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  1. distracts

    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    Paraiba tourmaline from Cecile Raley Designs 2.25 cts 9.8 x 7.4 mm Rose-cut halo ring in platinum by David Klass .79 cts of diamonds Stone purchase thread: Setting thread...
  2. suzanne2

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    You know how it takes a while, years even, to let the pain of losing someone come to a level where you can remember with affection and joy without breaking into tears? Well, my mom died a few years ago and I'm at the point where the loss is not a sharp pain anymore, it's more like a faint...
  3. Paisley2628

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    I just received this ring in the mail this morning and wanted to share with someone. None of my friends or family has any interest in jewelry (especially vintage jewelry). I hope you will enjoy the pictures!
  4. diamondhoarder

    #JOTW Finally - my ultimate "ticks all the boxes" sapphire & diamond 3 stone ring

    I had been looking out for my perfect blue sapphire to make a three stone right hand ring for years. There were so many criteria on my wish list for this sapphire, which is probably why it has taken so long to find "the one". :lol: It had to be the perfect shade of blue with just a hint of...
  5. P

    #JOTW Birthday Present Finished! - Black Opal

    So back in March I was presented with a lovely 2.14ct black opal that my husband had purchased. Total surprise when I opened on my birthday, he then gave me a budget to get it set in to a ring. I'm in the UK and we don't have as many choices to get custom and a few people I'd spoken to didn't...
  6. S

    #JOTW @Rhino does it Again - Elyque Oval - The only Oval!

    Hi all, I have been a PS-r for a couple of months. I want to say thank you for this site. Without it I would have never met @Rhino with August Vintage (AV). I was in the market for a New Diamond and was finding it hard to choose between a Round and Oval, but then I Stumbled upon the “Elyque”...
  7. Catmom

    #JOTW Tsavorites, Rubies, Pearls and Black Diamonds

    So it seems another bug has made its way to the Catmom household. I know, I know, I'm the sparkly entomologist.....thanks Missy, lol. I've been eying this vintage butterfly brooch for the longest time but just haven't pulled the trigger. Today is my 39th wedding anniversary and hubby was like...
  8. Eli22

    #JOTW My Emerald Cut Eternity Band from IDJ 3.0

    After some back and forth, I finally got my ring back from IDJ mid-July [late, late post]! On this post, I was told that my ring would be remade with a slightly different open basket setting (since the original ring was misshapen/uneven). Fast forward a few weeks after I sent the ring back...
  9. elle_71125

    #JOTW A cotton candy pink Mahenge spinel ring from David Klass

    I don’t know how many of you already know this about me but I kinda have a things for pink spinels. I just love them. :kiss2: I started with a Mahenge spinel from CvB, which I am crazy about, but it tends to be more cherry colored (hence her name, Cherry Bomb). I still wanted a straight pink...
  10. PreRaphaelite

    #JOTW Buttercup! Impulse buy OEC, better than expected!

    Oops I did it again. Sorry, not sorry! Meet “Buttercup” 14k ‘bloomed’ gold, circa 1910, with a 5.3mm old cut. Probably an H/I color as this is whiter than Edwina’s official L. And probably an SI for inclusions visible under 60x, but the kozibe prevents anything seen at 10x so who cares, right...
  11. B

    #JOTW Oh happy day! My new 4.61 bangle is hereeeeee

    Hello fellow Press! One of my custom made bangles has finally landed! Hooray!! I have been saving for these babies since January of 2019! Working overtime, teaching a summer course, making sure I have X amount of dollars in our savings before I jump down the rabbit hole and I did it! I am so...
  12. Bron357

    #JOTW Almond Blossom Opal Ring - Work of Art

    Here she is. I have called her Aurora. She is a one off creation from Greek designer Theodoros Savopoulos circa 2014. Thank you to PSer member ForteKitty for allowing her to come to Australia and live with me. Stats - centre Opal is Approx 33 carats. The pink sapphires total .80 carats and the...
  13. HNGN

    #JOTW Check out my Lemony Oval 2-tone 3-stone ring

    Wow that's a long title... with just about almost every combination. :lol-2: Background story: Chose my own diamond (with a deadline given from my bf). Back to the jeweler whom I have been working with for almost a decade. Was Supposed: Wanted to find a RB above J color and upon calling in...
  14. Weeivy73

    #JOTW Meet Marilyn

    Hi all, I'm over the moon to introduce my new vertical 3 stone ruby and diamond forever ring. Special and then a few photos! 1.50ct oval ruby #1 mrb 0.96ct VS1 N #2 mrb 0.95ct VVS2 M Platinum and 18ct yellow gold. The original inspiration was a long sold ring on sin city finds, Edwardian...
  15. miimac7

    #JOTW Introducing Faith - The 5.208 ACA

    SHE IS HERE!!!!! I received my new diamond today... May I formally introduce, Faith. Faith is a 5.208 round brilliant ACA, H color and VS1 clarity. She is set in the whiteflash broadway 4-prong platinum setting. This ring is a dream come true and I feel so blessed to have her. I want to give a...
  16. LLJsmom

