Post by derbygal » June 12th, 2012, 3:51 pm
I love looking around at older cut rings, and today I came across a ring on an antique jewelry website that I recognized from a current Etsy listing. Same color, carat size, appraisal price etc. The only differences is that one lists as a size 5 3/4, the other 5 1/2. Also selling prices are slightly different. But to me, it seems like the exact same ring.

The etsy seller is calling herself a "private jeweler" but does not seem to be affiliated with the other website that has the same ring. (Jeweler in Los Angeles, website listed in Texas). Can someone explain how this is going on? Esp with older cut rings? I always assumed one of kind rings like this were in stock with whomever is selling it.

Picture one from etsy, pic two from the website.
1.92 antique ring.jpg
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