Cushion Cut Diamonds


Cushion cuts diamonds are square or rectangular brilliant cuts with rounded corners and curved sides, a pillow-like shape.  There are several types of cushion cuts on the market including modern, antique, and many branded cushions.  Cushion cuts can be found with a wide variety of facet patterns that are known as “Cushion Brilliant” or “Modified Cushion Brilliant” on lab reports.  There are multiple variations of these cuts, and personal preference is key here.  Antique Cushions are known for their steeper crowns, smaller tables, and larger culets.  With the amount of variation within the world of Cushion cuts, there are no steadfast rules for what equals the very best.  As with other fancy shapes, Cushion cuts cannot be defined by numbers, but there are some basic guidelines to consider.

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Special Characteristics of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Some Cushion cuts may have larger facets, so inclusions may be easier to see.  The variations in facet patterns may also enable the viewer to see color more easily, but this should be judged on a stone by stone basis, and some may enjoy more color in the stone, especially with antique styled cushions.

Size Matters

Some Cushions are cut to greater depth percentages and these stones will generally look smaller from the “face up” position for their relative carat weights, but there is so much variation with Cushion cuts, stones with greater spread can be found.

Basic Cushion Cut Guidelines

Because there are no hard and fast rules for Cushion cuts, there is no AGA guideline chart for this cut.  In general, excessively deep and excessively shallow stones should be avoided.  Tables that are smaller than the total depth percentage are recommended, but there are exceptions when it comes to Cushion cuts.  A very basic table and depth range for Modern Cushion cuts is 54-62 % table and 59-64% depth, but Antique Cushions can run the gamut when it comes to proportions.  Culet size and square or rectangular shape are a personal preference, and length to width ratios are variable.  Cushions are best judged by the eye, or at the very least–if buying online, by photographs and/or an experienced “vendor eye.”

pinfire cushion

Broader Flash                                Pinfire          

The photo above shows 2 different types of modern cushions.  The stone on the left is a cushion brilliant with larger facets, which create broader flashes of fire.  The cushion on the right shows more of a “crushed ice” look with smaller facets.  This type will display smaller bursts of fire or “pinfire.”

Different Styles of Cushion Cut Diamonds

8 main cushion cut diamond ring
Posted by Charmypoo
1.5ct G VS1 – 8 Main Modern Cushion Cut Diamond

Old Mine Brilliant - Antique Cushion Cut diamond ring
Posted by Haven
2.30ct O-P SI1 Old Mine Brilliant – Antique Cushion Cut Diamond

August Vintage Cushion Cut Diamond Leon Mege Ring
Posted by Love Street
3.04ct M SI2 “August Vintage” Antique-Style Cushion Cut Diamond in a Leon Mege Ring

Antique Style Cushion Cut Diamond Ring
Posted by Thouarella
5.01ct J VS2 Antique-Style Cushion Cut Diamond

Tiffany Novo Cushion Cut Diamond Ring
Posted by trojanwr21
1.49ct I VS1 Tiffany Novo® Cushion Cut Diamond

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