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  1. aac2013

    #JOTW 5 carat emerald cut and updaded collection pics

    I never intended for this to be a big jewelry spend year but a few wheels went into motion prior to the pandemic and, well, I ended up with a few new things despite my intentions. I have always loved step cuts. My big goal was to get a 5 carater one day. To hold me over I started a 7 stone...
  2. PearCraze

    #JOTW I finally have it!

    I always had a love of diamonds, and I wanted to be an archeologist when I was little just to dig up jewels ;-). But when it finally came to getting engaged, we were both barely out of college and my DH didn't know anything about American culture and engagement rings and did the best he knew how...
  3. doberman

    #JOTW New 4.1ct JA True Hearts

    It was pointed out to me that I should have posted my ring here first lol. So I sold a bunch of things, a 2.4ct H VS2 pear ring, VCA bracelet, Cartier watch that was clunky and annoying (I am so not a big watch person. Give me a small Rolex). Probably going to sell my 2.1ct D color SI1 round...
  4. ac117

    #JOTW Antique 2.2ct ruby oec cluster ring - bucket list item checked off!

    A ruby has always been a bucket list item for me so I’ve always kept an eye out. There were times I was tossed up between a cluster or a 3 stone with oec sides but my heart really wanted a true antique piece and that’s probably why I never pulled the trigger on a few beautiful loose rubies over...
  5. mewing

    #JOTW 2 Carat Natural Green Diamond Ring

    I've been lurking around this forum for nearly 10 years. And each time I am about to purchase a gemstone or decide on a setting (e.g. will a bezel setting deepen the colour of my sapphire?), I would immediately log on here to check out what all of you had to say. Your knowledge and experiences...
  6. mrs-b

    #JOTW Boadicea the Valiant

    (ETA Just to clarify before I start - being an Australian, living in the US, my birthday is a 2 day event. Technically, it's on June 20th - tomorrow. But today in Australia, where I was born, it's already June 20th and my birthday. So if you want to be accurate, you'd probably have to say...
  7. diamondnewbieny

    #JOTW Upgrade with WF

    I am so happy that I was able to utilize the upgrade program with WF. They were helpful and made sure I am happy with the product. Here is my new diamond. K color 2.93ct ACA. I think it’s a magic cut weight. Right below 3ct so I don’t have to pay for 3ct price jump. Please don’t mind me...
  8. E

    #JOTW An outstandingly pleasant 3.09 o-p old mine cut

    The pun is silly, but this is a lovely stone. GIA graded old mine cut, o-p, 3.09 center, VS2, in an art deco platinum setting with carre cuts. I will try to see if the setting grows on me, but it will likely get a new dress. Probably the CvB Tempest. It is technically a three stone, but I don't...
  9. M

    #JOTW Van Cleef Lucky Alhambra Bracelet

    I have been bitten by the VCA bracelet bug.
  10. soxfan

    #JOTW Whiteflash butterflies with CBI and ACA's

    Here she is! My ring journey is over! I went from halo to solitaire to halo to solitaire to halo to three-stone! And I'm done. This ring perfectly fits my lifestyle. It was a LONG journey to get here and I'm happy it's over! Center stone: 2.12 KSI1 Crafted by Infinity side stones: .31 K VS2...
  11. m-2-b

    #JOTW My Van Cleef & Arpels WG Perlee Clovers Bracelet!

    Hi everyone! :wavey: Just wanted to share my latest jewelry acquisition for this year in celebration of several special occasions all rolled up into one! I decided to pull the trigger on the VCA perlee clover bracelet in WG (after consulting with my trusted bling friends for advice first...
  12. GossamerAngel

    #JOTW My new (not-so) little ball of sunshine - 4ct lemony yellow cushion!

    This has been a big year for me. Well, for everyone. Very tumultuous. But we’ve gotten this far, we’ve survived, we will keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep moving forward. This ring is my reminder that sunshine always eventually comes after the storms; no matter how bad the...
  13. G

    #JOTW My new Bvlgari Infinito diamond band!

    Hi everyone! I just got my my new Bvlgari band :) I couldn’t find any real life photos of this particular design so wanted to share. It’s so gorgeous and the scalloped outline of the band is my favourite part. Very comfortable too. It’s platinum with a total 0.46ct diamond weight. Please...
  14. shesastunnah

    #JOTW Pls meet my 4.39ct ST light brown OEC/transitional solitaire!

    Hello PSers! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. We purchased this diamond for my ering right before the stay at home order and I’m very grateful to have the finished piece. See my original thread on this diamond here...
  15. minniezhang

    #JOTW My upgrade finally arrived! 2.5ct G VS2 ACA

    Greetings! I wish I'm posting this thread under better circumstances... Now I can only hope this will bring something happy and relaxing to the current isolation life. I posted a month or two ago asking which diamond I should pick for my upgrade. Here's the post. I guess my timing couldn't be...
  16. mrs-b

    #JOTW Something pretty during a dreary time - feel free to add yours!