    #JOTW SF GTG June 22, 2019

    Copying @JPie’s post to SMTB. Huge thank you to her for making this all happen. She organized and form us together and reached out to stores. It was so fun!! Thanks to @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] and @mvmgems for coming out today! Here’s our Infinity Gauntlet, with special...
  17. Julyisjuly

    #JOTW My 2ct ACA Ring, love it everyday

    Hello! Had this ring set a while ago, wear it everyday. Finally have time to come back and post this lovely ring. Thanks for everyone who helped me on selecting the diamond! This beautiful diamond is from Whiteflash, while the setting was made by a “no-name” in my home country when I traveled...
  18. DorotheaBrooke

    #JOTW Pave Flower Pendant by Maytal Hannah (E-Ring Reset)

    I'm so pleased to share the custom pendant that Maytal Hannah created for me to commemorate my 15 year wedding anniversary. Long story and lots more photos below... I marked the occasion by resetting my original e-ring diamond, a .38 ct uncerted mall stone that I hadn't worn in many years...
  19. summerlove6

    #JOTW My Handsome New Studs - 1.7 ctw AVRs

    Hi Pricescopers! A wonderfully matched pair of 0.85 N color AVRs on Jonathan's August Vintage Inc. website happened to catch my eye recently. I thought it would be such a shame if they weren't put to their best potential use - milgrain bezel studs! However, I was hesitant about the color; I had...
  20. FlashyFlamingo

    #JOTW Blue - Green Aquamarine Dream

    I thought I’d share my newest little lovely since I wouldn’t have found it without PS! A few months ago @Rfisher and @Hounddog posted a 10ct unheated aquamarine from Ivy and Rose. I had to have it! I have several aquamarines but none quite this shade and it’s the perfect size to wear on the...
  21. Tonks

    #JOTW Worth the wait: my new Rolex Submariner!

    I am so excited to introduce you to my new Rolex Submariner! She is a 116610LN, fresh from our local AD yesterday. (And yes, she still needs a name!) This watch is so special to me because it celebrates a couple of very special achievements that were a long time in the making: my recovery from...
  22. Emeraldcutlover

    #JOTW My New 4ct EC Halo -thx to my fellow PSr’s

    As some of you know, I had been looking for a new EC diamond for quite some time (a couple of years). I was trying to balance my budget w cut (first and foremost and then w clarity, size & color). Not always an easy task. I am finally at peace w my purchase (thank heavens) and I can say that...
  23. mermaid

    #JOTW OEC Tiffany Late ? Deco Line bracelet

    So I've been asked to post my bracelet, and I'm sorry it took me a little while! Please indulge my slowness. I'm always thrilled to show my goodies. Anyway, meet my OEC Tiffany Deco 10 ct. Platinum line bracelet. I think the bracelet is late Art Deco because the diamonds look like they're...
  24. princessk

    #JOTW Reset done! Finally have my dream ring

    Took me a year to finally give in and have my reset done. I knew I just wouldn’t be happy till I did it. I love it!
  25. mermaid

    #JOTW Sunny side up or my Fancy Intense Yellow Modified Radiant

    Hi everyone! I've been shy. But I'm going to show this because only PS'ers will understand. :) So anyway, I had this ring made and received it two months ago. I'm still can't believe it's mine. 8o) GIA specs are: 5.01 carat center Fancy Intense Yellow VVS1 Even color Round cornered rectangular...
  26. R

    #JOTW So I Chose a Pear!

    I had the dilemma of choosing between an Emerald cut and a Pear. The Pear won. Happy with my choice as I prefer EC's over 6cts and not wanting to go down to a lower colour than an "H" at this point in time. The setting converts to a pendant. 4ct HSi2.
  27. miimac7

    #JOTW 7ct ACA Eternity Band from Whiteflash

    My eternity band from Whiteflash has finally arrived. I’ve been waiting about 5 weeks for this beauty. But you know what they say- good things come to those who wait... So without further ado, may I introduce.... 7 ct eternity band: 14 x 0.5ct, ACA, H color, VS, plat Annette u prong setting...
  28. marcy

    Custom ACA Pendant

    I had a 1/4 carat version of this from a national jewelry store and recently lost it. At first I thought I'd have Whiteflash make me another one with their 1/4 carat ACA melee. Then Brittany at Whiteflash suggested this setting and a larger diamond. She didn't have to twist my arm especially...
  29. caolsen

    #JOTW Anyone else like a good vacation piece?

    I can’t be the only person here who likes to memorialize vacations (big ones, not a rando weekend away) with a special piece. We went to Greece for a family wedding that conincided with my 40th. I went to the famous Byzantino Jeweler in Plaka Athens for a ring. They are known for hand made...
  30. D

    #JOTW Unheated 9.5 carat sapphire ring

    I am on a roll today with SMTB. I have also posted this ring last year in the vintage forum. This is an unheated 9.5 carat Burmese sapphire. It was my grandmother’s, but I am not sure if it was given to her or inherited. The style is Art Deco so I think probably given to her or purchased by...