Oval Cut Diamond: Everything You Need To Know

Among the various diamond shapes the oval cut diamond is one of the most popular, after the round brilliant. It is faceted in the brilliant style of cutting, closely resembling a round brilliant cut in performance qualities with an elegant, elongated design. Often thought to make the hand and fingers look more slender, the oval cut diamond is also one of the earliest brilliant shapes developed. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about oval cut diamonds, from selection tips to pricing information.

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What Is an Oval Cut Diamond?

Oval Cut Diamond at Whiteflash

Sample Image of an Oval Cut Diamond. Available in Natural and Lab-Grown

An oval cut diamond is a type of gemstone with a rounded-oval shape and 58 facets. Each facet reflects light in different directions, resulting in unparalleled sparkle and brilliance. The brilliant oval shape is perfect for those who are looking for a traditional look with modern flair. This versatile stone can be used in all types of jewelry, including engagement rings, pendant necklaces, earrings, and more.

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How Does an Oval Cut Diamond Compare To Other Cuts?

Elongated Oval Cut Diamond

Sample Image of an Elongated Oval Cut Diamond at Whiteflash

When compared to other cuts and shapes like round or marquise diamonds, the oval cut offers a unique mix of characteristics that make it stand out among the rest.

It is often associated with romance due to its elongated shape which can create the illusion of larger size while remaining very elegant. It also has high fire and brilliance due to its large number of facets which help reflect light back at the viewer when paired with proper polishing techniques.

Finally, because it is not as common as other cuts like round or princess diamonds, choosing an oval cut can help make your piece stand out from others while still maintaining timeless elegance.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting An Oval Cut Diamond?

Variety of Oval Cut Diamonds

Sample Image of Length to Width Ratios at Whiteflash

When looking for an ideal oval cut diamond there are several factors that must be taken into account before making a purchase decision:

  • First, consider the proportions of the stone – most experts agree that an ideal ratio should between 1:1 and 1:1.5 (length over width).
  • Additionally, take note of the clarity – anything lower than VS2 will result in visible flaws within the stone itself so try to find one with higher clarity if possible.
  • Finally, examine the carat weight – although it’s not always necessary to buy larger stones for maximum sparkle (due to their non-traditional shape), carat weight does play a role in how much light will be reflected back at you when viewing it up close!

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How Do I Choose The Right Setting For An Oval Cut Diamond? 

Once you have chosen your ideal oval cut diamond there are many different setting styles that can complement its unique shape perfectly! Generally speaking halo settings work nicely due to their ability to frame the center diamond while creating additional sparkle around it; however solitaire settings are also popular among those who want something simple yet timelessly elegant. Another option would be pave settings where small diamonds are placed along the band itself which helps bring out even more fire from within your stone!

Find The Perfect Oval Cut Diamond Setting


14k White Gold Verragio Tradition TR150HOV Diamond Oval Halo Engagement Ring at Whiteflash


Blue Nile

James Allen

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What Are The Prices Of An Oval Cut Diamond? 

The prices of an oval cut diamond vary based on several factors such as carat weight, clarity grade, color grade as well as any additional features such as side stones or pave set accents included within your design. With PriceScope’s advanced diamond search you can easily compare prices from different retailers and get a better idea of what you’ll be paying overall for your desired design before making any commitments!

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