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Crazy Rich Asians: Jewelry

Crazy Rich Asians: Jewelry (cover picture originally posted by Skippy123) at Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope.com. You already knew this post was coming! I saw Crazy Rich Asians and it was the first time I laughed out loud in a movie for a long time. But I’m not here to recap the movie; I’m here to detail so...

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Michelle Yeoh Style Inspiration

Michelle Yeoh Style Inspiration (Opening Ring Photo posted by Diamondseeker on the PriceScope Show Me The Bling Forum I was so SO excited when I saw that Michelle Yeoh is an August baby! Makes sense now as she’s one of the world’s best fighters thanks to their spirited Leo temperament. What’s even more exciting ...

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MTV Movie Awards Fashion: All About Earrings

MTV Movie Awards Fashion: All About Earrings The MTV Movie Awards aired this weekend and we can say it appeared decidedly grown up. We were pleasantly surprised by the fashion sense on display by many of the younger set who demonstrated a preternaturally mature fashion sense. But, while we were seduced by the clo...

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Mastering the Met Gala

Mastering the Met Gala You already know that this year’s Met Gala was the most impressive one in recent memory. The attendee’s brought all the drama, theatrics and history. Rihanna, Zendaya and Blake Lively managed to shut the venue down like we’ve never seen before. The theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and...

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Kate Middleton’s BAFTA Brilliance

Kate Middleton’s BAFTA Brilliance The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards were held last night and attendees included the best of British and American actors...and royalty. The Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance last night wearing a fabulous Jenny Packham green dress. She chose to ...

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Grammy Minimalism

Grammy Minimalism Forgive us if you don’t think that they Grammy’s and minimalism go hand in hand. After all, how could the awards show which gave us Lady Gaga’s meat dress (circa 2010) be minimalist? But they were. This year’s Grammy Awards showed that women in the entertainment industry weren’t going to wipe...


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