Flush set and Bezel set

*Link to New Bezel Settings Tutorial*

*Link to New Tension Set and Flush Set Tutorial*

Many designers like to work with flush settings for the streamlined modern lines they can achieve. The diamond is sunk into the mounting so it is almost level with the surface, with only the table (the top) showing.

A bezel setting has a collar of gold wrapped around the diamond that can add height to a flush style setting, giving designers more dimension for a great modern look. The downside is a reasonable part of your diamond must be covered in the gold that is hammered over the edges (usually with a micro jack hammer).

These two setting styles offer great protection for your diamond and while you would think the brilliance would be reduced, this is not true. Ideal cut diamonds do not let light in from behind anyway, and the enemy of all diamonds is dirt! Most bezel and flush settings have open settings and allow you to clean the back of the diamond very easily.

Some examples of bezel setting shared by our community members

It’s finally done!!

The beginnings of my ring

Emerald-cut bezel-set ring

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