1. oldcutclubmember

    Between the finger ring from Victorian components

    About 7 weeks ago, Dolly (xothebijouxbox on IG) posted a pair of earrings made out of Victorian components. She suggested making a bypass type ring out of the parts. The second I saw them, VCA’s Frivole Between the Finger Ring popped into my head. I asked her if they could be made into a...
  2. Autumn in New England

    #JOTW Diamond heart center ring with multi-color FCD halo. :)

    Hello friends, In all my years on PS, this is my very first SMTB post. Hard for me to believe, but I guess I don't wander too far from the CS forum. :roll: This guy doesn't apply though, so I thought I'd post him here. The center diamond is 2.03ct., F, VS2. The halo is comprised of about...
  3. tigian

    #JOTW My upgrade 4.2 transitional

    I was an avid pricescoper many years forward two kiddos, life happenings, 15 years, and I had to come back to share. This is my original ring: I always knew an upgrade was going to happen at...
  4. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See February 2023's Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  5. nala

    #JOTW Meet my holy grail old cut platinum brooch!

    Ummmm. I have been stalking this brooch for a year. And today it happened! I am over the moon! I plan to make it a pendant or a bracelet—prob a pendant bc it deserves to been seen by all! And it’s long enough so that I can enjoy it! Can anyone tell me if the stones have blue fluorescence based...
  6. Eli22

    #JOTW 2022 - The Year of Bling

    2022 was definitely a BLING-filled year. I find that jewelry purchases/projects serve as a big distraction/stress reliever for me (I know, I know…need to work on those coping skills lol), as well as a way to commemorate milestones. I guess you could say 2022 was a challenging yet productive...
  7. MamaBee

    #JOTW Show me your Valentine’s Day jewelry! Reds..Pinks and Hearts!

    My ruby and diamond band along with my reddish tourmaline! I wear the tourmaline ring with my five stone asscher band on my right hand. I set the tourmaline into my former 2 carat diamond ring setting.. I’ll add more tomorrow!
  8. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See January 2023's Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  9. sparklesforever

    #JOTW Engaged!!!… and worth the 15+ year wait!!

    Thanks to everyone for their advice on the custom design of my engagement ring, it is now officially on my finger! I’d now love to hear your advice on a wedding band(s) to pair with it. Thanks in advance! Center: 3.01 carat, D, SI2, Ex/Ex/Ex Sides: 0.2 carats each, D, VS1/2, Ex/Ex/Ex Ring...
  10. Diamond Girl 21

    #JOTW New Alex Park Snake Bracelet

    I just received my new snake bracelet from Alex Park. It's a solid; very well made piece of 14kt rose gold. The details on the scales and face are really beautiful. I requested high end mele, and they didn't disappoint. They are super bright and sparkly. Unfortunately, the photos don't do it...
  11. mrs-b

    #JOTW Enamel locket with AVR center

    Just a few quick photos of my new enamel locket from DKJ. It's 1.25 x .75" on sterling silver with a gorgeous .95 E VS2 AVR from Distinctive Gems. I picked up the 20" chain on Etsy and am going back and forth about the yellow gold detail - the yellow gold bezel and the yellow gold bail at the...
  12. P

    #JOTW My Dream Bracelet by Wink! 9.94 ctw H+A Tennis Bracelet

    I feel so honored to share a stunning custom tennis bracelet hand crafted by @Wink and his team at Continental Diamonds! A huge, heartfelt thank you to Wink, Bob, Andy, Ashly and Susan! I appreciate you all so much! Here is the Rocky Talky project thread...
  13. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See December 2022's Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  14. Ibrakeforpossums

    #JOTW Evan the cuff ring

    Made by David Klass, O-P diamond from B2C and Mali garnet from Finewater gems So named for being placed next to a bottle of Evan Williams. Many thanks to David, Simon at B2C and Gary at FinewaterGems!.
  15. diamondgirlsbestfriend

    #JOTW May I introduce the 10 ct square emerald ..........Miss Memories

    You can not sum up 20 years of memories in one ring, But I can tell you when I see this on my finger I remember our first date, Us buying the perfect house we could not afford at the time. The babies that came and filled it. I remember the fights then the make ups. I remember Building...
  16. cushioncutnut

    #JOTW My Christmas present. Sapphire and diamonds art deco bracelet!!

