Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston" Halo


Dec 10, 2004
The Harry Winston Micropave halo ring is a very popular ring that has been made many times. The ring has a cushion diamond which is a slightly rounded square/rectangular diamond. A cushion diamond has a lot more variation than a diamond which makes it necessary for a bit more education. The ring has also been made with a round diamond many times before. This particular guide is written for consumers who are interested in purchasing a cushion diamond and/or making a halo setting.

About This Guide
This guide / testimonial was created to share my perspectives and experiences in purchasing cushion diamonds and making a "Harry Winston" inspired ring. As a consumer, my goal is to help other consumers by sharing my personal experiences and addressing the common questions that are asked on Pricescope. This document was originally written for my friend and thus, include my perspectives / experiences with vendors. The photos and videos included are strictly for reference and while I may leverage vendor videos they are used only for illustrative purposes. For "professional" and unbiased education, I recommend reading the articles written by the pros accessed through the Articles tab on Pricescope. I encourage the PS consumer community to add their perspectives and experiences to this thread.

Step 1: Choose the Cushion Cut Type
Cushions are primarily classified as Cushion Brilliants and Cushion Modified Brilliants. There are further sub-classifications of cushions within these two classifications. The real Harry Winston ring comes in all forms of these cushions – the pictures below illustrate the diamonds through real Harry Winston rings owned by members of

1. Cushion Modified Brilliants
These are the more common cushions and account for approximately 80-90% of the cushion diamonds in the market. They are often negatively referred to as “crushed ice” due to their small flashes and disorganized patterns. These diamonds are cheaper as they are cut for weight retention (higher carat weight for more money) versus optimizing light performance. Regardless of what some vendors say about these diamonds, I have found them to be less attractive and appealing to the eye. On the flip side, they are generally lower in price as well and there are some facet patterns that I do like.

Here are some sample photos of typical Cushion Modified Brilliants.

These are some of the Cushion Modified Brilliant plots I like best - I would stick to these ones.

Cushions are sometimes misclassified as Cushion Modified Brilliants by GIA so you may see certificates that call them by the name but are not. There are many new advances in different facet types in this category that actually look nice. Most of the diamonds in this category are what I consider modern cushions.

Here is a video that will tell you more about Cushion Modified Brilliants:
(go to 9:50)
(Note – the well cut cushion modified brilliants are rare and even at that not so hot in real life)

2. Cushion Brilliants
There are a wide range of cushion brilliants that can be broadly classified as modern cushions or antique cushions. The modern cushions have smaller flashes of light and the antique/chunky cushions have bigger flashes of light. People like both types of cushion brilliants but the trend has been towards antique/chunky cushions here on Pricescope.

Modern Cushions Brilliants
a. 4 Main Cushions are the most popular type of modern cushion brilliants. They are categorized by an X pattern on the diamond as shown by extremely well cut 4 Main Cushion pictures below. The diamond on the far right is a branded cut “X-Factor” by

b. 8 Main Cushions are extremely rare these days and difficult to find. They are like a round diamond but in a rounded cushion shape – I believe they have the most sparkle and most pleasing look since you can’t see the X. They are rare because rough diamonds that are suited for this cut are often cut into round diamonds that make them more money. I haven’t seen an 8 Main Diamond in the past few years. This is also the closest pattern of the Tiffany Novo diamond. This is the type of modern cushion I have in my Harry Winston halo ring.

c. Square Hearts and Arrows are very similar to the 8 main modern cushions mentioned above. The difference is that they have a much harder square outline and perfect optics. They are very pricey and look less feminine. When set, people say it looks like a round diamond. There are very few vendors that carry Square Hearts and Arrows. Some may not consider Square H&A as cushion shaped diamonds.

d. Other Modern Cushions are plentiful in the marketplace and have a range of looks. They are usually branded and come with a price premium. The examples below are of the “Cushette” diamond and a BGD branded cushion (discontinued now?).

