Buying Guide IconDiscover our “secret recipe” to finding the largest, sparkliest diamond for your budget.

Diamond Prices IconSee real-time averages, calculated from over a half-million diamonds listed on PriceScope.

Diamond Carat Weight IconLearn how to reject diamonds that look smaller than they are.

Diamond Color IconDifferentiate color better by understanding the color-grading process.

Diamond Clarity IconWhat’s “eye clean”? Find the PriceScope definition here.

Diamond Cut IconWhat makes diamonds sparkle? If you only have 15 minutes to spare, this is where to spend it.

Diamond Performance IconCraftmanship and light performance are key – find out why.

Diamond Shapes IconNot sure what shape is for you? Learn all about diamond shapes here.

Diamond Certification IconFind out what diamond certification from one of these top-tier laboratories entails.

Ring Setting Anatomy IconBridge. Gallery. Shank. Learn the language of settings.

Engagement ring style iconSee examples of styles: Halo, Pave, Solitaire, and more.

Engagement ring v.s. Wedding ringsOne ring or two? Determine what’s right for you.

Average engagement ring costLearn national and regional averages and ways to save.

Mens engagement rings iconDon’t worry – we didn’t forget about you.

White gold v.s. Platinum iconAn overview of the most popular alloys used for settings.

Engagement ring insuranceWhat’s the most affordable? What’s the most practical?

Does your diamond have fluorescence? Learn what that means.

See how diamonds measure up to PriceScope standards.

Everything you need to know about Lab-Grown Diamonds.

What’s the rule… three months’ salary? Or something else?

Did you know that the 4Cs started as 3Cs?

What is moissanite? How is it different?

How to tell if a diamond is real or fake – What actually works!

A Guide to buying loose diamonds.


Loose Diamond Pricing Chart

Loose Diamond Pricing Chart

diamond prices - chart from 2007 to present. Updated 03/01/2021

Retail Diamond Prices Chart Updated Monthly.

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