Angara Diamonds Review

Having been a distributor for gemstones and diamonds for other brands, Angara shifted its focus in 2005 to present their own collection of gemstone and diamond jewelry. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, and their jewelry creation takes place in LA, India, and Thailand.

In the burgeoning digital era where e-commerce jewelry businesses are many, even those originating from humble beginnings must now step up in pricing, quality, and policy. This review looks into Angara’s offerings, examining whether they match the level of leading industry competitors.

Quality Overview

Beginning with the positives, Angara boasts a commendable range of gemstones and semi-precious stones. Their spectrum of quality options, ranging from Good (A) to Heirloom (AAAA), provides a breath of fresh air for consumers seeking variety. While companies like James Allen offer superior quality, and Blue Nile may have a better range for specific color shades, Angara does house some quality tanzanite and sapphire pieces.

Jewelry Search

Their settings, although not wide-ranging or particularly unique, are solid. But they seem to shine more with cocktail rings rather than engagement pieces. The diamond section, however, is where concerns arise.

Angara Jewelry Search

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Diamond Search

Searching for diamond specifics on Angara’s platform can be somewhat unsatisfying. Angara’s website does not feature a diamond search section but shoppers have a choice of up to three different diamonds with differents specs and price ranges. Most top-tier brands, such as Whiteflash, pride themselves in the transparency of their diamonds, providing comprehensive details and reports. Angara, unfortunately, doesn’t follow suit. Even their certificate of authenticity is lackluster, without detailed specifications or valuation, rendering it insufficient for insurance needs.

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Comparing with a 0.50ct G VS2 round excellent cut diamond from Whiteflash, which boasts AGS certification and a detailed report for just $1,892 (excl. platinum setting), it becomes evident that Angara’s offering, priced at $3,159, may not offer the best value. Considering, a platinum comfort fit engagement ring setting at James Allen is priced at $830. 

Highly regarded brands like Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE®Astor by Blue Nile™, and True Hearts are viable alternatives for those seeking premium cuts.


Navigating through the details of Angara’s diamond offerings is revealing. Angara provides an in-house certificate for its diamonds (view certificate), but the validity and credibility of such certifications remain questionable. Simply put, an in-house certificate like Angara’s does not compare to the credibility of a GIA, IGI or AGS certificate.

In contrast, Whiteflash’s in-house diamond selection provides us with a clearer picture. This Whiteflash in-house diamond doesn’t merely have a better image; its specs, color, and overall quality outshine the Angara diamond. More critically, Whiteflash offers independent certification, guaranteeing the diamond’s authenticity and quality, accompanied by light performance details. This is not just about comparing two diamonds; it’s about comparing transparency, trustworthiness, and a genuine commitment to quality.

Angara Jewelry: An Insight

Angara’s jewelry section shines brighter, offering various handcrafted pieces at reasonable prices. Their vast collection ranges from rings to earrings and pendants, providing pieces for every occasion. Their GIA certified gemstones filter ensures trust and quality in each piece.

The website is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to filter by various categories. The GIA certification adds another layer of assurance, guaranteeing quality and brilliance.

Pricing Analysis

Angara’s pricing for diamonds, given the lack of transparent information, seems a bit on the steeper side. The settings, while not bespoke, seem to carry a premium. However, their cocktail rings, using a variety of gemstones, stand out and offer good value for money.

Services Offered

Angara is recognized for its return policy and dedication to customer satisfaction. Their enhanced warranty covers a wide range of issues, from repairs to polishing. Always ensure to read the terms and conditions of any warranty to avoid potential misunderstandings.

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For those seeking a unique gemstone ring, Angara could be the right choice. But for classic engagement rings and diamonds, there might be better options available. While their price reductions and offers might seem appealing, consumers need to prioritize quality and transparency. Angara would benefit from embracing the technological advancements in diamond imaging and certification, like those provided by Whiteflash or James Allen. For those keen on colored diamonds, Blue Nile is a worthy contender.

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