Best Places To Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds & Jewelry

Shoppers have been skeptical about lab-grown diamonds in the past and we don’t blame them. Jewelry shoppers often question how diamonds grown in a lab could match up to the real deal, natural diamonds that take between 1 to 3 billion years to form under immense pressure. Well, thanks to scientific and technological advancement lab-grown diamonds are made with the exact same chemical properties as natural diamonds.

If you’re a lover of Mother Earth you will most likely fall deeper in love with the idea of owning lab-grown diamond jewelry as leading lab-grown diamond brands have adopted sustainable best practices. Meaning lab-grown diamonds are made using renewable energy, leaving behind zero emissions.

Sold? Now, you may be wondering where are the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry. The top four places to buy lab-grown diamonds are Whiteflash, Blue Nile, James Allen, and Lightbox. It’s no surprise that the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds are all affiliated with PriceScope. Here’s what you need to know:  


Whiteflash sets the standard for diamond light performance and precision cutting. Their Precision Cut Lab Grown Diamonds offer an affordable alternative to natural diamonds, crafted with exacting standards that result in maximum fire and brilliance. Every Precision Lab diamond from Whiteflash is 3D optically symmetrical; certified as lab-grown with no post growth treatments; laser inscribed with a unique report number documenting their authenticity; and backed by our commitment to transparency – only allowing top quality stones through our brand door. Shop confidently knowing you have access to your dream jewelry at unbeatable value!

Blue Nile

Blue Nile has been in business for nearly 24 years, so it made sense for a market leader in fine jewelry to enter the rising market of lab-grown diamonds. Blue Nile entered the lab-grown diamond market in a partnership with Lightbox in 2020. Blue Nile managed to refine their business model throughout that time, providing premium lab-grown stones at affordable prices due to their reduced overhead expenditure.

Lab Grown Diamond Low Dome Eternity Ring in 14k White Gold
Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold
Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14k White Gold

James Allen

Looking for custom lab-grown diamond jewelry? Look no further than James Allen. A trusted vendor notorious for being an e-commerce disruptor since 2006 with their user-friendly website including features such as 360-degree view. Using James Allen’s online studio, you are able to design custom lab-grown diamond jewelry with a click of a button. Simply select the engagement ring or earring setting(s), pair it with the lab-grown diamond(s) of your choice, and get it shipped to your doorstep in no time. 

Lab-Created 2.01 Carat F SI1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond
14K White Gold Six Prong Knife Edged Solitaire Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings (Mounting)


With the help of a $100 million investment from De Beers Technologies, Lightbox Jewelry was able to launch in 2018 and offer consumers lab-grown diamonds of high quality and at an affordable price. It is true – not all lab-grown diamonds are the same. Lightbox aims to serve its consumers only the very best in lab-grown diamond jewelry. 

Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. Round Brilliant Octagon Ring
Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. tw. Duet Pendant
Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. tw. Round Brilliant Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings

We all know what you’re thinking – “finally diamond jewelry that won’t break the bank”. As the popularity of lab-grown diamonds continues to rise so will their value.

Have you adopted lab-grown diamonds yet? Do you own any lab-grown diamond jewelry? Exhibit your lab-grown diamond jewelry in the PriceScope Forum – click comments below. 

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