1. Sue16

    #JOTW 2.55 G VS1 ACA in Vatche U-113

    My upgrade arrived and all I can say is WOW! I can’t stop staring at it. I went from a 1.57 G SI2 to this beauty. 2.55 G VS1 ACA Platinum Vatche U-113 Ring size 4.5 Ignore my sausage fingers...
  2. Autumn in New England

    #JOTW Lavender Spinel Ring from Enhoerning Jewelry

    Hi all, Some of you may have been following my thread over in CS, but I thought I'd start a new one here to share the finished ring! Just look how cleverly Inken crafted the woven basket and plate under the culet to disguise the small window. Is she something else or what? Best eye in the...
  3. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You Miss the June 2024 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  4. pancake

    #JOTW Understated mega-luxe! Fancy deep brown yellow marquise ring by David Klass

    DK just sent me photos of my completed ring! Centre stone is a 1.54 uncertified deep brown yellow marquise from T Star in HK. I vacillated quite a lot about how to set it in my Rocky Talky thread here but ultimately went with my minimalist gut, and opted for a very sleek deep gold setting to...
  5. cushioncutnut

    #JOTW My daughter just got engaged!

    I hope this is the right section to post this! About 2 years ago, I asked my daughter if she wanted this ring as an engagement ring from me as an early inheritance. She absolutely did- so we had it sized and tweeked the design a little. I kept it in my safe until her (now fiance) came over...
  6. CBianco

    #JOTW 2.03ct Burma Pink Spinel and Diamond Platinum Ring

    Just sharing my latest addition, a 2.03ct Mansin hot pink spinel and diamond ring in platinum=)2 The color is pretty much pure pink with maybe just a tinge of purple, but some of the photos make it more purplish than reality. The ring size is 4.5 for my right hand, however it's easier to take...
  7. A

    #JOTW 6.44ct J color i1 very good cut

    Hi ! Finally, I got my fireball beauty:love: ‼️ J color which is amazing and white I can’t see any inclusions (unless I’m sooo close up but I am never that close ) or clouds So much fire Very happy with my choice!! In love :kiss2: I am also showing it to compare next to a lab diamond 3.33ct...
  8. MakingTheGrade

    #JOTW 1.27ct Lucere branded cut!

    Just got back from Asia and jet lagged but too excited not to share. There wasn’t a lot of photos of this cut on the internet so wanted to share some for anyone else that was looking at these. 1.27 branded Lucere cut diamond, I color, SI but eye clean. The cut is very cool, mix of brilliant...
  9. maryjane04

    #JOTW Third time’s a charm – meet Kallista my HG 5.68ct M SI1 OMC platinum ring by DK

    ** warning long post.. please scroll to photos if you're not interested in reading Two years ago I got my upgrade ring from hubby just in time to celebrate the birth of our son and 10 year anniversary. It was a 3.6ct M SI2 old mine cut – DSS set in quickly and before I even got to enjoy the...
  10. lulu_ma

    #JOTW A Dynamic Duo-Deco Emerald + Old Cut Diamond Rings

    For the last several months I have been heavily involved in forcing helping my DS to apply to colleges. Per usual, shopping for old cuts has been my stress relief :geek2: One Friday night I was trolling an online auction site and came across a ring that I was immediately smitten with. The...
  11. MissDozesOff

    #JOTW Long Hauler of 12 years engagement ring post (Show me yours!)

    Hi All! Been lurking around this forum since I got engaged last month. I think only this place would understand how excited I was when now Fiancé said let’s go look at engagement rings after almost 12 years together! We weren’t really in a hurry anyway. He’s not the surprise kind of guy so I...
  12. Catmom

    #JOTW Original Art Deco OMC and Onyx Bracelet

    It's here and it's amazing! I've been on a bit of a black and white kick the last few years as well as anything with old cuts. Hubby knew I was looking for a vintage old cut diamond and onyx bracelet and he wanted to find one for my birthday next month. I was having a hard time locating one that...
  13. Eli22

    #JOTW Unheated “Mermaid” Tanzanite in Platinum

    My latest project - an unheated “mermaid” tanzanite precision cut by Alex Weber in a brushed platinum ring by David Klass. I’ve had this tanzanite for a while, I asked Alex (@premiergemstones) to cut it for me after seeing one of his posts on Instagram. Here was his post about my gem: I...
  14. EllieTO

    #JOTW I made my Tiffany dream come true

    I haven't been active on this forum in years, but I can't resist sharing and I hope you will all enjoy this. Let me start by saying that I didn't go to the mall planning to buy jewelery, but I left with a ring that was my dream beyond my wildest dreams. I've admired the Tiffany Schlumberger...
  15. JPie

