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The Appeal of Diamonds Direct

There’s a lot to like about Diamonds Direct. From their humble beginnings operating out of Israel and the United States to their sleek social profiles and charity commitments – they’re pretty impressive.

Diamonds Direct stands out from large chain jewelers by providing excellent customer service and the passion that you expect from an independent store.

Due to overheads, inventory, and other costs, their prices are higher than online stores like WhiteflashBlue Nile, and James Allen, but they still merit a good recommendation.

1. What is Diamond Direct’s story?

A small-time diamond enthusiast followed his dream.

diamonds direct homepage


The inception of Diamonds Direct dates back to the early ’90s. A humble diamond enthusiast based in Tel Aviv decided to cut out the middleman, after years of selling diamonds to jewelry stores, and opened up his own in Charlotte, North Carolina,

Their model has proved successful, and they have expanded to seven locations across the country. Blackstone bought Diamonds Direct in 2015, and the following year they increased in size again by acquiring the infamous Diamond Doctor.

The acquisition called into question the integrity of the growing company, however Diamonds Direct seemed to have steered from the questionable path and continued to operate with honesty.

Diamonds Direct is a unique independent retailer, taking advantage of being a fabric of the local community and longer-tenured staff that are better trained. Over the past two decades, they have won multiple awards that only strengthen their success. 

2. What is most appealing about Diamonds Direct?


Grading Authority

Although it’s a huge positive that Diamond Direct sells GIA-certified diamonds online, it’s worth noting that Diamond Direct does not sell AGS Diamonds.


As far as diamond shopping experiences go, Diamonds Direct sits comfortably between large chain stores and lower-end jewelers who focus very little on diamond quality. 

Among their specialties are pre-set diamonds (difficult to see inclusions and flaws) set in generic settings, as well as jewelry that carries a high price tag.

diamonds direct across platforms


Ease of Use

Diamonds Direct offers a clear, magnified image of each of their diamonds on their website, but beyond that, they just provide basic information. This includes the percentages of depth as well as girdle thickness, but no additional information beyond that provided by a GIA certificate. 

Their images are static, which means the diamond can only be seen from a table-up vantage point. Is this the best way to view a diamond? Not entirely, but it’s definitely still useful if you choose to shop with Diamonds Direct.

As you can see from the Diamonds Direct website, there is more of a ‘basic’ approach to diamond quality. There is no option to filter by more advanced search parameters, such as proportion or certification. 

Diamonds Direct has yet to reach the crème de la crème of online diamond buying sites because of these small oversights but don’t let that take away from their ambition and beautiful pieces.

The Selection

Diamonds Direct has an array of elegant and unusual settings in a wide variety of precious metals. Everything in this collection is crafted with impeccable craftsmanship and there’s something to fit every style. This is an area in which Diamonds Direct excels. Local customers are likely to be enthralled by their support of designers and impressed by the selection. 

If you know what to look for and you have a discerning eye, there is no doubt that you can find beautiful diamonds through Diamonds Direct.

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The Experience

If you have read any of our other reviews, you will know that our final report always boils down to online versus bricks and mortar, with buying online usually taking the cake.

In the face of a more educated consumer and an increase in the quality of diamonds from online vendors, it’s essential that local companies (especially brick and mortar stores) keep up with the new standard.

Despite that, it’s equally important to cater to those who want to shop for diamonds in person. In a world where commission-driven salespeople lack technical knowledge, Diamonds Direct is a breath of fresh air. Stores might look basic and traditional, but the attentive and knowledgeable staff more than make up for it. 

These features are a great benefit to those who require a “brick-and-mortar” experience.


3. What diamond and jewelry products does Diamonds Direct offer?

Diamonds Direct offers conflict-free diamonds and as previously mentioned earlier on, carry GIA-certified diamonds – the standard for any diamond you should be considering.

Diamonds Direct offers an unparalleled selection of jewelry in addition to its wide choice of engagement rings. From necklaces to earrings, every piece is of high quality.

Their collections include:


Before making any decision, we would highly recommend reading our reviews for some of our vetted vendors such as Blue Nile, Whiteflash and James Allen. These vendors offer the very best in online diamond shopping and may just entice you.

4. What sets Diamonds Direct apart from others?

diamonds direct chatbot


Online Customer Support: Diamonds Direct offers a helpful chat button on its website which will connect you with a customer support agent who can assist you with any of your queries.

After-sales Services: Diamonds Direct offers complimentary after-sales services such as cleaning, sizing, appraisals, and lifetime upgrades on engagement rings.

Great Warranties and Guarantees: Diamonds Direct have a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty, and reasonable trade-up program should you wish to upgrade your diamond later in life.

Diamonds Direct offers its own credit card for ease of purchase. For many, this makes it easier to afford their dream engagement ring.

The Diamonds Direct Foundation: Established in 2004, the Diamonds Direct Foundation supports local nonprofit organizations, with a focus on women’s and children’s charities.

The Diamonds Direct Foundation donates thousands of dollars to women’s and children’s charities in the local areas and holds silent auctions to raise money for children living in poverty.


5. What does Diamond Direct’s packaging look like?

diamonds direct packaging

Source: I Do Now I Don’t

Diamonds Direct certainly lets the rings do the talking when it comes to packaging. With minimal color choices and a classic box design, it’s fairly basic in comparison to other retailers. What it does beautifully, however, is propping the diamond up front and center for any bride-to-be to see with the insert.

There’s no iconic blue Tiffany box or Robbin Brother’s light illuminating the diamond here – your piece has to speak for itself. And with due diligence and a keen eye, it certainly will.


6. Are you the ideal Diamond Direct’s customer?

The Diamonds Direct ethos is rooted in community. As a result, the company champions local designers, providing them with a prestigious platform for their work, as well as offering their customers innovative designs. 

As part of their charitable efforts, Diamonds Direct established a foundation in 2004 that donates thousands of dollars to women’s and children’s organizations in the local communities. It’s not enough to buy from Diamonds Direct for these reasons alone, but they should still be commended for their social responsibility and commitment to their communities.

They paint a picture of a socially conscious, customer-focused company. Independent brick-and-mortar jewelry stores charge a premium, but that’s just part of the deal.

Have your heart set on a store-to-store experience? Diamonds Direct might be worth a look if you find yourself close by. What they lack in “bells and whistles,” they make up for in customer service and added value. You might just find yourself a beautiful piece among their collections of diamonds with GIA reports.

As a resource for diamond-lovers, PriceScope provides layers of information about diamonds – particularly cut-quality – so you are encouraged to conduct thorough research when it comes to diamond purchasing.

To truly appreciate the vast array of diamond choices to be found online, we recommend taking a look at our huge inventory of loose diamonds, for diamonds that deliver the best possible cut quality.

The information in this review is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of March, 2022. 

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