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Guess What: Dispersion and Fire Aren’t the Same Thing

Really? Yes, really. If you love gemstones you'll want to know the difference. May I ask why? Exactly. "WHY." If you've ever wondered WHY you 'see what you see' when it comes to diamond sparkle, it will become crystal clear below (see what I did there?). It's also fun knowledge if you enjoy nerdy conve...

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Recovering Diamonds From The Depths

Did you know that billions of dollars in sparkling treasure lies hidden beneath calm blue African waters? Diamonds in the Depths For millions of years a steady stream of rough diamonds has been tumbling down the Orange and Vaal Rivers. These precious crystals were pulled from their inland volcanic pipes by win...

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The Unconventional Jewelry Hunt

I’m a self-proclaimed "prosumer" – and I highly doubt I’m the only one on PS. That said, there might be many aspiring jewelry shopping PS members that were just getting started before the pandemic. Sure, we’re all able to fall down the rabbit hole chasing pieces and loose stones online for now, but for some of us, t...

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Diamonds and Jewelry – Recommended Reads, Part 2

  It’s time to round out my reading list – if you’ve missed the first half of this, you can find it here: Diamonds and Jewelry – Recommended Reads While I’m a lover of all fine jewelry and can appreciate anything from any era or culture (I’m currently looking for a good, comprehensive read on the Al-Thani...

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Diamond Engagement Ring. Image Source: Michelle McEwen on Unsplash.

How much to spend on an Engagement Ring in 2021

  As a fiancé-to-be thinking about how much to spend on an engagement ring for your future wife, it’s easy to feel frustrated. How do you know what’s a good or fair amount? What if you get ripped off or disappoint your fiancée?  This topic is fairly frequently discussed in our forum. Of course, there are ...

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Spic n’ Span Sparkle – How to Clean and Protect your Jewelry

  If we’re not wishing we had a live-in jeweler to clean our diamonds every time we needed it, we’re so busy with everyday life that cleaning our everyday pieces becomes an afterthought. We all know we should – besides bringing back that sparkle, regular cleaning and inspection prolong the life of jewelry...

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What is Diamond Color?

  Diamonds come in different shades of color and can range from colorless to varying shades of yellow. Even though most diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye, many have slight tones of yellow that affect its value. The closer a diamond is to colorless, the more rare and valuable it is.   COLOR...

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Tennis Bracelet Love

  We are feeling the bracelet love! Last week, we celebrated a fantastic bangle, and this Jewel Of The Week is a magnificent tennis bracelet.  PS Member, Elysian knocked our socks off again with another stunning addition to their collection. When this bracelet was shared in the Show Me the Bling! forum, our ...

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