GCAL at The 2023 JCK Show

GCAL by Sarine will be offering live demonstrations of their new AI color and AI clarity diamond grading systems at the upcoming JCK Show in Las Vegas. This is an important opportunity for industry professionals to see firsthand the future of diamond grading and certification.

GCAL by Sarine

Sarine Technologies, a global leader in diamond technology solutions recently acquired a majority share of GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab), a leading diamond grading and certification laboratory. GCAL by Sarine, their new joint company, will allow the two companies to combine their respective strengths and offer guaranteed diamond certification services that are unparalleled in transparency and precision. This new venture represents a major development in the diamond industry which will bring innovative diamond grading and traceability solutions to the market. 

The JCK Show

The JCK Show is one of the most important events in the diamond industry, bringing together leading manufacturers, retailers, and experts from around the world. The live demonstrations of the AI grading technology at GCAL by Sarine’s booth provide attendees with a chance to see firsthand the latest technology that will change the way diamonds are graded in the years to come. The AI grading systems use advanced camera and lighting systems to examine and record the color and clarity of diamonds in ways that are similar to those used by gemologists, but then machine learning algorithms analyze the captured images to produce grading results that are unparalleled in repeatability, consistency, and accuracy

GCAL Launches 8X®

GCAL is already renowned for its proprietary cut grading system, 8X, which is widely recognized as the most advanced and accurate diamond cut grading system in the world.  And diamonds certified 8X by GCAL, are considered to be the finest cut diamonds in the world.  Rather than assessing only polish, symmetry, and proportions, the GCAL 8X Cut Grade focuses on eight critical aspects of cut quality assessment, and all eight must achieve a grade of excellent for the diamond to qualify as an 8X.  These eight factors include Polish, Symmetry, Proportions, Optical Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation, Optical Symmetry, and Hearts and Arrows/Shape Aesthetics. 

In addition to its AI grading technology, GCAL by Sarine also offers a Diamond Journey traceability solution, which provides verifiable traceability of a diamond’s origin, journey, and transformation from rough to a polished state.  Combining the Sarine Diamond Journey technology with the Gemprint fingerprint technology for loose and mounted diamonds, allows for the entire journey from mine to finger, to be verifiable and traceable.  Gemprint, a unique, non-invasive fingerprinting technology, captures a diamond’s individual light reflection pattern, effectively creating a one-of-a-kind optical “fingerprint” for each diamond.  Sarine Diamond Journey, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive traceability solution that tracks a diamond’s origin, journey, and transformation from a rough to a polished state. By integrating these two cutting-edge systems, a powerful tool can be created that not only verifies a diamond’s provenance but also confirms its identity with unparalleled precision. This innovative fusion would provide customers and industry professionals with an unmatched degree of confidence in the authentication and ethical sourcing of diamonds, providing customers with a level of transparency and confidence in their purchases.  

8X Shapes

The GCAL 8X Ultimate Cut Grade gives discerning buyers a way to confidently select the most brilliant and beautiful diamonds, even when purchasing online, sight unseen.

The partnership between GCAL and Sarine will take their commitment to quality to the next level. By combining AI Diamond Grading, 8X Cut Grades, and Diamond Journey traceability solutions, GCAL by Sarine will provide customers with the most comprehensive diamond grading services that cover all aspects of a diamond’s quality, as well as a guarantee of the highest-quality grading available.

PriceScope and GCAL Webinar:

GCAL 8X® and Why Diamond Cut is Important

Dave Atlas, cut grade industry legend, and Angelo Palmieri, chief developer behind the GCAL 8X® cut grade standard, discuss and debate the significant importance of diamond cut and the 4 Cs to a sophisticated audience of diamond consumers.

About the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab: Established in 2001, GCAL protects consumers, retailers, and manufacturers with a unique suite of certification, identification and forensic services for lab grown and natural diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. GCAL’s mission is to provide the most accurate and consistent gemological services with uncompromising integrity and unparalleled customer care. GCAL remains the only gem lab in the world to stand behind their grading with a zero tolerance, money backed consumer guarantee. Guaranteed certificates also include a Gemprint® fingerprint image, Cut Grades on all diamond shapes, Light Performance and Photomicrography. GCAL is the only gem lab in the world to have earned the prestigious ISO 17025 Forensic Accreditation, and the first diamond lab in the world to achieve SCS Global Services Accreditation. For more information about GCAL and its products and services, visit https://www.gcalusa.com 

About Sarine Technologies: Established in 1988, Sarine Technologies Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced modeling, analysis, evaluation, planning, processing, finishing, grading and trading systems for diamonds. Sarine products include the Galaxy® family of inclusion and tension mapping systems, rough diamond planning and optimization technologies, laser cutting and shaping tools, laser-marking, inscription and fingerprinting equipment, automated (AI-derived) Clarity, Color, Cut and light performance grading systems and traceability, visualization and retailing services. Sarine systems have become standard tools in every modern manufacturing plant, properly equipped gemology lab and diamond appraisal business, and are essential aids for diamond polishers, dealers and retailers. For more information about Sarine and its products and services, visit http://www.sarine.com  

About GCAL 8X: The 8X® Cut Grade Certificate was introduced by GCAL in 2021 as the Ultimate Diamond Cut Grade for Round Brilliant, Princess and Oval Brilliant cuts. It encompasses eight aspects of evaluation, including both traditional cut analysis methods (polish, symmetry, and proportion analysis) and direct assessment of the actual light performance (including brilliance, fire, scintillation, and optical symmetry). As a result, 8X® Cut Grades are possible for all shapes and faceting styles under the same eight categories to visually, scientifically, and accurately demonstrate cut quality. This unique approach brings a higher level of transparency to the process and helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions when selecting diamonds with optimal light performance.  Additional 8X Shapes will be available during 2023, beginning with Cushion and Radiant.  For more information about GCAL 8X and the standards, visit https://www.gcalusa.com/gcal-8x-cut-grade.html 

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