1. cocobianco

    #JOTW 1.18ct Namya Jedi Spinel Cocktail Ring

    I thought this cocktail princess ring deserves its own thread, so here we go! After waiting patiently for 3 months and admiring it for the last 2 days, I'm ready to spam everyone with some pictures;)2 1.18ct Namya Jedi Spinel in a grand diamond setting. The spinel is a true neon reddish pink...
  2. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    #JOTW My Emmy

    Finally have a free moment to post a thread on my new emmy ring. Feel free to skip to Post #2 if you wanna get to the good part, aka the pics. Anyways, here we gooooo! It all started over a year ago (holy figs has it really been that long??). I just bought a preloved setting from my new friend...
  3. sweetpea&babycorn

    #JOTW Finally sharing my HG upgrade - 5.74 ct OMB in two-tone DK bezel

    Hi everyone! I finally have the chance and energy to share my HG upgrade that many of you helped with back in the winter. I'll share back story for this upgrade and if you're looking for the good stuff, scroll down :) I felt like I rushed through this upgrade a little bit (I am instant...
  4. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW April 2022 Jewels of the Week

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  5. Paisley2628

    #JOTW Whiteflash ACA graduated 5 stone trellis ring

    I purchased a 1.25tcw WF trellis ring last year and love it. The side view of the trellis shows off the diamonds beautifully. Loving the smaller WF diamonds, I knew I wanted some larger stones. I picked five ACA VS2 G color diamonds and chose the trellis setting once again. The total diamond...
  6. RetroQT

    #JOTW May I introduce Sophia (2.03ct M-VS1 OEC)

    This is my first truly warm stone and I was so nervous, but oh “M” gee, y’all, she’s a stunner!!! I didn’t get to open her until tonight so if anyone is interested, I’ll try to get daylight shots this weekend. (Please excuse my dry hands. I was playing in the mud today. LOL!)
  7. caolsen

    #JOTW An Alex Asscher Park special is arriving today…

    Haven’t posted much about this as I did not need another ring (failure in the restraint front on my part - big time) but a few weeks ago I purchased a light yellow brown 3 carat Asscher from Alex Parks and the ring arrives today. I asked him to set it in a high polish Alex Park style 4 prong. I...
  8. CaseyLouLou

    #JOTW New OEC/transitional in custom floral halo yellow gold setting

    I purchased this stone in a dated pinky ring setting from an eBay auction a couple of years ago and finally it has a new floral setting. The setting was inspired by one that I had seen somewhere and saved in my photos but modified with an under-bezel and marquise diamonds on top and bottom as...
  9. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW March 2022 Jewels of the Weeks

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  10. A

    #JOTW Custom 1.32ct G SI1 ACA setting (thank you Liza from WF!)

    Hello all haven’t posted since I pulled the trigger on a WF custom ACA - almost 1 year later i finally proposed and she said yes!! It’s a knife-edge platinum setting with hidden pave only visible from the side. Was going for a classic ring look from the top view but with intricate details for...
  11. ZestfullyBling

    #JOTW Maytal Hannah reset my pears into pendant!!

    Okay! So call me crazy...I know. The other day DH told me he noticed how indecisive I've gotten in my older age. Probably would have saved me a few bucks in the long run if I wasn't so impulsive too. Im so flawed and imperfect. Lol Since I changed flower ring to a pendant then to art deco...
  12. Muluver

    #JOTW Engagement ring stone reset as my everyday necklace

    I got engaged in 2013 with a beautiful custom ring by Single Stone with a 2 carat GIA M octagonal shaped vintage asscher. I had told my now husband that I wanted a vintage asscher and I loved the shape of this stone that he picked out. Over the years, I continued to wear my engagement ring on...
  13. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Jewels Of The Week: February 2022

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  14. RunningwithScissors

    #JOTW My 2021 Sparkly Year In Review

    This post is looong overdue! 2021 was a rollercoaster year for me and my family. There were low times (my father had a massive stroke, and part of my house collapsed in the Texas freeze). But there were also miracles. My father, against the odds, regained so much of his health and mobility...
  15. lulu_ma

