Jewelry Crime News Roundup: $136M Heist in Cannes, Pink Panther Escapes, Ex-Tiffany Exec Pleads Guilty

By Erika Winters

From the Cannes jewel heist (now estimated to be $136 million)–and a “Pink Panther” ring member’s escape–to the former Tiffany executive who admitted stealing over $2 million worth of jewelry from the company, jewelry theft news abounds this summer. Multimillion-dollar heists make big headlines and inspire Hollywood screenplays, but we shouldn’t lose sight of how thefts impact average jewelers. To give just one incident from this summer, Georgia jeweler, Mitch Mobley, was killed on June 26 during a smash-and-grab robbery. Mobley’s story reminds us why crime is a constant worry in the jewelry business. Keep reading for some of the latest jewelry crime stories–including a crime of the heart and a (non-crime) lost-and-found story.

*Updated July 31, 2013, to include even more crime stories…


Former Tiffany Exec Pleads Guilty Cannes diamond heist estimated at $136M
Former Tiffany executive pleads guilty of jewelry theft • NBC Cannes diamond heist estimated at
$136M • ABC
Pink Panther Escapes from Swiss Prison Neiman Marcus settles with 'woman scorned'
“Pink Panther” jewel thief escapes from Swiss
prison • BBC
Neiman Marcus settles suit with “woman scorned” • Daily Mail
Chopard theft at Cannes 2013 Wedding rings lost and found
Las Vegas jeweler pleads guilty to selling stolen watches, jewelry • JCK 2nd robbery in a week at Cannes at luxury watch store •
Chopard theft at Cannes 2013 Wedding rings lost and found
Memorable heists including the Chopard theft at Cannes 2013 • PopSugar Wedding rings lost and found = good news •


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