Bianca Mac Donald

Bianca Mac Donald is a South African Copywriter who has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Digital Marketing from Vega School of Brand Leadership. Mac Donald's content creation for PriceScope Inc. comes from her enthusiasm for Gemology and passion for Jewelry. Mac Donald has previously marketed brands in the beauty, travel, and tourism industry. Her aim is to create content that is engaging, conversational, and adds value to people's lives. In her spare time, Mac Donald works together with non-governmental organizations in Africa to promote human rights, and empower young adults from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.  

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Cushion vs Princess Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamond

Every diamond cut tells a unique story in the realm of engagement rings. Among the many options, the cushion cut and the princess cut diamonds emerge as feisty contenders, each boasting a distinct allure. More and more couples are looking at the diamond "fancy shapes" when picking their center stone to be set in the...

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Designer Engagement Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

The purpose of this article is to examine the role of designer engagement rings in the overall bridal jewelry market, to understand how engagement ring designers operate, and to compare and contrast their offerings with “generic” or non-branded jewelry. The intent is to help consumers understand the designer's value...

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Precision Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds at Whiteflash blog post

Precision Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds at Whiteflash

Did you know that Whiteflash offers precision cut lab-grown diamonds? In 2022, Whiteflash announced the launch of its Precision Lab brand for shoppers looking to avoid paying the elevated price of natural diamonds while getting the most fire and brilliance in lab-grown diamonds. Whiteflash precision cut lab-grown di...

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Ultimate Valentine's Jewelry Gift Guide blog

Ultimate Valentine’s Jewelry Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is 10 days away, and although it falls on a Tuesday, we’re confident that you have planned a thoughtful Valentine's Day date night. Whether you're whipping up a three-course candlelit dinner at home or whisking your Valentine away to that fine-dining restaurant you’ve been dying to try, we’re here to...

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Top 5 Jewelry Trends For 2023 blog

Top 5 Jewelry Trends For 2023

The right piece of jewelry has the power to completely change an outfit. Jewelry is the finishing touch to any ensemble. Classic jewelry trends will last a lifetime. Although adopting the jewelry trends of today will not only look stylish but modernize your overall look. Here are jewelry trends that we predict will ...

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