1. bcmacdonald

    Blog Did You Miss the February 2024 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  2. Tigerlilyrosepetal

    #JOTW Exceeded wildest dreams-antique Emerald cut

    I took a risk and bought an antique Emerald cut diamond, 2.57 ct. JVS2. I had DK set it with traps in platinum. I also had him make a re-creation of my exact wedding band from years ago that I don’t have any more. I spent countless hours (years?) thinking of what I’d like to have to match this...
  3. Niel

    #JOTW 4.00 tcw Edwardian moi et toi

    I was beyond thrilled when I found a twin for my engagement ring stone. The search to find a matching stone took near half a decade and I was thrilled to set them into studs. However, after about a year of wearing them they didn’t feel right for me. There were a few reasons for this; first, I...
  4. lulu_ma

    #JOTW I Found My White Whale-an 8.7 ct OEC Graduated Convertible Bracelet

    Two and a half years ago, I attended my very first antique jewelry show, NY JAWS. I had just gotten my first old cut diamond (piggy bank was empty) and was just comparison shopping. It was not my intention to buy. Of course, I found a gorgeous 5 ct graduated bezel set OEC bracelet. I really...
  5. Demelza

    #JOTW My New Obsession -- Table-cut Diamonds!

    It's been a long time since I've posted in this section, but I have recently discovered the incredible beauty of antique table-cut diamonds and I'm totally obsessed!!! It's not easy finding good table-cuts which makes them even more alluring. As they were cut in the 1600-1700's, not many have...
  6. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Presenting...The Jewels of the Weeks January 2024!

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  7. oldcutclubmember

    #JOTW Amelia 4.27ct OEC - The most serendipitous 10 year upgrade

    Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of months. My original ER was a 2 ct vintage asscher set in a custom Single Stone setting. I have always been drawn to vintage/antique stones and style, and over the years, I have accumulated a few more antique stones including 2 OMCs...
  8. Eli22

    #JOTW Black Opal & Diamonds in Ballerina Setting

    This was my husband’s belated Christmas gift to me. I told him I didn’t “want anything in particular” for the holiday and he interpreted it as “I don’t want anything.” Needless to say, once he realized his mistake, he asked me to find a piece of jewelry as my present :D I have long admired the...
  9. D

    #JOTW My Perfect (for me!) Wedding Set

    Hello Everyone! What a ring journey I have been on! A few years ago, I had posted here about upgrading my diamond to either a 2 or 2.5 carat. I ended up choosing my diamond: a natural 2.5 GIA ex/ex/ex cut SI HCA .8 J diamond that in my opinion, is just so gorgeous and perfect for me. I never...
  10. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You Miss the December 2023 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  11. S

    #JOTW Holiday Sparkle!

    This site has been so helpful! I debated upgrading/resetting my ring for a few years and decided to move forward after reading about and viewing so many beautiful options! :) New ring is an H VVS2 1.92 (Holloway score of 1.9) with a 1.3 ct. white gold halo setting. Original was a 1.6 VS1 with...
  12. Mreader

    #JOTW My Christmas bling - antique diamond dinner ring

    A dinner ring has been on my wish list for a very long time. The only problem is most of the ones that I really loved were a “champagne taste beer budget” situation lol. I don’t think I’ll be at the point anymore where I’ll be dropping $$$$$ on a piece, so I needed to find something that was...
  13. Pomelo

    #JOTW VCA Magic Alhambra 4-motif earrings

    TLDR: I love how much of a playful statement these earrings are, but can see why they’re not for everyone due to the weight and noise the motifs make. If iridescence matters to you, consider seeing them in store first (if there is stock) as my pair are not particularly iridescent. There are...
  14. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See The November 2023 Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  15. luckygreen317

    #JOTW First rosecut diamond ring

    I bought 2 earth-mined rosecut diamonds on a whim from Alex Park several months ago. I was immediately intrigued by the fancy brown 1.21 carat. It was being sold along with a M color .90 carat, so I bought them both. After several months of contemplating the best direction on how to set them, I...
  16. TruLuv858

    #JOTW Feeling Thankful! Meet Coco, my 4.56 OEC Upgrade!