Antique Cushions Brilliants
Antique cushions are known for their bigger facets and flashes. Some of them have an obvious cross (known as “Maltese Cross”) and others have a flower pattern. Antique cushions can be newly cut or true antiques also known as “Old Mine Cut”. The antique cushions have a plot like the one below.

a. Newly Cut Antique Cushions or “Generic Cushions” are harder to find than the modern cushions. Some can be very well cut and others less perfect.

b. Branded Newly Cut Antique Cushions are more expensive than the generic antique cushions. There are two vendors that have developed antique cut cushions cut for light performance and to receive the highest cut ratings from AGS. Good Old Gold was the first and developed the very popular “August Vintage Cushion” but it also comes with a price premium due to all the research involved and the amount of rough required to cut to these specifications. Victor Canera has recently developed his own line and has a limited selection as of Dec 2012. The branded newly cut antique cushions are a good option when you are looking for a really well cut diamond and don’t want to invest the time in waiting and looking at diamonds. They are guaranteed to all look pretty much the same.

c. True Antique Cushion (Old Mine Cut - OMCs) are old diamonds cut around 1830s to the turn of the century. These diamonds have a lot of personality as each and every one looks different. These are generally cheaper than the newly cut diamonds but also harder to find especially in large sizes and high colors. OMCs in the larger size range and higher colors are often cut into modern diamonds. There are certain antique dealers and eBay that serve as great source for antique cushions.

New Innovations
There are also new cut innovations that we find on the market now and then. I will share one such innovation - it is the diamond that my friend (the one I wrote the guide for) ended up purchasing. The diamond was purchased from ERD and the GIA plot shows two fat mains and six skinny ones. The end effect is a diamond that has both big facets and sparkles. It is a neat and unique diamond of what I call a half modern / half antique. It is the first one I have ever seen with this plot.

Ideal Cushion Specifications
You will hear over and over again that there are no ideal cushion specifications and each one is very unique. While it may be true, I have found that certain parameters do work better than others. An ASET will also aid in your cut analysis.
Depth: 63% to 67% - Anything lower is what I call a "pancake" cushion and anything higher will face up smaller than required
Table: 46% to 59% - Anything higher is what I call a "helipad" cushion

Additional Cushion Cut Diamond Information
Learning Video:
Comparison Video:
(Note – this does not include my favorite modern cushion brilliant cut – “8 main modern cushions”)
GIA and AGS Naming Conventions of Cushions:
ASET as an Evaluation Tool:

Step 2: Set Your Diamond Parameters
Cost –
Obviously, cost drives all of the parameters depending on what is most important to you / her / him.
Cut – Determines how well a diamond is cut. A well cut diamond is important but perfection like the branded cuts are sometimes not required and need to balanced with price.
Color – Grades start from D. I would say you can go as low as G/H without noticing any yellow. The true antique diamonds often look whiter than they are.
Clarity – Grades start from IF. I would say that as long as you can’t see any visible inclusions (known as “eye clean”) you will be fine. Go with VS1 to SI1 to be safe.
Carat – Refers to the weight of the diamond. The actual face-up size of the diamond is driven by the dimensions and cut of the diamond. Ultimately, what matters is the size the diamond faces up to the viewer but a well cut diamond will balance the size.
Size – Main thing is to determine the length to width ratio. Do you want a square or rectangular? 1.04 and below are considered square.

Step 3: Select Your Setting
This is easier if you have already decided on the setting (ie. Harry Winston halo design as a basis for this guide). There are various price points for a Harry Winston looking halo depending on how it is manufactured – ready made or custom made. When custom made, there is an expensive method of completely hand made and a cheaper method to have it CAD/CAST made. A Harry Winston halo setting can range from $2000 to $5000. CAD/CAST on the lower end and Hand Made / Hand Forged on the higher end. Ready made will range greatly depending on the brand.

Different types of halos:
More designs:

1. Ready Made Setting
Ready made settings come in a range of price points from really expensive to really cheap. They are all driven by the quality of the setting and the brand. It all depends how picky you are on the setting. (round diamond) (round diamond)

2. Custom Made – CAD/CAST
This can be the cheaper method if you want to have a ring custom made. With that said, I have seen really expensive quotes for CAD/CAST and some very low quotes. The short of this method is that a CAD is created and a digital image is shared with you that you can see and approve first. A wax model is created from the CAD and then molded into the ring. The settings will be made to fit your diamond and design changes can be made.

3. Custom Made – Hand Made / Hand Forged
This is generally the most expensive method to have the ring custom made. With that said, you can find low cost options which usually translate back to the quality of the setting. I would only recommend a few vendors that is worth the price and can deal well with people remotely. The artists I recommend do a really refined job and you can see less metal than options 2 above. I usually use this method for my jewelry but for many people … they can’t tell the difference.

Step 4: Select Your Vendors
You can select to buy both the diamond and setting from the same vendor but most diamond sellers are very willing to send the diamond out to someone else to make the setting (exception is that Victor Canera will not make rings for GOG's AVC and GOG will not send AVCs to Victor Canera). You can also find a ready made setting and have someone put the diamond in it.

