PriceScope is the largest online diamond and jewelry community in the world, with over 100,000 registered members and more than 200,000 forum threads. An independent and unbiased resource for 20 years, PriceScope aims to help consumers get the best value, whether they purchase online or in person.

Members can search through over 450,000 diamonds from PriceScope-vetted vendors and better prepare themselves with helpful tools and educational articles and tutorials by industry experts on a number of topics, from how to buy an engagement ring and wedding bands to the latest innovations in diamond cutting and laboratory grading.

With a strict “no sales” policy, the forum provides a safe, no-pressure environment for members to ask questions, share pictures of diamonds or jewelry, chat with friends, and post reviews of vendors, brands, and designers.

Whether you need help buying your first diamond, are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable community to share your thoughts and finds, or are a jewelry connoisseur wanting to stay up-to-date, PriceScope is the place for you.

Diamonds Photo Credit: Edgar Soto via Unsplash