A Guide to the Best Jewelry Stores in Houston

Looking for the best jewelers in Houston? This vibrant city, celebrated for its diverse attractions, is also home to a flourishing fine jewelry scene. It boasts several highly regarded jewelry shops, some of which have a storied history that spans over a century.

Despite not having the same international reputation as Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London, Houston has world-class diamonds, gems and jewelry retailers.

Just west of the Galleria, the Westheimer/Richmond area is home to a variety of independent jewelers, small trading companies (so-called wholesalers), and well-known high-end jewelry stores. Shops within the Houston Diamond Exchange, a little farther west, may offer affordable commercial diamond or gold jewelry.

There is no doubt that you will find the right jewelry store on this list whether you are searching for a diamond, an engagement ring, a wedding band, a unique item, or a timepiece. Discover the top jewelry stores in Houston below. 

1. Whiteflash – Best for Service and High Quality Diamonds

Location: Sugar Land Town Square, 2150 Town Square Place, #330, Sugar Land TX 77479

Established: 2000

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In terms of quality diamonds and engagement rings, Whiteflash is one of the best jewelry stores in Houston and a real Texas treasure that stands out from the rest. You’ll find some of the highest quality natural and lab grown diamonds at Whiteflash, as well as exceptional stylish settings and designer diamond jewelry.

Having built its reputation on quality, the company has gained access to elite names in the world of designer jewelry, expanding its range and reach. Their top-of-the-line jewelry includes the largest selection of designer engagement rings online; Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, A. Jaffe, Vatche, Ritani, Danhov, Valoria and Benchmark, as well as their own internationally recognized A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and an unmatched trade-up benefit, they have acquired a loyal following of fans, evangelists, and supporters. In addition, Whiteflash has won the BBB’s award for excellence for a record 18 consecutive years

If you live outside of the Texas area, but would like to take advantage of their services, their online purchasing process is simple and straightforward. 

2. Brilliant Earth – Great for Lab Grown Diamonds

Brilliant Earth black and white modern storefront

Image credit

Location: 888 Westheimer Rd, Ste 202 Houston TX 77006

Established: 2005

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In 2005, Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg founded Brilliant Earth after searching for an ethically sourced diamond engagement ring but coming up empty-handed. 

Airy and modern, their jewelry store at the Montrose Collective is perfectly on brand; you can enjoy personalized consultation and guidance in a one-on-one appointment. Listed below are the reasons why we think it’s one of the best ethical jewelry stores in Houston, and in the world of online diamond purchases.

“Beyond Conflict Free” is Brilliant Earth’s unique value proposition. They strive to be an example of elegance and social conscience that appeals to the increasingly conscious millennial consumer. With their ethically sourced teak wood ring boxes, recycled diamonds and lab grown diamonds – they’re on the right track.  

Diamonds made in this way are mine-free, have the same properties as real diamonds, and are less expensive than mined diamonds. For environmentally conscious individuals or those on a budget looking to enjoy the benefits of diamonds without breaking the bank, this is an excellent option. 

3. Blue Nile – Best for Selection

Blue Nile modern storefront

Location: 5085 Westheimer Rd Suite B3556, Houston, TX 77056

Established: 1999

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Blue Nile’s origin story is well known. Having been unhappy with the traditional in-store diamond purchasing experience, Mark Vadon set out to prove that buying a diamond and ring online was possible.

As a result of Blue Nile’s collective strength, knowledge and prominence, a paradigm shift took place across the industry. Online listings of loose diamonds provided education for consumers on the benchmark of diamond quality, complete with guidelines for judging markups in local jewelers.

Blue Nile’s online sales are now being complemented by retail stores across the country, bringing the philosophy and practices that have made them the world’s leading diamond seller online to a walk-in location near you – and making it one of the best jewelry stores in Houston as a result. 

As part of its expansion plan, Blue Nile will open walk-in locations across the country. Diamonds are not sold at these outlets, although consumers can view the Astor by Blue Nile™ collection in person. Rather than focusing on sales, experts at Blue Nile answer visitors’ questions and assist you to complete purchases online from their extensive selection, unmatched in its selection.

