Winning Color: Leibish & Co. Debuts Rare Argyle Diamonds

By Erika Winters

Leibish & Co. has announced the debut of six new diamonds the company won at Argyle’s 2013 Premium Tender, including one of the rarest types of fancy-colored diamonds in the world, a 0.21-carat fancy red diamond. The company, which is known for both its extensive tutorials and its rainbow of natural fancy-colored diamonds, has done much to educate the public about these rare gems.

“The market is hungry for the most exceptional items. These rare and unique pieces are considered priceless to many. With prices constantly appreciating for these gems, it is no surprise that not only the Asian market is going after them, but the American market has caught onto this trend as well. In fact, by just doing a simple Google search on the topic of diamond investments, it’s amazing to see the amount of recent articles published by the largest media outlets around the world,” said Leibish & Co. president Leibish Polnauer.

Out of 83 lots offered at the premium tender, Leibish & Co. won six, including the rare 0.21-carat fancy red diamond, a 0.17-carat fancy deep violetish blue, and a 0.21-carat light green heart-shaped diamond.

The company’s debut coincides with Rio Tinto’s Tokyo preview of the 2013 Pink Diamonds Tender collection, featuring a stunning array of red, pink, and blue diamonds. According to Leibish, Argyle’s 2013 Premium Tender was added this year as an addition to the annual Pink Diamonds Tender. Leibish & Co. has acquired fancy-colored Argyle diamonds in previous years, including the “Argyle Allure,” a 0.33-carat heart-shaped blue diamond, which was one of the highlights of the 2012 tender.

Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine, located in Western Australia, has been one of the world’s largest suppliers of fancy-colored diamonds since 1983. And just last April, Rio Tinto announced the opening of Argyle’s new underground mine, which is expected to yield 20 million carats annually. The Argyle mine produces rare colored diamonds, including red and blue diamonds, and over 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds, which are sold at the annual tender.

Leibish & Co. currently offers 75 Argyle diamonds in its collection.

Rare 0.21-carat red diamond • Leibish & Co.

Rare red: 0.21-carat fancy red diamond

0.17-carat fancy deep violetish blue diamond • Leibish & Co.

0.17-carat fancy deep violetish blue diamond

0.21-carat light green heart-shaped diamond • Leibish & Co.

0.21-carat light green heart-shaped diamond

Images courtesy of Leibish & Co.

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