Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles – Basics

Engagement ring styles range from simple to complex, from subtly scintillating to swimming in sparkle.

PriceScope Pointer: Before spending big, be sure the engagement ring style suits the wearer. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a simple solitaire which can be upgraded.

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Engagement Ring Styles Described

Solitaire, halo, pavé (pronounced pah-vay), bead set, fishtail… The descriptions go on and on. There’s no limit to human taste and imagination. Are you looking for a classic Tiffany-style solitaire, a split-shank halo ring, a 3 stone ring, a 5 stone ring or something else? Do you want pointed prongs holding the center diamond, or do you want it surrounded by a bezel? Do you want a gallery with high polish or embellishments like milgrain (nee millegrain) or engraving? Is the center stone round or square?

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From classic to cutting edge, the world is your oyster when it comes to engagement ring styles. Below you will find many of the styles and terms that you’ll encounter when shopping for engagement jewelry online or at local retail stores.

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Let’s Get Practical

If you are proposing, an engagement ring will be one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. Likewise, the symbol of your union will be one of the most treasured pieces of jewelry the recipient will ever wear. For this reason, it’s critical to know what engagement ring style the recipient prefers. Candidly, if you’re unsure about her preferences, you can always propose with a simple solitaire setting. It’s a timeless, affordable classic which can be upgraded or changed later.

Discovery Tips

If you’d like to know her favorite engagement ring styles in advance, here are a few tips:

  • Ask someone you’re certain knows the recipient’s ring style preference for secret assistance.
  • Take the recipient “browsing” in a jewelry store or surfing one of our vendors’ websites – asking their favorite ring style under the guise of gifting someone (your sister, brother, etc.).
  • More tips here.
  • Or just ask. The last thing you want is your beloved partner “settling” for a ring style you chose, while wishing she had something different.

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PriceScope Pointer: When communicating about engagement ring styles with your chosen vendor it’s good to speak the same language, so bookmark our engagement ring anatomy page: Diamond Settings in Detail.

Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire Settings

The solitaire engagement ring style has been the most popular engagement ring style for generations. A timeless classic, it places the gemstone at center stage with elegance and simplicity. The solitaire style uses less metal than other setting styles, making it most affordable. The open style also facilitates easy cleaning of the gemstone.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo Settings

This engagement ring style adds a “halo” of small accent stones surrounding the center stone. The main advantage of this style is more sparkle directly around the center stone, making it appear larger. Halo styles which can be customized by mixing different halo geometries, accent stones and metal colors.

Halo Engagement Rings

 Pavé Settings

Pronounced “pah-vay,” the pavé engagement ring style adorns the ring with rows of smaller diamonds set flush with the surface of the ring. This style is supercharged with sparkle which, like the halo, can make the center gemstone appear larger.

Pave settings

 Three Stone Settings

An elegant way to add a splash of color, the three-stone engagement ring style showcase a large center gemstone flanked by two smaller stones. Diamond center stones can be accented with smaller diamonds or, alternately, with sapphires, rubies or other colored gemstones for contrast.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

 Five Stone Settings

The five stone engagement ring style uses five stones set above the shank. The stones may be equal size or graduated to feature the center stone. As with three stone settings, the five stone style can be used to mix or match color with diamonds. The five stone setting can be used for engagement or to add a complimentary wedding band to a suitable engagement ring.

Five Stone Engagement Rings

Men’s Style Settings

The terms men’s style and ladies’ style are obsolete, but the term is still used to describe rings with wider, thicker shanks which may or may not include gemstones. These rings suit active lifestyles, are easy to maintain and come with many finish options, from high polish to hammered.

Men’s Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Gemstone Mounting Techniques

Prong Setting

The most popular mounting style uses prongs: Three or more prongs rise from the ring’s shank, forming a head which holds the gemstone. The prongs can be shaped differently where they meet the gemstone for aesthetic or practical purposes. For square or rectangular gemstones the prongs act as seats, covering and protecting the corners.

Engagement Rings – Prong Setting Styles

Tension Setting

Tension setting is a process that mounts the gemstone under compression. The most appealing aspect of this is the aesthetic sense that the stone is floating between two pieces of metal. Only gemstones with medium thick girdles (or thicker) should be mounted using this process.

Tension Engagement Rings

Channel Setting

Primarily used for accent stones, this process mounts gemstones directly into the shank of the setting, creating a “channel” of sparkle. Like bezel settings channel settings are snag-free because they don’t use prongs.

Channel Set Ring

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Care and Cleaning

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