    #JOTW 4.7 ct Emerald Cut Reset for my Mom's Milestone Birthday

    As some of you know, my mom is celebrating a big birthday this month and I wanted to do her something meaningful for her. The last 6 years have been challenging for my family as my dad was diagnosed with spinal cancer shortly after my parents retired. My dad had to learn how to walk again and...
  16. HS4S_2

    #JOTW 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum Halo by SinCity Finds

    Beautiful Halo Ring by SinCity Finds. It is pure sunshine and sparkles. It is a reproduction of an edwardian cluster. 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum. 2.33 ctw. 1.18 carat VS light yellow center surrounded by near colorless VS old euro cuts in the halo. I will post more pictures tomorrow when the...
  17. BrownGinger

    #JOTW 3 stone OEC reset with 1.5 OSI1 AVR

    So I had a 3 stone OEC found off eBay that was beautiful (domed with lots of filigree) but too ornate for my lifestyle and I only ended up wearing it for special events. It was too beautiful to scrap but I wanted to repurpose the stones for a more everyday 3 stone that I’d get more use out of...
  18. bimo

    #JOTW New Ring Is Here! 2.305ct I color SI1 WF ACA

    Hello everyone, I want to start off by saying thank you to the members of this forum! I've learned so much from reading the threads and the HCA Tool. Also massive thanks to the WF team for their amazing customer service!! :mrgreen2: To provide some background information: my dear fiance...
  19. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Jewels Of The Week: January 2022

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  20. Dee*Jay

    #JOTW Pinkie is done!

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and good ideas on what to do with my tiny pink diamond! After thinking it over I ended up going with an east-west orientation and pave halo. I have to confess I was worried about how a ring with a small stone would turn out since my other stones are so big...
  21. hers4eva

    #JOTW Yippee!! My scrumptious yellow diamond!

    Hi Bling :kiss2: Lovers! I love checking out this eye candy thread! You all have such stunning rings! Here is my ring story: One Christmas Eve, a long time ago, my Hubby proposed to me with a beautiful marquee diamond ring. Recently, my hubby and I decided it’s finally time to check out...
  22. C

    #JOTW It has arrived! 1.12 F SI1 ACA & Vatche U113 Platinum... pics and video

    Received the ring just over a week ago. I’m not sure what I was expecting. What I received was nothing less than perfection! The diamond is absolutely beautiful and the setting is stunning! The icy white diamond has a perfect balance of brightness and contrast with large flashes of fire and...
  23. Natylad

    #JOTW DH's gift on New Year's Eve! Diamond eternity band!

    I'm super excited to share with my PS friends photos of the gift that DH gave me on New Year's Eve! It's a 1.07 ct diamond eternity band in 18kt white gold. The diamonds are G-H color and VVS1-VVS2 clarity and they are set in a half bezel kind of setting (poor description, I know!), which keeps...
  24. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Jewels of the Week: December 2021

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  25. CircularBrilliant

    #JOTW 4.01 K OEC Art Deco Ring

    I have been shy about sharing my e-ring because I took such a non-PS approach to my hunt, but I got some encouragement from @Kim N on another thread, and figured why not :-) As I mentioned in the other thread, I have learned so much from PS, and generally love digging into the details with my...
  26. lulu_ma

    #JOTW A Bit of Holiday Cheer-My Emerald and OEC Dinner Ring

    I have spent the last few months seeking out old cut diamonds wherever I could find them-from New England antique stores to the NY Jewelry and Watch Show. As luck would have it, I found out about a local auction the same week that I got some bad news about my father and my brother in law. This...
  27. Rubies-R-Me

    #JOTW Introducing my new Marquis-licious 4.31 carat ring!

    Hello everyone! I have been looking for a new ring for about a year now. First I was looking at warm old cut stones to set in a yellow gold Dahlia. I saw many that I liked but nothing that was the perfect combination of shape, price and size. Then a month or two ago @RedHairDontCare's thread...
  28. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Jewels of the Week: November 2021

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  29. Natylad

    #JOTW Early birthday gift from mom! Diamonds, emeralds and lots of love!

    My birthday is coming up in less than a month and this year it's more meaningful than ever! During the past year I had to deal with many challenges and finally things are looking up for me! I'm super excited to celebrate life and feel grateful for being healthy again! The one person who is even...