A Guide to the Best Jewelry Stores in NYC

New York City has a diamond district unlike any other city.

It’s no secret that the USA is the world’s largest diamond consumer market, with the New York Diamond District being the industry’s busiest hub. The majority of diamonds entering the country pass through New York City, in some form or another. 

In midtown Manhattan, the Diamond District consists of more than 2,600 independent businesses employing nearly 33,000 people, almost all of them engaged in diamond or jewelry-related activities.

The industry includes wholesalers, suppliers, and producers, as well as thousands of independent jewelers. Thanks to its location near many attractions, there is a great deal of consumer traffic at street level. 

It is possible to find or source nearly anything through the NYC Diamond District. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest salt and pepper melee or the most valuable loose diamonds, engagement ring settings, gemstones and jewelry offered by luxury brands and auction houses, there are deals to be made. 

The district also offers the latest products due to advancing technology, including all classes and categories of lab grown diamonds. Find out what the best jewelry stores in NYC have to offer below.

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1. James Allen Best for Reliability and Competitive Prices

James Allen tan and white consultation room

Location: 551 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 601, New York, NY

Established: 2006

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It’s true that James Allen is primarily an online retailer, but it offers meetings by appointment in its Fifth Avenue showroom in the New York diamond district. This is why it makes the list of the best jewelry stores in New York City.

Whether you’re looking for a safe, economical way to buy loose diamonds, engagement rings, jewelry, and gifts – and a way to do so with reliable, high-resolution images and videos, interactive online meetings, or expert advice – JamesAllen.com provides all of that, and does so at the industry’s most competitive prices.

More than 200,000 natural and laboratory-grown diamonds are available on JamesAllen.com, ranging from 0.15 to 15.00+ carats, accompanied by 360° video-imaging. 

Among these offerings is the JamesAllen.com True Hearts™ collection, a branded line selected for superior optical performance.

2. Old World Diamonds Best for Antiques

Old world diamonds modern NYC showroom

Location: 580 Fifth Ave Ste 1800 New York, NY

Established: 2000 (Parent company established)

High above 47th street in one of the world’s most active diamond markets, Old World Diamonds is situated. Buying and selling genuine antique cut diamonds has been their specialty for over 30 years. Adam Shatz, President of Old World Diamonds, is also very attentive, informative and dedicated to the business. 

In addition to old cuts acquired from around the world, they also mount them into stunning rings and other exquisite jewelry. For those looking for something different for their engagement ring, they’re perfect. 

There are more than 1500 genuine antique diamonds in their inventory,  and they have the world’s largest inventory of Old European, Old Mine & Antique Cushion Cut diamonds. They are truly experts when it comes to old cuts and deserve the title of best jewelry store in NYC for antique diamonds and pieces

You can book an appointment at their NYC office where they will show you some of their most beautiful antique diamonds according to your specifications. Here you can purchase a unique piece of the past!

3. I.D. Jewelry – Best for Family-owned Business

ID Jewelry brick and mortar NYC storefront

Location: 15 W 47th St #305, New York, NY 

Established: 1986

In New York City’s Diamond District, I.D. Jewelry is a family-owned business with an intimate showroom to boot. 

They have all the features of a well-established retail giant, even though they are a family-owned company staying true to their ethos. For example, I.D. Jewelry has GIA gemologists on-site as well as the experience, knowledge, and connections to fulfill its customers’ desires.

They place a great deal of emphasis on educating their customers, which is something we value highly and is one of the reasons it has earned its spot on the best jewelry stores in NYC list. Yekutiel, the manager of the store, is a soft-spoken gentleman who is dedicated to giving good service and receiving positive feedback from clients. 

For a break from some of the inauthentic hustle of the Diamond District, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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4. Cartier Best Overindulgent Experience

Cartier modern white bricked NYC storefront

Location: 653 5th Ave, New York, NY 

Established: 1847 

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In the same way that so many good stories begin, this one began at a dinner party. A prominent socialite, Maisie Plant, sat next to Pierre Cartier in 1917, heir to the esteemed brand and architect of its expansion into the United States. 

