B2C Jewels Review

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B2C Jewels Review

Whether you’ve been browsing through jewelry retailer websites or taking a look at our reviews, B2C Jewels has probably caught your attention. With an extensive selection of loose diamonds to choose from, this online retailer often gets compared to other big-name online jewelry companies. But does it actually measure up?

B2C Jewels has over 372,000 loose diamonds available for sale in its impressive inventory, including an astounding 89,000+ lab-grown and of course, some fancy shapes too. 

Budget-conscious customers will also appreciate the modest selection of smaller diamonds. We’ve investigated to see if B2C Jewels is consumer-friendly while maintaining its online storefront and if they’re potentially carrying the diamond of your dreams below.

1. What is B2C Jewel’s story?



Over the past few decades, B2C Jewels has built a reputation and trust based on its heritage in the diamond industry. As one of the largest and most respected online jewelry stores, they come from a family of diamond wholesalers who has been in the market for 40 years. 

They moved online in 2007, offering an extensive range of jewelry pieces and a well-established infrastructure. With a focus on value and customer service, their stated goal is “Utmost Customer Satisfaction”. You’re certain to find your perfect jewelry piece. 

Be it your dream engagement ring, wedding band or special anniversary gift, B2C Jewels take pride in being part of your celebration. There’s no doubt they’re delighted to contribute their part to make your special moment even more meaningful and memorable.

As a vetted PriceScope vendor, they meet our rigorous requirements for truthful advertising, business practices and proactive consumer protection. That’s no easy feat.

2. What is most appealing about B2C Jewels?

Grading Authority

Several independent laboratories perform evaluations on B2C Jewels’ certified diamonds. Among them are the GIA, (The Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), the AGS (American Gem Society), and HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant, meaning the “Diamond High Council”). 

They are world-renowned gem laboratories, with some recognized for their expertise in grading mined and lab-grown diamonds.

The majority of retailers have a brand of diamonds they consider to be the best, and with B2C this is called ‘Perfection’. Each of these diamonds achieved triple excellent grades from the GIA (for symmetry, cut, and polish) and are then subjected to B2C’s cut standards.

B2C has also created its own diamond evaluation metric, Diamond Blueprint. They claim it’s the comprehensive diamond evaluation feature that gives you more information than any other online diamond retailer.

It’s the total picture of all of the elements that make your diamond unique. A cert will identify the typical Carat weight, dimensions, Clarity, Color, and Cut grade of your diamond. The Diamond Blueprint aims to show you how your diamond truly performs.

A sophisticated zoom features enable you to see even the microscopic characteristics that make each diamond unique and provides you with spectral photography that allows you to see how your diamond interacts with light. In this vivid demonstration, they use patented, high-tech ASET photography to show the unique reflections and refractions of your diamond.

This way, you can see an actual digital image of your diamond before you purchase it – which is always advised when buying online. 

They can present detailed information about your diamond’s proportions using advanced 3D scanning and modeling technology. It is possible to see minute variations with devices such as Ideal-Scope that would otherwise be impossible to spot.

With Diamond Blueprint, you can visualize the top to bottom view of your diamond and see for yourself how closely it adheres to that desirable hearts and arrows pattern.

By leveraging their diamond manufacturing and wholesaler expertise, B2C Jewels can showcase what others are unable to: the exceptional details in diamonds that captivate the eye and inspire the imagination

Your diamond should come fully equipped with all the certifications, images, and specifics to help you make an informed purchasing decision. B2C is a great example of this, you can also compare some of our other vetted vendors with our loose diamond search.


B2C Jewels’ massive diamond inventory is a ‘virtual inventory’, meaning that the advertised diamonds are actually owned and stored by other organizations within B2C’s network of partners and are only purchased from the suppliers once a diamond is chosen through B2C’s website. This isn’t too dissimilar from our loose diamonds offering. 

The result is that many diamonds are available for you to choose from. There is probably a diamond that fits your budget and your needs, no matter what you’re looking for.

However, the diamonds are also available on other jewelers’ websites. When it comes to buying diamonds, make sure you do your research beforehand.

Besides offering loose diamonds, both mined and lab-grown, B2C Jewels also offers the ability for consumers to design their own rings, pendants, and earrings, as well as pre-designed rings for engagements and weddings. They offer a pretty similar product selection as other well-established online retailers such as Whiteflash, Blue Nile, and James Allen.

By supporting the Kimberley process, B2C Jewels makes certain that every diamond is bought from established diamond dealers in the industry to ensure conflict-free diamonds. Every certified diamond is accompanied by a certificate verifying the diamond’s quality and credibility.

Ease of Use



The fact that B2C Jewels has such a wide selection of diamonds to choose from necessitates an effective search engine. Fortunately, they excel in this area.

By selecting price ranges and grading certificates, the user can narrow their search by specifying the diamond shape they’re looking for. Among the options in the database, the most popular cuts include round, princess, Asscher, radiant and cushion diamond cuts. Search results are displayed in the form of a chart so you can sort results and choices even further by adding more search criteria. 

