Spring Break Vacation Jewelry

Spring break vacation is kicking off over the next few weeks! Not everyone has the same time frame, but millions of people are taking off for a quick getaway! What jewelry should you bring for a spring break escape? Let’s get into it!


Spring break is mostly for schools, students, staff, etc. Yet, families often take the opportunity to take a quick respite before pushing through until summer! You still want to look good, and some of us feel off without at least some jewelry! 

Road sign that says Spring Break Ahead.


woman wearing jewelry at the beach

The beach is a common spring break vacation destination. Some like to go a little more bohemian at the beach and wear more flowy styles and chunky jewelry. I would keep it simpler and wear things that are less likely to go for a swim on their own. Be careful with softer stones that can be scratched by abrasive sand and rocks!



Spring break cruise 2023

Setting sail on a cruise is a great way to have a vacation where you are out and about but have a space that is yours for the time being. There are all types of dining, shows, events, activities, and more! Often all-inclusive for the basics, cruises can be easier to plan too. You can glam up for nightlife on deck! Adventures await!


Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant at Adiamor
Diamond Station Bracelet With Seven Diamonds in 14K Rose Gold at B2C Jewels


Family Hiking

Vacation can be relatively inexpensive if you are down to get dirty! Camping and/or hiking can be done reasonably for the basics, and can create super memories! Even a night in the backyard is a memory that kids will hang onto. If you are going to be doing strenuous hiking, wear pieces that are worn close to you. You don’t want anything that can catch on things and pull off. 


14K Yellow Gold Motherhood Designer Diamond Pendant With Hollow Back at B2CJewels
Mini Duet Circle Diamond Necklace at Blue Nile


Spring Break Activities 2023

Full disclosure, amusement parks collect massive amounts of accessories that fall off. Vacation at an amusement park can be incredibly fun! If you are going to ride on the attractions, keep jewelry close to your body. Make sure that any over-the-shoulder safety containment doesn’t destroy any necklaces or earrings! 

Freshwater Cultured Pearl and White Topaz Drop Hoop Earrings at Blue Nile
Lab-Grown Pink Diamond 1½ct. tw. Cushion Cut 14k Gold Studs at Lightbox Jewelry


Whether flying off to a far-flung vacation destination or sticking close to home, we wish you the best time! For the rest of us that don’t have a spring break, maybe look especially fabulous at work for a week in honor of spring! Add some color, if your world has been grey and gloomy all winter!

Always make sure that any jewelry is insured! Jeweler’s Mutual will cover your pieces so that you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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