Engagement Rings – Embellishments

Engraving, Millegrain, and Intricate Gallery

Adding extra features can enhance and personalize your engagement ring. Embellishments like engraving, millegrain, and intricate galleries can turn a classic ring into an heirloom.

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Rings with Engraving

Rings with Millegrain

Rings with Intricate Galleries

Engraved Engagement Rings

Carefully crafted engraving adds texture and often enhances antique styles.

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Diamond Engagement Ring Engraved Mounting
2.23ct Round Brilliant in Engraved Ring by Van Craeynest
Posted by angeline


Diamond Engagement Ring Engraved Mounting
.82ct Marquise Cut Diamond in Custom Engagement Ring
by Greenlake Jewelry Works
Posted by MAchick


Diamond Engagement Ring Engraved Mounting
.70ct Round Brilliant Diamond
in Van Craeynest Engraved Engagement Ring
Posted by Love in Bloom

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Engagement Rings with Millegrain

Millegrain is a row of tiny beads that line a metal edge of a ring.

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Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Wedding Band
1.85ct Round Brilliant in Handmade Ring by James Meyer
Posted by coatimundi


Diamond Millgrain Engagement Ring
.90ct AGS Ideal Cut H&A Diamond in Millegrain Ring
Posted by salad24

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Engagement Rings with Intricate Gallery

The profile view of an engagement ring is enhanced by intricate gallery work. The gallery is the undercarriage of the head. Some may prefer a simple head to their ring, while others may choose an intricate gallery to enhance a specific design.


Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
4.04ct Cushion Cut Diamond
in Engagement Ring by Leon Megé
Posted by CrookedRock


Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Malaya Garnet in Tacori Ring
Posted by shimmer


Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
4.13ct Mahenge Spinel in Leon Megé Ring
Posted by Art Nouveau


Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
.99ct H&A Diamond in Richard Landi Engagement Ring
Posted by loves_chicagohills


Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
2.43ct Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring
Posted by poshpepper

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