1. Diamond and Setting Vendors
These vendors are able to sell the stone and also make or sell the setting. It is essentially a one stop shop but a lot of people still go to one vendor for the diamond and get the setting done by another.

Engagement Rings Direct (Mark or Chris) – [Downtown NYC]
My husband bought my first diamond from Mark and many of my friends have since bought from him (and loved the experience). Mark is known for his good prices along with the balance on looks/prices. He has the branded X-Factor modern cushions and hand selected antique looking cushions. They also do both CAD/CAST and Hand Made settings. I find that their CAD/CAST work is better than most of the other vendors in terms of the metal work and pave. You can search ERD for examples. Mark is great at working within your budget.

Art of Platinum (Leon and Perry) - [Downtown NYC]
Leon is the master of platinum pave settings – his work is simply amazing to me. I am very happy with the engagement ring he made for me. Leon is pricey and some find him difficult to work with - I have no issues with him. A few years ago, he also started selling diamonds through Perry. They have good prices on cushions and even rounds. From what I see, the diamonds and prices are comparable to ERD/Mark although I have also heard they were higher.

Good Old Gold (Jon) – [Long Island, NYC]
Jon spent time and money designing the “August Vintage Cushion” and knows the technical aspects of diamonds. He makes tons of videos educating people on diamonds and has all the technical toys to measure performance of a diamond. He has custom settings but I have not seen enough to form an opinion. He usually sells ready made settings (ex. Tacori, Gabriel & Co). I purchased my current engagement ring diamond from him. You can search GOG or AVC for examples.

Old World Diamonds (Adam) – [Downtown NYC]
Adam specializes in selling true antique stones and as such the diamond prices are cheaper than a newly cut cushion. I believe he is also the supplier to some of the other vendors. I have heard that Adam does have a bench but they don't seem to advertise their custom work widely.

Diamonds by Lauren (David) - [Downtown NYC]
One of the few vendors who carry an inventory of colored stones - they are mostly radiant cut diamonds but there are cushions as well. This vendor strongly pushes the importance of buying with the eye and does not endorse the usage of tools such as ASET. They have a DBL branded line of yellow or lower colored antique cut cushions. David has benches that make hand made settings and CAD/CAST.

Victor Canera (Victor) - [Los Angeles, California]
Victor gained popularity a couple years ago for his halo settings. His setting prices are like Art of Platinum/Leon prices and sometimes higher. Victor makes a fantastic halo ring especially with round diamonds. He recently launched a new diamond line that is cut for performance. There are photos on his facebook page at

Single Stone (Ari) - [Los Angeles]
Specializes in antique stones and has a beautiful selection although I found his prices can be a bit higher. Single Stone makes some of the best Antique replicas in my opinion. I would also go to them to recut an old stone.

James Allen (Various Sales Associates) - [Downtown NYC]
This is a larger scale vendor and sells a lot of virtual stones. James Allen actually do try to look at each diamond first and take photos. They have a pretty good selection of diamonds and I have noticed their growing inventory of Canadian cushion diamonds. They also sell settings but I haven’t been too impressed with their setting work. It is very easy to use the James Allen website to browse cushions.

Jewels by Erica Grace (Erica / Grace) – [Los Angeles / Seattle]
Two ladies that sell estate jewelry and antique items. They are known for their superb custom service and care. They recently re-released their custom setting line (using CAD/CAST methods). This is their setting price list can be found at

Diamond Zone (Ilya) – [Chicago]
I first came across this seller on ebay and visited their store while I was working in Chicago. They have a good selection of real old diamond at good prices. I am making a ring with them right now using CAD/CAST method. I haven’t seen enough examples of their work on rings so it will be a test. Their ebay page is below if you want to browse some of the diamonds they are selling.

White Flash - [Texas]
Highly reputable vendor known for their rounds and princess cuts but also carry cushions. They are skilled in CAD/CAST work. I had good experiences corresponding and working with Chris. He was really helpful and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to others.

Brian Gavin Diamonds - [Texas]
Highly reputable vendor known for their rounds and princess cuts but also carry cushions. They are skilled in CAD/CAST. I have heard great things about Lesley and Brian although I never had the privilege for them to correspond with me.

2. Custom Setting Vendors
These are only a few custom hand made jewelers that I would recommend. Most are already mentioned above.

Timeless Luxury (Steven Kirsch) – [Downtown NYC]
Steven does work comparable to Leon Mege and he used to work for Leon. Steven made my wedding band and also just made another ring for me. I think he is super easy to work with and really accommodating. He bends backwards to make me happy. He doesn’t usually sell diamonds but can source them. He makes tons of halos so it will be easy.