Blue Nile offers an extensive range of options to fit any budget, quickly available, with a risk-free and smooth buying experience – whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary or graduation gift, or something special for yourself. 

4. Robbins Brothers – Best Brick-and-Mortar Retail Experience

Robbins Brothers brick and mortar storefront, best in experience

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Location: 2101 West Loop South, Houston TX 77027

Established: 1921

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As a family-run business, the Robbins Brothers lineage started this establishment in 1921 with the desire to treat clients like family members instead of just customers.

Robbins Bros has one of the best brick-and-mortar retail experiences. With the exception of luxury retailers, like Tiffany & Co, they offer superior service in-store. Besides offering a great selection of engagement rings, their salespeople are very knowledgeable.

It’s a refreshing experience to visit a Robbins Brothers jewelry store, which stands out from some of the pushy, sales-focused jewelry stores we’ve seen. It is without a doubt the brand’s strongest asset.

5. Diamonds Direct – Best Feel Good Factor

Diamonds Direct grey and white store front

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Location: 3115A W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027 & 18610 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77017

Established: 1995

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At Diamonds Direct, you’ll find plenty to like. It’s pretty impressive that they’ve come so far from their humble beginnings operating out of Israel and the United States to their sleek social profiles and charity commitments. 

Two Diamond Direct stores can be found in Houston. Diamonds Direct offers a breath of fresh air to a world of commission-driven salespeople who lack technical knowledge. Despite the basic and traditional look of the stores, the attentive and knowledgeable staff more than compensates. 

However, due to overheads, inventory, and other costs, their prices are higher than other big players who call Houston home too, like Whiteflash, Blue Nile. Even still, they deserve praise for their charitable contributions.

Established in 2004, the Diamonds Direct Foundation supports local nonprofit organizations, a portion of the Foundation’s funds are donated to local women’s and children’s charities and silent auctions are held to help children living in poverty. Which is why it sits on the list of best jewelry stores in Houston.

You may wish to review and compare some of our vendor recommendations before making any purchases. With their intuitive selection process and a broad inventory, Whiteflash, Blue Nile, and James Allen offer the most comprehensive diamond shopping experience online - and in person!


6. Silverlust Jewelry – Best Fine Jewelry

Silverlust jewelry small storefront

Location: 1338 Westheimer Rd suite c, Houston, TX 77006

Established: 1984

Founded by Herschel Teper in 1984, Silverlust Jewelry is a fine jewelry vendor specializing in custom designs. Silverlust’s mission statement emphasizes quality as their main focus and is one of the best fine jewelry stores in Houston for unique silver and gold pieces. 

Along with custom designs they create themselves, Silverlust also offers a wide selection of fine jewelry from vendors around the world. Jewelry from Israel, Bali, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, and other countries is available on their website, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and brooches, watches, and other jewelry pieces.

The Silverlust site also offers a lot of education about jewelry care and cleaning, diamonds, engraving, and more, so it’s evident that Silverlust cares about their customers. Silverlust Jewelry’s professionalism and excellent customer service are evident in many of the consumer reviews we sifted through.

7. Cartier – Best Splurge Experience

Cartier modern bricked storefront on a main street

Location: 4444 Westheimer Rd Suite C100, Houston, TX 7702

Established: 1847, Paris, France

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In 1847, Cartier’s humble Paris store opened its doors to the world. In today’s world, the brand is one of the leading brands and the best jewelry store in Houston for those seeking luxury.

As our other reviews indicate, ordering diamond jewelry online is always more convenient than purchasing them in person. In terms of Cartier, however, we recommend that you visit a store, and their Houston location is particularly impressive. 

As far as high-end boutique jewelry stores go, Cartier stands out because of their outstanding customer service, which gives you a sense of royalty the minute you step inside. 

A Cartier shopping experience is unlike any other. A private room is often available once you mention you’re interested in buying an engagement ring, where you can relax, sip coffee, and see the range of options available.

Cartier diamond rings can be a fantastic choice if the quality of the diamond is not your highest concern. Their settings are iconic and timeless. You will definitely pay more because of the brand name. It all depends on how important the name is to you.