According to legend, Mrs. Plant cooed over the double strand of natural South Sea pearls that she admired in the Cartier store window, lamenting that she couldn’t afford such a costly piece. As a result, Mr. Cartier negotiated an exchange: the pearls (and $100) in exchange for the Plant family’s Fifth Avenue mansion – now the U.S. flagship.

The convenience of purchasing diamond jewelry online always outweighs the convenience of buying them in person, as indicated by our other reviews. In spite of this, we highly recommend that you visit a Cartier store, especially the one in New York. Following a multi-year renovation, Cartier’s flagship store in New York at Fifth Avenue reopened in 2022 with the most decadent interior.

You will never experience shopping like this anywhere else. Brand name and experience alone will make you pay more. In the end, it all depends on how important you consider the name. No matter how you slice it, it’s one of the best jewelry stores in NYC to soak in history, luxury, and beauty. 


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5. Greenwich St. Jewelers – Best Hidden Gem

Greenwich St Jewelers tucked away and hidden storefrontLocation: 64 Trinity Pl, New York City, NY

Established: 1976

Located just off the beaten track in the heart of the city, this boutique is the kind you’d like to stumble upon if you’re in a big city. Small, family-owned, Greenwich St. Jewelers has been serving customers for over four decades under the vision that jewelry isn’t just an item you own, it’s part of who you are. 

In their warm and inviting store located in one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods, staff take the time to get to know you and share their wisdom and insight, allowing clients to discover a wide selection of designer, fashion and custom-made jewelry, ranging from classic to modern styles.

Just a few blocks away from the brand’s original downtown boutique, sisters Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale have opened the brand’s new storefront on Reade St. in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood.

With its strong female leadership, this hidden jewel is one of the best jewelry stores in New York.

6. Tiffany and Co – Best Legendary Experience

Tiffany and Co storefront, with a modern mural displayed on top of the entrance

Location: 727 5th Ave New York, NY 

Established: 1837

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New York City has been forever linked to Tiffany & Co since 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It remains the jeweler’s flagship store in the Big Apple, which featured so heavily in the silver screen classic.

As a veritable temple of opulence, it stands on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, with its dramatic granite and limestone façade, marble spandrels that separate the vertical bay windows between each floor. This ten-story retail building offers a spectacular array of gems, all set against the backdrop of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. 

The expansion of Tiffany & Co. continues to progress. A three-story steel-framed structure will be built above the original flat roof line of the world famous jewelry brand’s 72-year-old Art Moderne building at 727 Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan as part of this project. Two other Tiffany locations can also be found in the Big Apple, Rockefeller Center and Hudson Yards.

Whether you can afford to shop or not, you can window shop like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Because so many of the goods are displayed in glass throughout the store, it is an ideal place for browsing jewelry and soaking up the memorable experience. 

In addition to the main floor displays, it is worth your while to work your way to the back of the store to ride the elevators upstairs to see some of the remaining areas; they are less crowded and allow you to really appreciate the Tiffany’s experience.

Also on display will be the 128 carat Tiffany Diamond, normally on display at the Fifth Avenue flagship store’s Main Floor.


7. Bvlgari – Best Upscale Experience

Bvlgari's golden storefront in NYC

Location: 730 5th Ave, New York, NY

Established: 1884

In all aspects of luxury, Bvlgari is a household name. Its jewelry division is known for its excellent quality and standards due to its 130 years of experience in luxury goods.

After opening its first store in New York more than forty years ago, Bvlgari has refreshed the 5th Avenue store to feature a new architectural design concept developed by Peter Marino. 

In Manhattan’s most central area, on the corner between Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, the store occupies 308 square meters of the Crown Building’s exterior, making it a true landmark and the very best jewelry store in NYC for an unmatched upscale experience. 

Each detail of the store reflects Bulgari’s ability to sculpt beauty in all its forms, from the most sophisticated materials and highest craftsmanship. Of course, you know you’re paying for the name and experience but it’s difficult not to go inside once you know what beauties they behold. 