Maytal Hannah - [Los Angeles]
Maytal made my Harry Winston inspired ring. She was known to be really easy to work with and does good work. Maytal was said to be trained under Michael Beaudry.

David Klass – [email protected] or (310) 266-4848 [Los Angeles]
No website. He is known to do good work at really low prices. His work is probably not at the same standards as above but a good alternative if on a tight budget. I am not sure what method he uses but he does make CAD drawings. He may do CAD and then hand make after. Examples of his work below:

Other top custom made vendors were mentioned above:
Victor Canera -
Leon Mege -
Engagement Rings Direct -
Jewels by Erica Grace -

3. Ready Made Setting Vendors
These are some of the ready made settings that have popular halo designs.

This list goes on and on so I suggest you start browsing first for ideas. IDJ and GOG also carriers a wide range of ready made settings.

Step 5: Summarize Your Decisions
Now that you have digested all this information, it's time to think about what you (or your loved one) wants! It is important to visit local stores to get a feel for what diamonds and settings look like in real life - this is really going to help you figure out what your tolerances are. Remember - you are going to look and not buy.

1. What is the total amount you want to spend on the ring?
2. What is more important to you – the diamond or the setting?
3. What type of cushion do you want (refer to step 1 above)?
4. What are the cut parameters you want?
Color: Recommend G/H unless she doesn’t care if it is warmer
Clarity: Recommend VS1/2 or eyeclean SI1
Carat How important is size to her or you just want to work within budget
L/W Ratio: Square or Rectangle
5. Do you want a ready made setting or a custom made one?
6. If custom made, do you want it all fully hand made (more expensive but more refined) or CAD/CAST?
7. Are you willing to go to the second hand market?

Ok - got your answers now? Start a new thread on Rocky Talky and the PS community can help you look! We are a helpful bunch here and have your best interest in mind (well most of us anyways).

Step 6: Confirm Your Strategy
You are almost there! You know what you want and what your options are - now, confirm your buying strategy! Remember that you have to get educated in both mind and eyes!

Cheapest and More Risky
Second hand ring off eBay including both setting and diamond. Risky but fine if you know what you are doing.

Cheaper and Less Risky
1. Buy a second hand ring off diamond forums (,, pre-loved section on These are usually sold by diamond lovers and of good quality.

2. Buy an antique stone and pair it up with a CAD/CAST setting from ERD or JbEG or other vendors you choose.

Middle Priced and Medium Risk
Buy a second hand diamond or setting off ebay cheap. Have the setting custom made by a known jeweler. Or buy the setting off ebay and have the diamond purchased from a well known vendor.

Middle Priced and Low Risk
1. Buy a newly cut diamond off ERD or Perry and have a CAD/CAST setting made by ERD (or a vendor of your choice). Or if you want more risk – try out a setting from David Klass or Diamond Zone (cheaper but I can’t personally vouch).

2. Buy an old stone from Old World Diamonds or JbEG and have a CAD/CAST setting made by ERD (or a vendor of your choice). Or if you want more risk – try out a setting from David Klass or Diamond Zone (cheaper but I can’t personally vouch).

Most Expensive and Low Risk
Good Old Gold August Vintage Cushion or Victor Canera's new cushion combined with a Hand Made Setting from Leon Mege, Steven Kirsch or Victor Canera.

Step 7: Buy Your Diamond and Show it Off!
Go buy your diamond/setting and make sure you come back to share with us. If you are unsure of what you purchased, post it in Rocky Talky for advice. If you are sure and done, post it on Show Me the Bling!
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Dec 10, 2004
Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

I have included relevant comments from the previous thread below. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement.

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The inclusion of vendor opinions makes it into a testimonial. However I think people come on to this site for both informational posts as well as testimonials. So it does not bother me. this seems very helpful for people looking for this type of ring. Very considerate of you seeing as how many people come here to get that type of ring. /the time you spent on this will save many other people lots of searching :wavey: :)
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Charmy, this is a very helpful guide to the world of cushions, which is huge and daunting to most new diamond buyers. Whether the videos are promotional or not doesn't matter. They serve as visual examples to people who are probably considering buying online without being able to see the diamonds in person first.
ETA: As for being educational vs. testimonial, I find that the reviews of specific vendors are HIGHLY educational. If she had just included one or two vendors, that might be a testimonial, but she broadened it to include multiple vendors including those selling settings alone or diamonds alone. It's extremely helpful to a new diamond buyer to have an idea of who is good with what.
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Charmy has had great experience with multiple vendors for diamonds and settings and she has observed the experience of others here. It is very valuable to newcomers to have education as well as testimonials. I know right now I could have a fabulous cushion halo ring made because of the information on this thread.

