Silver on old mine cuts and rose cuts—do or don’t?

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
wow ! what awsome finger coverage
i love it
i also love silver
it seems very underrated around here sometimes


Dec 25, 2011
I have seen a ton of antique 2 color rings & the white metal is often sterling. I think this is common in a lot of victorian era jewelry.
I've asked about this for modern rings MANY times over the years & I ALWAYS get some snark from jewelers when I ask if they will make a setting, or set a diamond in sterling, because I have a few smaller diamonds loose that I wanted to do something with that sat for YEARS. I do not like yellow gold on myself.
Fastforward to getting married quick-n-dirty at the end of January-I had a crazy idea for hubby's ring & set out to design it myself-then I saw a jeweler on Etsy that had something in that same wheelhouse but even cooler in sterling-I asked if he would set my diamond in his design & he agreed. He did tell me that sterling is softer & would show more wear.
My idea was if hubby loved it like I thought he might-I'd have it remade in white gold(no rhodium). So this sterling ring was the prototype ring so as to not break the bank if he wasn't smitten with it.
Now---hubs works heavy construction-with his hands-harsh chemicals & abrasive stuff-cement, concrete, adhesives, hand tools & heavy machinery-ALL day long-nothing like what MOST women will ever have their hands in.
Hubs LOVED the ring.
I did have the jeweler remake in white gold with a PERFECT .35 OEC that I pulled from an antique ring I found on ebay
***We kept the sterling prototype even though that was not the plan.
The sterling wedding band with the other diamond (pre H&A) is what he wears to work daily & beats the hell out of it. I have dug 1/2 cured cement out of it, industrial glue, name it-and it's wearing more sure-but the bezel set diamond is secure & the intricate details just have heavy patina-his patina includes gauges not dings lol.
Very few IF ANY of you will ever put your ring to that kind of abuse.

My mind is now made up that I can have just about ANY setting for all of my loose stones & change setting of if/when I get bored as long as I have a good jeweler who likes to work with silver, I can experiment and NOT break the bank.
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