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  1. D

    #JOTW Whiteflash... the solution to my frustration!

    First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone for their feedback, suggestions, and help in my first thread. Here is my first post, I was going to just continue on that thread, but this really deserves it's own thread. If you'd like to catch up on the back story here you go. While this entire...
  2. Ally66

    #JOTW Whiteflash bracelets

    A couple of years ago I bought the Whiteflash shared prong bangle in the 1.5 ctw size and, of course, I love it. And ever since, I've been considering stacking options, and I've been stuck on the Whiteflash scattered diamond bangle. I've looked everywhere at options -- other scattered diamond...
  3. silkandsapphires

    #JOTW My New Three Stone!

    I am new to this forum so I'm not certain if this is how I'm supposed to share this, but someone told me on another thread I should share my engagement ring! My fiance had this made based on an Edwardian era three stone he had seen and loved. I love the eight prongs and old world proportions!
  4. prs

    #JOTW A 5ct OEC Finds a New Home and Some TLC

    After many long months DW’s quest for her 40th wedding anniversary upgrade is finally over. It was the beautiful and talented Amy Phillips at David Klass who found it for us! Amy knew we were looking for an OEC as David had been helping us with our search. She was meeting with one of her Jeweler...
  5. Polyhex

    #JOTW My Sunshine Dreams of Spring pendant - colored stones and diamonds

    A little over a year ago, my husband gave me this 25.65 ct citrine from Bahia, Brazil, cut by Troy Richardson of Excess Design. He cut in in the “Supernova” oval by Robert Long, which I love because of the broad, geometric faceting similar to old cut stones. It even has a culet! Troy's photo...
  6. ellekay

    #JOTW Whiteflash Flower Cluster Earrings

    My husband surprised me with diamond earrings for Christmas, and I picked out these beauties from Whiteflash. I went with the .75 ctw, and I honestly think I would have been happy with the .5s; the spread on these is even bigger than I was expecting (though I think my earlobes are relatively...
  7. NicoleNeedsHelp

    #JOTW My Victor Canera Ring Is Here!

    Here it is...... my Victor Canera ring. It is a 2.23 G, VS1 center stone. Get ready for picture overload!
  8. RunningwithScissors

    #JOTW Fabergé Egg Pendant

    A few weeks ago I purchased a pre-loved Fabergé Egg Pendant. It is 18K rose gold, diamonds and enamel. It was part impulse buy, part practical purchase (I don't have a pendant necklace and really need one for Zoom meetings!) and part a marker of a big event in my life. I was recently appointed...
  9. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Jewels Of The Week: December 2020

    PriceScopeKayti published a new blog post. Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  10. diamondhoarder

    #JOTW Finally, my PrinceCut (scissor cut) in its platinum art deco style french cut ruby and diamond halo ring

    I have always been drawn to diamonds with more unusual facet pattern arrangements, and I especially love the "scissor cut" look that some of the branded diamonds that emerged in the last 20 years show. So I have been on the lookout for my perfect scissor cut syle diamond for a good few years...
  11. HS4S_2

    #JOTW A Little Bit of Sunshine

    My husband knew that I needed a little bit of Sunshine after our IVF journey thus far and a recent loss. This ring represents so much more than I can even express and it definitely brought me a smile during a difficult time. It also represents our hope moving forward <3. My kids all weighed in...
  12. S

    #JOTW Whiteflash Vatche 5 stone trellis ring

    It seems like there have been a lot of 5 stone rings lately and I just wanted to add mine. I don't think I've posted since 2005 but I lurk daily :) 15 years ago for my 10th anniversary, I purchased a Vatche 3 stone ring with three GIA diamonds. (I went with a pricescope vendor at the time that...
  13. G

    #JOTW My new James Allen "True Hearts" solitaire

    Hello, I had posted on RockyTalky before deciding on this beautiful ring & wanted to share some pics. I was so nervous but the diamond is stunning! It is a 1.028 carat ID/ID/G, VVS1. They included a scope and I can see the beautiful hearts and arrows. It sparkles like crazy! I am happy with...
  14. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW November’s Jewels Of The Weeks

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  15. Volvoqueen

    #JOTW Tourmaline Three Stone - David Klass

    This is a Christmas gift for my Mother-in-Law who loves jewelry, but doesn't really have much of her own. The Details Size 6.75 18K Gold 1.75 ct Chrome Green Tourmaline from Precision Gem (purchased in 2018) Side stones are K OEC, 0.30 ct each (tcw 0.60) Made by David Klass I'll post some...
  16. LLJsmom

    #JOTW 2.11 D VS2 HPD CBI

    There is a story, so skip to the second post if you’re bored already and just want to see pics. =)2 As I mentioned in other threads I have been working on a super ideal cut and it’s finally here. I haven’t worn an MRB in almost 4 years and I wanted to get it right this time. I figured out I...
  17. elle_71125

    #JOTW World’s longest project - My AVC diamond ring with an emerald halo by David Klass. Introducing, Clover.