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Dec 10, 2004
Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

Here are the suggestions for additional information - I encourage others to contribute as well.

iluvdiamonds2|1355668960|3332643 said:
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Thanks for this amazing post. Can u do one like this on prongs?? I would love to see all of our prong choices.

Also, is there any way you can do a hand comparison of different sized cushions and list the mm's?? so we can see the size differences??
It would save us trouble trying to figure out what size cushion etc. That would be sooooo helpful if you could somehow do that.. :appl:
James allen has it but only for rounds and princesses. I need to see cushions on the hand..... 1 carat, 1.5, 2 carat, 2.5, 2.75, 3 carat....any way u could do that?? :D
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Charmy I'm sure this outline will be oft-referenced by people looking for this sort of piece. I hope you'll return and perhaps elaborate on other considerations re. owning this type of ring - off the top of my head I'm thinking durability, full-cut vs. single-cut melee, colour of center vs. halo/shank...
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What a wonderful thread! Thank you so much for creating it.


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This is a great thread. Thank you, Charmy!


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Charmypoo!!!! I love this thread! I recently posted about cushion cuts and this thread answers my questions!

I think I'm liking the antique cushion cuts. :). Something to save for hehe :D


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Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

I just sent a friend over here to read this writeup - Charmy, thank you for your time and effort with this!! It's a fantastic 'getting started' guide and it's timeless, just as useful now as it was when you posted it last year - it really should be stickied :appl:


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Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

What do y'all think about the Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant that ERD is now selling? Are they more like AVC or OMC?


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Phenomenol article!


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Hi Charmy! :wavey: I need your help w/ a SK setting for an AVC I just bought--one of our mutual PS friends said she sent you my contact info. Any input would be very helpful before I finalize all of the details with Steven! Thanks in advance if you see this!


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Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

Fantastic information and a true benchmark for informational posts. Charmy you should have your own blog as I've been referring to this post and your other ring posts several times. Thank you!!!


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this is quite a thread, thank you for spending time writing and sharing!
Can I ask, how did the project with Diamond Zone turn out? thanks!


Dec 10, 2004
Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

I am happy to do a slight update to this guide given new cushion developments!

Last year, Blue Nile announced a new line of Signature Ideal Cushion diamonds which are essentially H&A diamonds. They were very well priced earlier in the year but appears to have gone up slightly in price (I wish I jumped on it earlier this year when I found one I really liked). I think these H&A cushions are looking real pretty and a great alternative for anyone looking for a modern cushion.

Looking for some real life pictures of the diamond? Check out Sctuffy's post at [URL=''][/URL]
bluenilesignaturecushion.jpg bluenilesignaturecushion2.jpg

Here is a really bad video of the Blue Nile Signature Cushion.


Dec 10, 2004
Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

Here is a big blown up picture ...


Dec 10, 2004


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Re: Cushion 101 : My Experience in Making a "Harry Winston"

Just stumbled across this thread - fantastic and detailed guide.

Thank you!


Mar 11, 2013
Bumping. This post has some great photos and descriptions of Antique Cushion Cuts. Scroll past the Modern Cushion Cuts to find them.

david b

Jan 19, 2018
This is a thorough guide. Very helpful and interesting, thank you!
Can you point out please what is the difference between "Harry Winston" halo and all other Halos? :read:


Nov 15, 2020

Would like to ask what cushion cut is this?


Apr 21, 2010
looks like a Cushion Modified Brilliant


Sep 1, 2021
Hi everyone, wondering if you had any recommendations for a custom halo using CAD mold created for my oval diamond just based on gia report measurements and not with diamond in hand. Is it possible to create a flush sitting one? I was told no diamond is cut perfectly so even eith a custom CAD design and diamond not in hand it may not be able to be places in setting correctly later and have a gap.


Aug 13, 2013
Hi everyone, wondering if you had any recommendations for a custom halo using CAD mold created for my oval diamond just based on gia report measurements and not with diamond in hand. Is it possible to create a flush sitting one? I was told no diamond is cut perfectly so even eith a custom CAD design and diamond not in hand it may not be able to be places in setting correctly later and have a gap.

You can start a new thread in Rocky Talky asking your question. You will get many more responses that way instead of adding it to this educational thread.
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