whiteflash?

Whiteflash is all about high quality, transparency, and customer service. They provide more information and images for the products they sell than most companies, including diamond analysis photos such as Ideal Scope and ASET, as well as Hearts and Arrows images for the educated community of shoppers focused on detailed cut quality assessment. All the diamonds in their featured brands are on their premises, so all gemological details have been vetted and confirmed – with Whiteflash there are no ‘virtual inventory list’ mix-ups or unpleasant surprises. Their array of post-purchase benefits leads the industry, including a standout policy of unrestricted upgrades on their branded diamonds. This ongoing focus on the highest possible quality and value for the money, supported during and long after the sale, has fostered great customer loyalty.

Grading Authorities

Whiteflash’s loose diamonds are typically certified by the American Gem Society (AGS) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Whiteflash is also a member of the prestigious American Gem Society.


Whiteflash has three diamond collections. The A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond brand (offered in round and princess cut) is among the finest diamond brands in the world. They also offer Expert Selection diamonds – promoted as a collection of top performers which just missed the requirements for A CUT ABOVE® – and a line of GIA certified diamonds with high optical precision called Premium Select. Whiteflash additionally lists 10,000 loose natural diamonds from trusted suppliers, available to be called in on request. The company boasts a wide variety of bridal jewelry, from simple to complex, including ready-to-ship finished creations, as well as an array of celebrated and diverse designer jewelry lines.

Ease of Use

The Whiteflash website is elegant and user-friendly, with diamond and jewelry searches that are easy to understand and navigate. The site also offers robust diamond and jewelry education, going far beyond the industry standard, to ensure customers are fully informed. If you’re close to Houston, Texas you can drop by their Sugarland showroom to see many of the products they offer in person.

The Selection

  • Featured Diamond Brand: A CUT ABOVE® – Round and Princess Cut
  • Featured Diamond Brands: Expert Selection and Premium Select
  • 10,000+ Loose Natural Diamonds, all shapes
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Colored Gemstone Jewelry (on request)

The Experience

  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Free insured shipping worldwide
  • Financing Options
  • 30-day inspection period with free return shipping, if needed
  • 360 videos and light performance imaging
  • Expert consultation with GIA trained staff
  • One year jewelry service plan
  • One year 70% buyback
  • Lifetime upgrade: 100% credit for any more expensive replacement diamond
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Thousands of online reviews
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Source: Whiteflash.com

3. What diamond and jewelry products does Whiteflash offer?

Exclusive Diamond Brands

Featured Diamond Brand – A CUT ABOVE® – Round and Princess Cuts

The A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond is exclusive to Whiteflash. Round Hearts and Arrows diamonds, also called “H&A,” are fashioned so precisely that their facets (internal mirrors) precisely overlap when seen in the structured light environment of a hearts and arrows viewer. Every round A CUT ABOVE® diamond has hearts and arrows images posted on its website page, along with technical performance images. All A CUT ABOVE® diamonds have additionally earned the prestigious Ideal grade in light performance from the American Gem Society, the laboratory of choice for proof of superior diamond cut quality and light performance. The dual-achievement of precision cutting for hearts and arrows, accompanied by proven Ideal light performance, places every A CUT ABOVE® diamond in the rare super ideal category.

A CUT ABOVE® Princess cut diamonds also come with grading reports from the American Gem Society (AGS). These exceptional square diamonds fall into an extremely rare subset of fancy shapes diamonds with scientifically provable AGS Ideal light performance: Literally, they are one in a million.

Whiteflash Review - A CUT ABOVE
Source: Whiteflash.com

Expert Selection and Premium Select

Whiteflash carries two secondary brands: Expert Selection diamonds, in round and princess shapes, carry the prestigious AGS Ideal Light Performance pedigree. These are diamonds which narrowly missed the strict requirements of the A CUT ABOVE® brand. The Premium Select category is a collection of GIA Triple EX diamonds, fully vetted and imaged and ready for immediate delivery.

10,000+ Natural Diamonds

Bridal Jewelry

 Other Fine Jewelry

4. What sets Whiteflash apart from others?

Whiteflash offers a variety of client-centric features which aren’t common to all sellers.

Standout Trade-Up Policy

Most sellers don’t offer trade-ups. Others require you to buy a diamond costing 2X or more your original spend to upgrade. For their in-house collections, Whiteflash offers 100% credit toward any new diamond of equal or greater value, period. That means the money you invest with them is essentially always there, supporting a next purchase of a more ambitious diamond, whether $100 more or $100,000 more. Whiteflash also offers a 50% designer setting upgrade.

Diamonds In-House

All diamonds in Whiteflash’s collections are onsite, with their gemologists. This eliminates any mix-ups or unpleasant surprises which can happen among sellers sharing the same ‘virtual inventories.’ It also permits Whiteflash to make and post eye-clean judgments on their diamond web pages – an extremely useful service when shopping for diamonds in the budget-friendly SI1 and SI2 ranges – and even more valuable for teasing out the occasional VS2 diamond which isn’t eye-clean.

