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Bianca Mac Donald is a South African Copywriter who has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Digital Marketing from Vega School of Brand Leadership. Mac Donald's content creation for PriceScope Inc. comes from her enthusiasm for Gemology and passion for Jewelry. Mac Donald has previously marketed brands in the beauty, travel, and tourism industry. Her aim is to create content that is engaging, conversational, and adds value to people's lives. In her spare time, Mac Donald works together with non-governmental organizations in Africa to promote human rights, and empower young adults from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.  

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LGBTQ+ Jewelers You Need To Know About

LGBTQ+ Jewelers You Need To Know About

Engagement and/ or wedding rings are symbols of dedication and the love you have for your significant other. Therefore, searching for the ring when it's time to take the next step in your relationship may be stressful. Price, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity are just a few things to consider when shopping for a...

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June Birthstone Jewelry 2022 - Pearl blog post

June Birthstone Jewelry 2022 – Pearl

If you're born in June and/ or have a love for pearls - then this blog post is just for you. June has a total of three (3) birthstones to choose from namely alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl. Today, we will be focusing on the pearl. If you are a veteran of the PriceScope blog and PriceScope forum, you would know tha...

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Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Jewelry blog post.

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Jewelry

As Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee weekend draws to a close, we at PriceScope thought it would only be fitting to look back at Her Majesty's Jubilee jewelry looks. Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated a total of six (6) Jubilees: silver, ruby, golden, diamond, sapphire, and platinum. Here is a look back at Queen ...

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Jewelry Gifts for Graduation

Jewelry Gifts for Graduation

Graduation is a milestone moment in any student's life. For some, this is the first year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic that a graduation ceremony is taking place. If you're fortunate to be graduating this 2022, congratulations! Now that graduation season is officially here, we want to ensure tha...

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Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Rings.

Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

We've recently touched on the rise in popularity of oval-shaped diamonds. Now we're going to dive into a unique shape, heart-shaped diamonds, and everything you need to know about heart shapes before opting for a heart shape diamond engagement ring. Now, each with their own. Heart-shaped diamonds may not be for ever...

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