On the site, you can easily design your own ring, earrings, or pendant. B2C Jewels make the process seamless; your setting and diamond are entirely up to you. You can choose the specifications that meet your needs perfectly. However, there are also preset engagement rings and jewelry too.

Most buyers will be pleased with the depth of due diligence that can be done on the B2C Jewels site.

Discover more than a million loose diamonds for sale with all the specifications you need to find the diamond right for you.

The Selection



There is probably no jeweler in the universe that carries a greater selection of engagement ring settings than B2C Jewels.

You’ll notice that they’re using digital renderings rather than actual images.  In this way, you can see the entire range of ring settings as well as the diamond shapes. On the downside, it can be difficult to picture what a ring is really going to look like from a rendered image.

Another great feature is the “fancy diamond search”, which allows you to search for yellow, pink, and even green colored diamonds. There is nothing like this with most competitors, and being able to buy diamonds in many different colors is definitely a plus.

The Experience



Exclusively online, the B2C website is well-presented and perfectly functional. Throughout the entire purchase process, B2C offers excellent customer service. Any questions that the customer service team cannot answer are referred to qualified gemologists who will get back to you via email.

Throughout the site, B2C Jewels encourages customers to become familiar with their products before purchasing. As a result, their education section has been meticulously designed to help you learn everything you need to know about diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry and guide you through the buying process.

There are no thrills to this website, but perhaps that’s what makes it easier to navigate. Everything is nicely signposted and help is just a quick chat away. Beyond the simplistic site, there’s not much we can add to this B2C Jewels review regarding B2CJewels.com. 

Much like the expert B2C Jewels, PriceScope offers accurate diamond information for anybody looking to learn more about these natural beauties and how to get the most value.

3. What diamond and jewelry products does B2C Jewels offer?

We know B2C shine when it comes to their extensive loose diamond offering, but what else do they have to bring to the table?

This is what their customer-focused jewelry offering looks like:

You can also customize your own unique piece of diamond jewelry. To start the process, you simply share a photo or a sketch of your inspiration jewelry. Expert craftsmen take these ideas to make something one-of-a-kind; you can choose a diamond from their extensive collection of certified loose diamonds as the showstopper.

After you’ve specified all your details, they create a digital design of your jewelry using CAD technology so you can see exactly how your piece will look.


4. What sets B2C Jewels apart from others?

B2C Jewels Price Match Guarantee: You may find the same certified diamond available online at a lower price, and B2C Jewels is happy to match it. During the time of purchase, the identical diamond must be available and in stock on a U.S. competitor website, and the site must be an authorized seller. Still, pretty neat that they are so open and supportive about this!

Personal Shopper: B2C Jewels provides a free-of-charge service whereby a Graduate Gemologist from GIA provides professional advice and assistance in selecting the best product to complement your budget, taste, and style. The service is absolutely free, and you can use it whenever you shop.

Ring Trial Services: The professionals at B2C Jewels realize that browsing for rings online is very different from trying them on in person. To help you visualize what you might like, they send you exact replicas of rings that you adored. You can test out three rings in person in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to shop confidently online. 

All without pressure – as you’re under no obligation to order from them. Perfect for those who aren’t sure what will suit their lifestyle or the style they’re taken with most.

Free Resizing: B2C also offers free ring resizing within 30 days of purchase, if you’re not quite satisfied with the size you ordered. If you plan to surprise your partner with a ring, this is an invaluable service

When looking for diamond retailers who offer unbeatable guarantees and exceptional shopping experiences, take a look at some of our other vetted vendors to compare.

5. What does B2C Jewel’s packaging look like?


A simple plain black ring box at first glance. It’s tactile yet smooth in your hands, and has an expensive, weighty feel nonetheless. Upon opening, a small light is used to showcase the beauty of the diamond you’ve selected from B2C Jewels. 

The jewelry box is perfect for popping the question because it’s discreet, yet quietly confident. A safe, secure, and sophisticated way to hear your beloved say, ‘Yes!’ on the big day. 

B2C’s branding is limited to an easily removable ribbon, which is definitely a plus. Some ring retailers attach their logos across the entire ring box which can take away from the sentiment sometimes. 

Although it’s not as loud as Tiffany’s, we love that it doesn’t need to be for it to be effective.

6. Are you the ideal B2C Jewels customer?

B2C Jewels is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to push their budget to the maximum for their diamond purchase. They offer a wide variety of engagement ring settings at a very competitive price, and their razor-thin margins on diamonds make them difficult for other retailers to match.

If the lower prices are calling your name and you are willing to do a little legwork into researching your purchase, you’ll end up with a truly spectacular end product – at the fraction of the cost. 

You can learn a lot about diamonds with PriceScope before you purchase one. It’s one of the first steps to becoming a more informed and confident buyer.

Check out our large selection of loose diamonds to gain a greater understanding of the diamonds we carry. All come equipped with the certification and information you need to make an empowered purchase.

Get fast answers to any question: Ask our community of unbiased independent helpers or use our diamond search to find your ideal diamond.

The information in this review is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of June, 2022.

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