Calling All Diamond Enthusiasts

Welcome, PriceScope Forum Members; long-time members, new additions, and/or anyone in between! As passionate diamond enthusiasts, you are part of a vibrant community that thrives on sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights. In this post we celebrate the PriceScope Forum and the members within. Our late CEO and President, Andrey Pilipchak used to always rave about the community at PriceScope. The members, the people are what make this community special.

From connecting with like-minded individuals to gaining expert advice and discovering hidden gems, let’s explore the benefits of being a PriceScope Forum member.


How to connect with jewelry enthusiasts?

The PriceScope Forum is a gathering place for individuals who share a common passion for diamonds. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts from around the world, engage in discussions, and build lasting relationships. Share your diamond stories, seek advice, and celebrate your milestones with a community that understands and appreciates your love for these precious gemstones.

There are forums within PriceScope that are focused on all sorts of jewelry topics and some that are not jewelry related. Our community members often become friends, and are invested in the lives and successes of their fellow members. The members and the relationships that they form is a source of pride for the PriceScope family. We are grateful for your place in it, if it’s your first day or you’ve made 25k posts, you are a valued part of our community. 


Men's Alpine Diamond Center Wedding Ring in Platinum from Blue Nile.


The PriceScope Forum is an invaluable resource for gaining insights from industry experts. Engage in conversations with knowledgeable jewelers, gemologists, and industry insiders who generously share their expertise. Learn about the latest diamond trends, industry news, and insider tips to enhance your understanding and make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and caring for diamonds. 

Lists of appraisers and other industry professionals are available, and the experts that are also members chime in regularly. There are PriceScope community members from all levels of jewelry backgrounds, education, and budgets. 

Utilize the PriceScope Diamond Concierge service (under Resources on to get expert advice when you are looking to buy a diamond piece. Looking for an engagement ring? Give the concierge your goals and your budget and they will help to get you matched with the best ring for you!



The PriceScope Forum is a treasure trove of information when it comes to finding unique and rare gemstones. Members often share their exciting finds, providing insider knowledge about lesser-known cuts, fancy colored diamonds, and other fascinating gemstone varieties. Explore the jewelry world with the help of fellow members who have a keen eye for exceptional beauty, and sometimes an uncanny ability to find amazing deals!



As a PriceScope Forum member, your knowledge and experiences matter. Contribute to the community by sharing your expertise, posting diamond reviews, or participating in discussions. Help fellow members make informed decisions, offer recommendations, and provide feedback based on your firsthand experiences. Your contributions make the forum a thriving hub of information and support for all diamond enthusiasts.

We also want to celebrate your wins with you! Share pics and stories about your jewelry so that we can enjoy as only other jewelry lovers can! We pick the Jewel of the Week and the Throwback Thursday featured pieces from member posts. We are excited for your new additions and our community will help you to make the best choices when jewelry shopping! 



Whether you are here to read a blog, share your bling, find an engagement ring, enjoy the eye candy, learn some stuff, or meet some like-minded people; we are thrilled that you are here! We hope that you love it as much as we do! Let us know in the comments if there is a piece of jewelry that assistance in the PS community helped to make reality! Working together to make everyone sparkle!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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