    I came across this photo today, and it just reminded me why I love jewelry so much! Such concentrated beauty- I thought I'd share it during this quite depressing time. Do you have a favorite photo of your jewelry? Please share it here!
  17. astaeria

    #JOTW Wedding Jewellery!

    While I was preparing for my wedding that happened two weeks ago, I saw a thread by @fioratura who posted this amazing thread and was so inspired to have wedding jewellery that are going to be part of my fine jewellery...
  18. bright ice

    #JOTW My 7 ct O-P...ulent OMC in a Victor Canera setting

    I’m thrilled to share with PS my new 7.04 ct O-P antique diamond. Adam at OWD so graciously worked with me to trade my 4.07 J OEC because I purchased it before their trade-in policy changed. I know some may question my decision to go from a J to an O-P for my ER but the OEC had just enough...
  19. Chantek

    #JOTW 11 carat Whiteflash ACA custom bracelet

    This just came yesterday and I’m over the moon happy. I learned about Whiteflash 2 years ago on this forum. Thank you to Liza from Whiteflash for her help and patience over the last 2 years to help come up with the design. Also, thank you to the community here for posting photos and advice. I...
  20. JLS

    #JOTW Antique 2 ct rose cut diamond halo engagement ring

    Hey everyone! I figured I’d share some updated photos of my beautiful engagement ring. I never planned on getting a ring with a rose cut diamond, but after stumbling upon this breathtaking ring via Instagram, it was love at first sight! It’s an Edwardian Era circa 1905 2.05 carat K VVS2, set in...
  21. Beaute-brune

    #JOTW Finally - my 3ct VVS1 L pear from B2C!

    Hi all. I’m in love. It’s been a super long journey to my dream engagement ring. At first, we were going to go cheap with moissanite. Then we were curious about lab diamonds. We then ran into a jeweler who had a natural 3ct E SI1 pear that actually quite lovely, but he was pushing a certificate...

    #JOTW My FINAL(LY) upgrade! 3.51 N OEC from Parks in DK octagon!

    I fell in love with OECs a few years ago, and dreamt of having real one "someday". And as I admired them on others , over time, I found myself drawn to the warmer stones, the "cape" colors...m, n,and down the line. To me there's something so magical and romantic in their soft warm hues. The...
  23. TravelKat

    #JOTW Sharing the Bling

    And so, as requested by @ Alex T, I’m happy to share some pics of my bling. I did look at the tips for better photography, but I’ll need to invest in a camera to take advantage of that good advice. i guess I’ll start at the start, with details on the engagement ring. (I did post this in the...
  24. YadaYadaYada

    #JOTW Show your romantic pieces for 14 days of February!

    I thought it would be a fun idea to have a thread where we show off our romantic jewels for the first fourteen days of February. Whatever romantic means to you, could be hearts, could be pink or could be a jewel given in a romantic way or spirit! Let's see some romance! Jewels of course, we...
  25. mermaid76

    #JOTW 17 carat bling ring!!!

    My new (to me) 17 carat jumbo cocktail ring :D It is a whopper of a ring at 1.85 inch x 1.45 inch. But a perfect cocktail ring, and surprisingly, looks pretty fine even on my small hands. Diamonds are F-G, VS1-SI2, pear, marquise, and baguette. 18K white gold. An estate find.
  26. JohnnyAngel

    #JOTW My Tiffany solitaire

    I know Tiffany isn’t the most popular jeweler on this forum, but I dreamed of a Tiffany setting engagement as long as I can remember (thanks, Audrey Hepburn)! My dream finally came true and I love it so much! I had always assumed Tiffany was the best, until I came to this forum and had a rude...
  27. caolsen

    #JOTW Cape Color OMC Solitaire

    I need to back away from the buy button for a while but I had been pondering this stone and setting for a while and finally loss the will power battle. It’s a VS U-V Old Mine Cut 1.92 carat solitaire in one of Alex Parks’ simple, classic settings. Full bezel to protect the thin, frosted girdle...
  28. soxfan

    #JOTW My new 2.12 K SI1 CBI

    Hello PS land! I just wanted to show off my new CBI! First up: stats: K color SI1 (100% eyeclean) 2.12 ct As most you know, I am not color sensitive and J/K/L is probably my sweet spot. I don't like super white diamonds- they remind me of CZ's. So when I saw this stone, it had everything I was...
  29. Queenie60

    #JOTW Show me your new Christmas bling

    Hello Fellow PSers - what did you get for Christmas? Would love to see your new bling. I received a beautiful pendant made by @Rockdiamond . Will post photos in the next few days. Need to take a breather from all of my cooking and social.