At a fraction of the cost of giant international jewelry brands, our vetted vendors like Whiteflash, Blue Nile, and James Allen offer high-quality diamond engagement rings and jewelry. If you are looking for better value for your money, you will not regret checking them out.


8. Houston Jewelry – Best Time Pieces

Houston Jewelry brick and mortar store, with cars parked out front

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Location: 9521 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063, United States

Established: 1953

As one of Texas’ oldest fine jewelry retailers, Houston Jewelry is a decades-old business. The company has been offering high-quality diamond and engagement rings, timepieces, and precious stones since 1866, which is quite the accomplishment.

Today, they offer an excellent selection of jewelry – from men’s jewelry to anniversary and wedding bands to engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, loose diamonds, and pearls.

Houston Jewelry’s store is particularly impressive for its collection of pre-owned watches – previously owned Rolex watches, Andre Pailet, Bolova, Seiko, and other high-quality watches. A major selling point of theirs is their large and high-quality inventory.

In conclusion, Houston Jewelry is a trustworthy vendor for well-priced and high-quality timepieces.


Before making a diamond purchase, PriceScope lets you research it extensively. 

We provide you with all the resources you need to be well informed and confident in your purchasing decisions.

For a full understanding of the variety of diamonds available online, we suggest exploring our impressive selection of loose diamonds, which will provide the best cut quality and all the information you need.


9. Tiffany & Co. – Best Indulgent Experience

Tiffany and Co brown and grey brick and mortar store front

Location: 5015 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056, United States

Established: 1837

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You’re not just buying jewelry when you buy from Tiffany & Company. The little blue box gives you brand bragging rights and a prestige like no other. Tiffany’s name is recognized around the world, and that’ with their Houston location being one of the best in the city.

It is no secret that Tiffany’s is synonymous with prestige. Red carpet events are regularly graced by Tiffany’s unique and coveted pieces of auction-worthy caliber, many of which are regularly adorned by celebrities.

There is an impressive range of jewelry from Tiffany & Co that includes rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and charms made from metal alloys infused with diamonds and colored gemstones. From a jeweler nearly 200 years old, you can expect a wide variety of styles and collections. They also make watches and offer collections of fragrances, accessories, and gifts.

The same applies to our recommendation regarding Cartier: visit these stores in person. It does take away from the convenience of online shopping, but these luxury stores primarily justify their price with luxury experiences, so you might as well enjoy them. 

10. Fly High Little Bunny – Best Unique Pieces

Fly high little bunny's quirky and unique storefront

Location: 301 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

Established: 1994

There is more to Fly High Little Bunny than sterling silver jewelry in the small bungalow in Houston’s famed Heights. The retail selection includes rugs and hand-painted couches inspired by Cody Reaves and his artist-wife, Sandra Evette, travels through India, Africa, and southeast Asia.

Known for its original jewelry, Fly High Little Bunny also offers custom jewelry, so customers can expect something out of the ordinary: raw diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, moonstones, and everything in between, encased in settings designed by the customer working in tandem with the store’s designers to create pieces reflecting the purchaser’s personality.

“We want your piece to be something that is timeless and appreciated forever, not something you will throw away with the latest fad.” was stated by owner Cody Reaves, which should give you an idea of what to expect from this independent store.

Visit Fly High to see the hand-carved wooden alligator, Gatorzilla, who was a passenger at a high-speed excursion through a Mexican police checkpoint. This jewelry store in Houston certainly provides a unique jewelry experience.

Which Houston Jewelry Store is the Best?

Some of the most successful and best jewelry stores in Houston, such as Whiteflash and Blue Nile, have strong online presence too; offering diamond certification from top-tier laboratories with competitive pricing. Online listings are equipped with high-res imaging and videos, a perk that most brick-and-mortar focused locations cannot compete with – especially when fighting against manipulative lighting conditions in most stores.

Whether you’re examining their pieces in-person or purchasing online, they offer both a liberal inspection period and free returns, so you can shop with complete confidence. And most notably, convenience. 

Get fast answers to any question: Ask our community of unbiased independent helpers or use our diamond search to find your ideal diamond.


The information in this review is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of November, 2022.

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