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PriceScope is the leading online resource for diamond shoppers and industry experts. With 200,000+ threads you can search our public forum for 20+ years of ratings, raves and rants from thousands of independent, unbiased shoppers just like you.

Our professional team includes experts with experience across all industry sectors. From diamond production to jewelry creation to A+ customer service, we’ve done it all – in traditional stores and on the internet. As the world’s #1 online diamond shopping resource, PriceScope Reviews are written from an online shopping perspective.

PriceScope’s 1-5 star ratings are categorical comparisons with the most thorough, consumer-focused online diamond and jewelry vendors, in categories we believe reflect our experienced consumer community’s values. See criteria definitions.

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Our reviews may reference products from companies that help to support PriceScope.

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Ratings Criteria

PriceScope’s proprietary Star Ratings are determined by cross-referencing hundreds of data points between all companies reviewed, to arrive at categorical scores compared to the “best in class” in that category. A rating of 4 stars in any category is exemplary.

Like the written reviews, ratings are calculated from an online shopper’s perspective. 

The Price Rating is based on comparative diamond prices shown for Excellent/Ideal cut natural diamonds in popular sizes, colors and clarities (VS2+). The Price Rating is a reflection of “raw” price only: Policies, features and benefits are accounted for in other categories.

Category Definitions

Ratings criteria is grouped into categories we believe reflect our experienced consumer community’s values.

Jewelry Selection

Number and range of diamonds offered. Loose diamond ring builder option. Brands offered. Exclusivity of brands. Gemstones and fancy colored diamonds offered. Variety of jewelry offered. Variety of designer lines offered. Bonus: Lab Grown Diamonds, Custom Diamond Cutting, Accessories.

Client Experience

No-risk policies. Ease of contact. Consumer confidence measures. Presence on PriceScope. Presence on trusted review sites. Bonus: Trade accreditations, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy.

Online Images & Info

Diamond and gemstone lab reports, images, videos, image-requests. Finished jewelry info, images, videos, context photos, image-requests. Ease of search. Standard education pages. Bonus: Social channels and blogs featuring images and video.

Diamond Cut & Jewelry Quality Focus

Cut focused brands. Proof of performance. Emphasis throughout site. Advanced cut education. Signature, designer and custom jewelry. Emphasis throughout site. Casting, forging & melee options. Bonus: H&A posted. AGS platinum reports. HCA scores shown in PriceScope search.

Payment & Delivery Options

Conventional payment options. Combined payment options. Financing, flex-plans or credit lines available. Domestic and international shipping terms. APO, FPO, DPO. Tracking through website or user account. Bonus: In-store pickup locations, Unconventional payment options.

Post-Purchase Benefits

Insurance appraisal. Jewelry warranty terms. Resizing terms. Cleaning and light repair terms. Diamond upgrade terms. Diamond buyback terms. Customer loyalty program. Bonus: Insurance assistance, extended warranty options, jewelry upgrade options.

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