Diamond Light Performance and Analysis Tools

The Holloway Cut Adviser™ (U.S. Patent 7,251,619) estimates a round diamonds appeal based on its potential Light Return, Fire, Scintillation and Spread. Diamond Calculator is a system of modeling cut gemstones, which enables precise calculation of the diamond weight and determination of the cut proportions. The real (photorealistic) image of a polished diamond created by the system makes it possible to determine the cut parameters that cannot be measured and to select the optimal combination of the parameters to obtain the best perception (luster, brilliance, fire) of the stone.
The Ideal-scope is based on a principle discovered by Mr Okuda in the 1970's. A 10x lens with a hot red / pink reflector in front of the diamond has a central viewing hole, which allows you to see just how much of the red / pink light refracts back from the diamond. The ASET scope is based on a principle discovered by Mr Okuda in the 1970s and added to by myself and Al Gilbertson. AGS acquired a patent granted to Al Gilbertson and simplified the design used in ASET as the basis for their 2005 patented cut grading system. The GemAdviser is a free read-only software to model polished gemstones allowing anybody to 'view' and analyze the diamonds and gems created by Diamond Calculator. GemAdviser also allows to evaluate visual performance of a diamond such as Light Return and Leakage.