Precision Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds at Whiteflash

Did you know that Whiteflash offers precision cut lab-grown diamonds? In 2022, Whiteflash announced the launch of its Precision Lab brand for shoppers looking to avoid paying the elevated price of natural diamonds while getting the most fire and brilliance in lab-grown diamonds. Whiteflash precision cut lab-grown diamonds draw on more than two decades of technical expertise in diamond light performance and precision diamond cutting. That is why we at PriceScope can confidently recommend the Whiteflash Precision Lab brand for anyone looking to purchase high-end lab-grown diamonds.

1.04 ct G VVS2 Precision Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond from Whiteflash

Whiteflash precision cut lab-grown diamonds are cut to best-in-class standards in order to achieve the best light performance. They are produced by the same team that introduced A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds to the global market. Due to the significant cost reductions associated with lab-grown diamonds, it is no longer necessary for anyone to sacrifice quality; especially the crucial C-Cut Quality. Remember “Cut is King!” and that is why we give Whiteflash Precision Lab diamonds a PriceScope-approved thumbs up.  

Please note that in addition to their Precision Lab brand Whiteflash also offers a variety of other lab grown diamonds.  Look for the red “In-stock” banner in the catalogue to find Precision Lab diamonds. To see ONLY Precision Lab select the “ready to ship” button in the search filters.

DID YOU KNOW? Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the exact same potential for fire, brilliance, and sparkle as natural diamonds. But that full potential can only be realized when cut craftsmanship is of top quality. 

Why Shop Whiteflash?

Laboratory Certified And Laser Inscribed Lab Diamonds 

Each Precision Lab diamond from Whiteflash is accompanied by an official high-quality grading report from a renowned gemological laboratory that covers all four Cs and adds details about the growing process. This information is crucial to the buying choice because not all lab-grown diamonds are created equal.  

Each Precision Lab diamond they sell is at the top end of color and clarity (D-G VVS1-VS1) with Ideal H&A cut grade, is certified to be “As Grown”. Each includes laser inscription that clearly states the diamond was lab-created along with the lab report number. Additional assurance comes from being able to positively identify your diamond using simply a jeweler’s loupe at 10X magnification.

3D Optical Symmetry

For shoppers seeking the best in certified lab-grown diamonds, Whiteflash Precision Lab diamonds may be what you are looking for. They are carefully produced for maximum light performance from the purest raw material. Whiteflash provides both high-quality laboratory reports as well as light-performance imaging as evidence of outstanding cut quality. Round precision lab-grown diamonds are listed in the PriceScope Diamond Search – simply click the Lab-Grown tab. Whiteflash features the same range of advanced imaging as they do for their natural diamonds, including HD video, IdealScope, ASET, and Hearts and Arrows.

All Diamonds Vetted For Transparency

PriceScope’s vendors go through a stringent vetting process before being listed on our platform. Meaning, these vendors meet or exceed PriceScope’s rigorous requirements for truthful advertising, best business practices, and proactive consumer protection. With that being said, all Whiteflash Precision Lab diamonds have been vetted to ensure there are no transparency issues which can lead to diminished sparkle. 

Tell Me More!

If you would like to learn more about Whiteflash’s new range of lab-grown diamonds. Ask the industry experts in the forum by clicking the link below:  

I'm Sold! Where Do I Shop? 

Great! Head directly to the Whiteflash lab diamond search and click through on the diamond(s) that meet your 4 C’s taste and budget.

Do you own a Whiteflash Precision Lab diamond? We would love to know your thoughts on new Whiteflash lab-grown diamond brand. How do they compare to other lab-grown diamonds on the market? Share your thoughts by clicking the link below.  

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