    I saw this at my favorite plac to shop for jewelry (The Jewelers Exchange in Boca Raton) and my husband endulged me for Christmas. I love that he will let me pick out a piece of jewelry because he knows he could not go out and buy jewelry for me. Platinum and old cut diamonds and beautiful...
  17. Mjay

    #JOTW My chunky warm 3.60 ct old mine cut solitaire

    My ring arrived today! Original thread about setting my stone: Thread 'Help me with my setting for my old mine' GIA diamond stats: 3.60 ct VVS2 U/V color 9.25x8.77x 6.73 Setting: Crafted by DK 950 RU platinum 18k yellow gold 22 G color VS single cut diamonds 2.5 mm shank (cast) Size...
  18. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See November 2022's Jewels Of The Weeks?

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  19. canuk-gal

    #JOTW Small but mighty, part two...

    HI: I bought something I couldn't resist. (Estate) Tiffany True. .50 ctw. Fancy Vivid yellow set in yellow gold. I'm kinda tired after work , so I'll just post two quick pictures. I think it is marvellous.
  20. M

    #JOTW My 5.4 carat Pear E-ring upgrade

    Hi Ladies, I started down the upgrade journey this year for our 15 year anniversary. I initially wanted to get larger Oval but my jeweler brought in different fancy shapes and this juicy pear stole my heart. The shape was just perfect to me but I was hesitant. Was I making the right choice...
  21. Eli22

    #JOTW Sapphires & Diamonds: A celebration of 10 years

    My husband and I just celebrated 10 years together and he gifted me this ring project. I’ve always wanted a sapphire/diamond ring to represent our birthstones. I started the process in June (naively) hoping for it to be ready by our “meetingversary”in late July. Well, it took a bit longer than...
  22. M

    #JOTW My Beautiful Three Stone Ring by Maytal Hannah

    For out anniversary this year, my husband gifted me a three oval diamond ring made by Maytal Hannah. We wanted a ring that represented our family of three and it was important that the ring was perfect. We needed to find the right person to create this dream ring.. I‘ve heard so many great...
  23. ilovegemstones

    #JOTW 1.62 Burma Ruby Ring Unheated 18k YG

    1.62 ct of unheated, juicy glow! My most favourite ring I own. I have had this baby for about a year and was just never ready to post it on PS! The pics never did it justice and still don't and my vid isn't loading. It is so special to me and the pinkish, purplish colour is my favourite in...
  24. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Don't miss October '22's Jewels of the Week!

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  25. Gussie

    #JOTW Going for Gold - ACA in a modern collet

    I really love yellow gold. It's so rich and warm. I wavered for a while though on resetting my stone that was in a gorgeous platinum EW Margot. With the help of enabling psers, I decided to go for it. A simple "modern collet" in 18k gold. I have only had her for a day but I already love her...
  26. distracts

    #JOTW Big Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone

    This ring is giving me whatever the opposite of DSS is. 1.14 ct I SI1 Old European Cut 1.17 ct H VS2 Old European Cut (this is the recut one) 6.87 ct blue sapphire, basic heat only, Sri Lankan origin In 2019, I ended up buying a matched pair of OECs as my Christmas present. Thread...
  27. oldcutclubmember

    #JOTW Aurelia: Dinner ring of my dreams centering a 1.78ct chubby pear

    This ring was not really planned ahead and started out as a bit of an impulse purchase. I am certain that I am not the only PSer that has different folders on their phone with saved pictures of various jewelry pieces (please tell me I’m not the only one lol). I have many pictures and quite a...
  28. M

    #JOTW Tutti Frutti?….

    Not quite…well, almost… but DEFINITELY Art Deco is this 3.20 tcw brooch clip with old cut pear- and marquis- (or moval?), single cut diamonds and carved cabochon rubies set in platinum hallmarked with dogs head for French origin. This is my 3rd purchase from from the wonderful Charlotte of...
  29. lulu_ma

    #JOTW E is for an Edwardian Escheresque Three Stone

    Last week, I found an Edwardian ring with the most unusual square cut center that I have ever seen. It has the make of a carre cut, but the crown faceting of a wonky French cut. I posted a pic of the stone on RT. No one knew what to call the cut-but there was one consensus -that the faceting...
  30. bcmacdonald

    #JOTW Did You See September 2022's Jewels Of The Weeks?

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