    This week seemed so beyond fitting that I would receive this Beautiful Ring, feeling Thankful is truly an understatement. Firstly, I just want to thank those who have been so open to answering my MILLIONS of questions here on the Boards! Specifically @Cerulean @missy , @Austina and @Mreader ...
  17. mustangchi

    #JOTW Amazing new Maytal Hannah ring!

    I will post pictures tomorrow as it's dark here now and lighting won't be the best for it but wanted to start the thread. I went to Tiffany recently to drop off something for service and tried on the 3mm legacy band, I have always loved the legacy but did not love the 7650.00 price tag that was...

    #JOTW Finally off the diamond swap rollercoaster! I have my dream ring !

    I had a beautiful 3.5ct oec that I sold less than 2 years ago in order to buy my first OMC. Then swapped it for another OMC. Thought I was done with the switch-a-roos..until last week. Sin City Finds posted that she had added items on her website that she hadn't shown on IG yet. Always down...
  19. Dreamer_D

    #JOTW Star Sapphire Celebration Ring

    This year marked a very important professional accomplishment for me: I was promoted to full professor at my university. It took me 13 years to achieve this goal, on top of 9 years of graduate and post-doctoral education. So I decided to buy myself a beautiful ring to mark the occasion, as a...
  20. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did you see the October 2023 Jewels of the Weeks?

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  21. Niel

    #JOTW 1.84 cape old mine diamond & antique diamond ring

    I will start by saying this is very wordy and the glamour shots will not be here for a few days, but I know people are anxiously waiting. (Well, really I’m just anxiously waiting. Nobody is asking lol!) The ring was not purchased whole but instead both ring and stone were purchased separately...
  22. Natylad

    #JOTW Thaleia, my YG emerald and diamond ring, is finally on my finger!!!

    What a happy day this is!!! My emerald reset is finally concluded and the ring is on my finger!!!! As some of you already know, DH bought me an emerald and diamond ring during our summer holiday. I loved the ring but I could tell that the quality of the side diamonds and the craftsmanship of...
  23. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You Miss The September 2023 Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  24. lulu_ma

    #JOTW Marie-Chantal: My Dreamy OEC Dinner Ring

    This summer I was traveling and got the chance to meet up with the lovely @oldcutclubmember. I got to try on a few of her exquisite rings in real life and, wow, talk about #goals! In particular, OCCM has dinner ring with the most perfect airlines. Since then, I’ve become a little obsessed with...
  25. Lpsl

    #JOTW New setting brings original e-ring diamond to life!

    Excited to share new home for my original engagement diamond (natural mined 1.51 ct I VVS2 I Ex Ex) from BN) My husband and I both thought halo could only detract from center stone, hence our initial choice. Then look what happened, Original setting was BN Studio French pave hidden halo: New...
  26. Christinak

    #JOTW My first Ruby and it’s from the 1920’s!

    Got to stop looking at instagram. This popped up and it was love at first sight. 1920s, 18ct gold and platinum with (no treatment) Ruby and old cut diamonds. I put the no treatment bit in brackets because I have just received it and not had an independent appraisal yet - this is the sellers...

    #JOTW My new 3.20ct Q/R OMC in her freshly Klass engraved bezel setting

    Last year I bought my first OMC. A slightly elongated N/VVS1. She was a beauty but over time I realized I prefer a more square OMC , maybe lower colored... I had no immediate plan to get one but then that dang IG bling slinger Sin City posted a 3.20 Q/R Si1 OMC. 8.93x 9.04. I tried SO hard to...
  28. J

    #JOTW My white flash gift

    My love just surprised me with a gift from white flash . Who wants to see???
  29. crbl999

    #JOTW Men's ring: .302 F VS1 ACA & Bruce Boone Diagonal Cut Tension Ring

    Finished ring is here!!! Diamond: Whiteflash ACA .302 F VS1 Ring: Bruce Boone custom diagonal cut tension ring made out of black zirconium Ring specs: 1. Brushed black zirconium 2...