Top Performing Princess

In addition to their A CUT ABOVE® super ideal round diamonds, Whiteflash offers the A CUT ABOVE® Princess. This is distinctive because a princess cut with AGS Ideal Light Performance is rare beyond our ability to express. Remember, princess cuts are not graded by other laboratories (GIA included). The A CUT ABOVE® Princess may literally be one princess in a million.

Additional Images

Whiteflash also provides comparison images on request, as well as artistic professional photos of finished client orders, suitable for sharing with friends and family. They have begun producing artistic music video shorts, showcasing jewelry pieces they have created.

Cut Quality Commitment

The Whiteflash cut quality proposition is extended to small diamonds: They offer hearts and arrows melee in a number of settings. Having the A CUT ABOVE® brand produced upstream for them also gives Whiteflash connections, they offer both custom diamond cutting and diamond repair services.

Awards and Accolades

Whiteflash is the first jewelry company to become ISO 9000 certified for quality management systems, a testament to their top to bottom efficiency and another nod to their quality commitment. Additionally, Whiteflash has been honored annually by the Houston Better Business Bureau (BBB) and was Houston’s 2020 BBB Pinnacle Award Winner.

Whiteflash Review - Pinnacle 2020
Source: Whiteflash.com

5. Are you the ideal Whiteflash customer?

If you’re a quality-minded shopper who wants to cut to the chase (see what we did there?) Whiteflash is a (super) ideal option. Rather than listing hundreds of thousands of diamonds, their website only offers the crème de la crème. Essentially, the diamonds they sell are all diamonds they’d be personally (as a company) proud to own. That’s what makes their unique trade up policy possible – Whiteflash will gladly take back any in-house diamond they have sold, since it will be as saleable in the future as it is today.

Whiteflash is equally selective about their jewelry creations. Whether it’s a simple solitaire, a tennis bracelet, a designer masterpiece or a celebrity commission, each piece is created with the same care and commitment to quality. And remember – if the future wearer may wish to consider going bigger anytime in the future, Whiteflash’s trade up policy is unbeatable.

6. What does Whiteflash’s packaging look like?

Whiteflash takes care to ensure outer packaging is nondescript, for purposes of security during their insured shipping process, and to avoid spoiling a potential surprise for a lucky recipient. The outer packaging is simply a plain FedEx box which, of course, requires a signature upon delivery – whether that’s your home, office or an authorized FedEx hold center.

Source: FedEx

Inside the FedEx box is a padded pack, a heavy, padded envelope which securely protects the contents of your order. Those contents include a folder with the Whiteflash logo contains your diamond’s AGS or GIA grading report, your receipt, and other useful documents, including an offer to receive $100 by referring a friend. The rest of the contents vary, depending on the specifics of your order.

Loose A CUT ABOVE® diamonds come in a special loose diamond box, showcasing the diamond “suspended” between layers of heavy transparent plastic.

Whiteflash Review - Packaging
Source: Whiteflash.com

Loose A CUT ABOVE® diamonds also arrive with a loose diamond viewing kit, including a portable hearts and arrows viewer, stone tweezers, and cleaning cloth. When placed over the diamond the hearts and arrows viewer provides a structured light environment which can be used to verify the precision-cutting of your diamond – you will see a pattern of eight symmetrical white ‘hearts’ when the stone is upside down, and a pattern of eight symmetrical white ‘arrows’ when looking down on the top of the diamond.

Whiteflash Review - Toolkit
Source: Whiteflash.com

NOTE: The loose diamond viewing kit is not shipped with diamonds that are set in jewelry. It’s intended for loose diamonds only.

The engagement ring box is designed for a single ring. If you select an engagement ring and a wedding band they will come in two boxes – although a double ring box which holds both is available by request. The small ring box is petite enough to fit into a pocket, or a purse. A small, branded, leatherette pouch is also available upon request. This is perfect for carrying an engagement ring discreetly in a pocket when a box might draw too much attention for that surprise proposal moment.

Whiteflash Review - Packaging
Source: Whiteflash.com

Whiteflash Jewelry boxes come in multiple sizes. The small size is used for small pendants and stud earrings, while a larger size is perfect for more ornate items – and the bracelet box provides an elegant presentation for diamond bracelets, bangles and similar jewelry items.

Whiteflash Review - Packaging
Source: Whiteflash.com

All of these presentation boxes feature inner liners and hinged sides. Each is a high quality, solid wood creation which is a reflection of the commitment to quality Whiteflash has successfully delivered for more than 20 years.

Whiteflash Review - Presentation

The information in this review is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of June 1, 2021. 

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