5 Reasons to Buy New Earrings

Earrings frame the face, so you want the look to be on point! Many PriceScopers don’t need a specific reason to do some jewelry shopping. We have a few reasons for those that love that extra justification to get new bling!

Why Do You Need New Earrings Today?

Treat Yourself

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It’s nice to buy yourself something special as a way of rewarding yourself or simply because you want to indulge in a little self-care. You may not have the bling budget to splurge, but saving up for a want is satisfying too!

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Update Your Look

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To refresh your style: If you’ve been wearing the same earrings for a while, buying new ones can help you update your style and add variety to your look. That feeling of walking into work with new sparkle on display? Love that!

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Pair with New Clothes

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To match an outfit: If you have a special outfit that you want to accessorise, buying new earrings can help you create the perfect look. Sometimes when you buy a new outfit that you love, you can feel like none of your current jewelry goes with it. This is similar to the dreaded DSS, it probably does look fine, you have great taste after all. You want something new to make your new outfit pop, we’ve all been there!

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Celebrate a Milestone

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If you’ve recently achieved a personal or professional milestone, buying yourself a new pair of earrings can be a way to mark the occasion. Every time that you see them in the mirror, it will be a reminder of your growth and success. Celebratory bling is a PS right of passage!

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Add Classics To Your Collection

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There are a lot of people who get earrings with more flourish before adding classic staples to their collection. Building a high-quality fine jewelry collection is a great goal, but the staples are the foundation. It’s helpful that a lot of the classic wardrobe-building pieces are more versatile and will add to most any look!

What Are Your Newest Earrings?

Help provide some awesome #inspo for your fellow PriceScopers! We would love to see the most recent pair of earrings that you added to your collection in the comments! Please show them off, we love that eye candy!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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