    #JOTW Meet Neva, my anniversary upgrade

    This is Neva, and she’s a Belle Epoque toi et moi. My husband and I are celebrating 20 years together this year, and the time was right for some new sparkles! The white diamond is named Rachel, and she’s a super spready 2.76 M SI1 OEC, faint brown modifier and strong blue fluorescence. The...
  16. madelise

    #JOTW Tuesday’s 7.06ct Old Mine Cut in OG-inspired setting

    There’s a long saga of a 7.34ct ring stolen by FedEx employees and months and months of heartache backstory, all which I am way too tired to write out and organize into clear thought but, Dolly of Bijoux Box is a bit of a miracle worker and found me my replacement. Tuesday was originally set...
  17. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You Miss the March 2024 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  18. Mreader

    #JOTW Did I need another antique platinum filigree ring? Nope but I bought one anyway

    I've been a bad PSer as I've been meaning to post this for some time but got weighed down by other things. So this post will be short on words and heavy on photos/vids. As usual my photos are crap and the vids are better but even then, don't capture how lovely this ring is imho. It was one of...
  19. madelise

    #JOTW Vintage T&Co 21ct unheated star sapphire in OEC halo ring

    Celebrating reaching one year of being a mother with this amazing ring! So happy to share it with you. It’s really difficult to photograph star sapphire; only video truly can do it justice.
  20. IHeartIce

    #JOTW Engagement ring with 2c WF ACA finally here!

    Hi everyone! Just picked up my ering with the 2.07 WF ACA F VS1 center stone! Over/under bypass designed to mimic my pearl ring given to me by my Fiance’ 45 years ago when we were engaged in high school. We are both overjoyed to be together again, and this ring is the perfect symbol to celebrate...
  21. cushioncutnut

    #JOTW Vintage old cut diamond earrings!

    I had been wanting long diamond earrings for awhile. 14kwg 1ctw. About 1 3/4" long. Beautiful, old cut sparkle.
  22. bcmacdonald

    Blog Did You Miss the February 2024 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  23. Autumn in New England

    #JOTW "Autumn" ring is a season late, but finally finished.

    Hello all! It's been a while, friends. I hope everyone is well! :wavey: DK just completed this ring, so I wanted to quickly share. Some of you might remember seeing my composite and CAD several months back. At center is a 12x9mm untreated orangey-brown zircon. The inner halo and band have...
  24. Tigerlilyrosepetal

    #JOTW Exceeded wildest dreams-antique Emerald cut

    I took a risk and bought an antique Emerald cut diamond, 2.57 ct. JVS2. I had DK set it with traps in platinum. I also had him make a re-creation of my exact wedding band from years ago that I don’t have any more. I spent countless hours (years?) thinking of what I’d like to have to match this...
  25. Niel

    #JOTW 4.00 tcw Edwardian moi et toi

    I was beyond thrilled when I found a twin for my engagement ring stone. The search to find a matching stone took near half a decade and I was thrilled to set them into studs. However, after about a year of wearing them they didn’t feel right for me. There were a few reasons for this; first, I...
  26. lulu_ma

    #JOTW I Found My White Whale-an 8.7 ct OEC Graduated Convertible Bracelet

    Two and a half years ago, I attended my very first antique jewelry show, NY JAWS. I had just gotten my first old cut diamond (piggy bank was empty) and was just comparison shopping. It was not my intention to buy. Of course, I found a gorgeous 5 ct graduated bezel set OEC bracelet. I really...
  27. Demelza

    #JOTW My New Obsession -- Table-cut Diamonds!

    It's been a long time since I've posted in this section, but I have recently discovered the incredible beauty of antique table-cut diamonds and I'm totally obsessed!!! It's not easy finding good table-cuts which makes them even more alluring. As they were cut in the 1600-1700's, not many have...
  28. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Presenting...The Jewels of the Weeks January 2024!

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  29. oldcutclubmember

    #JOTW Amelia 4.27ct OEC - The most serendipitous 10 year upgrade

    Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of months. My original ER was a 2 ct vintage asscher set in a custom Single Stone setting. I have always been drawn to vintage/antique stones and style, and over the years, I have accumulated a few more antique stones including 2 OMCs...
  30. Eli22

    #JOTW Black Opal & Diamonds in Ballerina Setting

    This was my husband’s belated Christmas gift to me. I told him I didn’t “want anything in particular” for the holiday and he interpreted it as “I don’t want anything.” Needless to say, once he realized his mistake, he asked me to find a piece of jewelry as my present :D I have long admired the...