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GCAL at 2023 JCK Show

GCAL at The 2023 JCK Show

GCAL by Sarine will be offering live demonstrations of their new AI color and AI clarity diamond grading systems at the upcoming JCK Show in Las Vegas. This is an important opportunity for industry professionals to see firsthand the future of diamond grading and certification. GCAL by Sarine Sarine Tech...


Diamond Color

What is Diamond Color?

  Diamonds come in different shades of color and can range from colorless to varying shades of yellow. Even though most diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye, many have slight tones of yellow that affect its value. The closer a diamond is to colorless, the more rare and valuable it is.   COLOR...

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Diamond Clarity Blogpost

Diamond Clarity: Everything You Need To Know

This month we’re focusing on Diamond Clarity and where you can make compromises to find a stone that suits your taste and budget. Diamond Clarity is part of the four characteristics of a diamond better known as the 4 C’s: Cut, Carat Weight, Color, and Clarity. A grading metric was developed by the Gemological Instit...

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The Fancy Cut Princess

The Fancy Cut Princess We can’t count the number of brides who have told us that they want to feel and look like a princess on their wedding day. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us that the princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut for engagement rings and the #1 fancy diamond cut. Join us as w...

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The Awe-Inspiring Oval Cut

The Awe-Inspiring Oval Cut I absolutely love a fancy cut diamond and I’ve been seeing more and more fancy-cut engagement rings since I receive my very own fancy cut diamond (fancy light yellow cushion cut if you’re curious). Chalk it up to Baader-Meinhof phenomenon - you know, once you buy something, you begin to s...

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