    This really has been the longest project I’ve ever worked on. I guess I’ll start with the very beginning. Just over a year ago, I purchased a gorgeous 1.59ct, O colored, ACV from August Vintage Inc (now Distinctive Gems). Unsurprisingly, @Rhino was a peach to work with and was happy to send me...
  18. T

    #JOTW Victor Canera Heirloom Reset

    Hello lovely PSers! We finally got engaged in August and I wanted to share the final VC piece with all of you! We used the heirloom from my fiancé’s family which has been estimated by appraisers to be anywhere from 3.35 to 3.7 carats, 9.7-9.9 mm across. We didn’t have VC weigh it out of the...
  19. M

    #JOTW New 5 Stone Ring

    So our anniversary was last month and I told DH I wanted 5 Stone Band to wear as RHR. He gave the ok so the search began. I decided on .45 I VVS1 stones for tcw of 2.25 in platinum setting. Few weeks ago DH was in horrible hit and run accident that luckily he survived without major life...
  20. M

    #JOTW Whiteflash ACA Experience

    Hey everybody, Just wanted to make a quick thread highlighting the great experience I had with Whiteflash, and show off the bling a little. In the beginning I was just browsing their site, adding things to my wishlist. Shorty after I received an email from Michelle. Saying she noticed I was...
  21. Elysian

    #JOTW 5ctw ACA diamond tennis bracelet by Whiteflash

    Super sparkly diamonds! This bracelet’s a gateway jewel for more ACA pieces- I’m hooked and cooking up ideas... And hello ornamented prongs -two words: Sweater weather
  22. Gemstonesrock

    #JOTW Belated Birthday Bangle with diamonds in platinum by IDJ

    Here is my latest sparkly baby! After a long two+ month wait, I just received my birthday gift from my dear fiance: a custom 2.16 ctw diamond bangle in solid platinum. It is not hollowed out on the inside part that touches your wrist (I believe hollowed out is more standard so if you want solid...
  23. lunamortem

    #JOTW My very first diamond studs! WF ACAs

    I was on here months ago not sure about pulling the trigger on some nameless Etsy earrings for $500 that claimed to be SI2s. Thanks to Pricescope and tons of research I canceled my order and decided to just pull the trigger on ACAs. I have never purchased from Whiteflash before this occasion...
  24. Linnie

    #JOTW My Third Child is Born

    I picked out my original engagement ring with my now husband from a B&M store. We didn’t do much homework on diamonds as I wasn’t very into Jewelry at the time. It was a 0.72ct round solitaire in a four prong setting paired with a delicate diamond eternity band. I loved it. It was simple yet...
  25. lurkie91

    #JOTW Whiteflash A Cut Above 1.558ct K VS2 Engagement Ring

    Just picked this up from FedEx today and was soooo excited to bring it home and see how Whiteflash did. Honestly I was a bit nervous this last week and second guessed my choice to go down to a K color, thinking that I might be disappointed with the ring when it arrived. As I waited for the ring...
  26. Gussie

    #JOTW New girl in a vintage dress - 3.243 I VS2 ACA

    I just upgraded my stone, 3.443 J SI1 ACA, to a 3.243 I VS2 ACA. It is gorgeous and I am so pleased with this decision! Although it is a tad smaller at 9.5mm, the bump in color and clarity more than make up for a barely noticeable size difference. Both color and clarity improvements are...
  27. Elysian

    #JOTW 3ct Emerald Cut diamond ring, a toi et moi ring and friends

    Hi! At the suggestion of ladies over at the e-ring/eye candy folder, here are a few of my 3ct EC and the toi et moi rings. A few others may make an appearance. I’ll try to take more pics this week - a few starters for now:) But first, EC diamond: GIA report says 3.01ct Kvs2 9.83 x 7.21 x 4.74...
  28. S

    #JOTW FIRE CRACKER ALERT!!! My 10-year anniversary ring! Whiteflash ACA custom made halo 2.91ct

    Hello PSers! Happy Friday!!!! Finally my 10-year anniversary ring is here! :mrgreen2: I started the search about 2 months ago and stumbled upon this wonderful community! After extensive research and running numerous comps, Whiteflash won my heart due to their inventory and competitive pricing...
  29. M

    #JOTW Custom Bangle Bracelet from IDJ has arrived.

    I wanted a little bling to stack with my love bracelets. Didn’t want to get a bracelet that might scratch my loves so I decided on 3.60ctw oval custom bangle from IDJ. It has 18 .20 pointer I SI1 Excellent cut stones. I’m thinking I should have went with .25 point stones
  30. H

    #JOTW 1.7 for 17th Anniversary!

    I’m so excited to finally be posting a SMTB reveal for my upgrade! I worked with my local jeweler to upgrade my 1 carat Ex, Ex, Ex to this: 1.7 GIA Ex, Ex, Ex I color SI1 HCA 1.6 Set in classic platinum There are not words enough to describe what a delightful fireball she is. DH presented...