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8. Harry Winston – Best Fine Jewelry and Timepieces

Harry Winston's storefront in NYC, with an American flag flying outside of the store

Location: 701 5th Ave, New York, NY

Established: 1932

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The Harry Winston brand has set the standard for fine jewelry and watches since it was founded in New York in 1932. The brand’s flagship boutique is located in a five-story townhouse built in the 1870s, which boasts an eye-catching mezzanine and a distinctive retail presence.

Whenever you deal with a jewelry house of this caliber, you should expect to pay a premium. In the end, it’s the name that matters.

It’s important to note that you cannot purchase jewelry or stones online; you’ll need to go to a store to do so. What better way than to head to their statement store in the Big Apple? At present, Harry Winston operates two manufacturing facilities in the heart of New York City, each of them state-of-the-art. 

There is no doubt that Harry Winston understands luxury. Customer service is of the highest quality and they treat each customer with respect and elegance.There will be no appointment required, contrary to what some people believe. 

Our recommendation is to visit one of the best jewelry stores in New York City if you just cannot resist the exclusivity and elegance of a Harry Winston piece. 

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9. Love, Adorned – Best for Eclectic Pieces

Love, Adorned black bricked and green floral storefront

Location: 269 Elizabeth St, New York, NY

Established: 1996

Love Adorned is a sister shop to New York Adorned, which is located in the East Village. The eclectic inventory of jewelry and homewares at this homey boutique is infused with wanderlust and an appreciation of artisanal craftsmanship. Lori Leven’s collection of splurge-worthy rings, necklaces, and bracelets is inspired by her travels around the globe. 

With a focus on vintage jewelry, one-of-a-kind pieces, and artisanal home decor, it moves away from throwaway culture and places an emphasis on functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Handcrafted pieces paired with a taste for something out of the norm characterize the stunning pieces that adorn the shop’s display cabinets, all made by a diverse range of designers hailing from around the world. 

We definitely recommend you swing by if you’re looking for something one of a kind and unique. 

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10. De Beers Best For Diamond Historians

De Beers open glass storefront

Location: 716 Madison Avenue, between 63rd and 64th Street, New York, NY

Established: 1888

De Beers is known for a number of iconic marketing campaigns despite being primarily a mining company. It is credited with coining one of the most famous slogans in marketing, “A Diamond is Forever”, which has been called “the slogan of the century”.

By 2002, De Beers had opened its first stores in the consumer market, then shortly after created the Forevermark brand. Since then, they have expanded their influence in the retail market in a variety of ways – including through their New York operation. 

With noble materials, statement furnishings and contemporary etched glass, the interior pays homage to the brand’s 125-plus year history. A natural rock crystal chandelier and untreated oak furniture were among the materials used by De Beers to create the space.

Madison Avenue’s De Beers store has the complete jewelry collection, including solitaires and bridal collections. Also available is the chance to touch a rough diamond. De Beers is generally quite expensive, as one would expect. Those who appreciate the history of diamonds should definitely make the trip. 

Which NYC Jewelry Store is the Best?

The Diamond District is one of the best tourist attractions in New York. Observing people and window shopping simultaneously offers a unique experience, not to mention it is alluring to hear the sounds of negotiations and general hustle and bustle on the street. 

However, when it comes down to it, there just isn’t much reason to buy a diamond there besides the experience and soaking up the luxury stores. 

The prices aren’t always competitive, and you’re definitely paying for the element of performance.

Is it worth the headache of searching for the best deal in an area that has no frills and the best deal will still cost you 20% more than what you can find online? 

It just seems like the smartest way to maximize your budget would be to shop online at a reputable retailer like Whiteflash, Blue Nile, or James Allen. These online giants between them offer something for everyone – whether you are prioritizing quality, pricing or selection. Moreover, you can access them at your convenience without being pressured by salespeople.

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of the New York City diamond district. Why not get out of the hustle and bustle, and find your dream diamond online at one of our highly reputable, vetted vendors? 

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The information in this review is current, to the best of our knowledge, as of November, 2022.

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