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Spring Break Vacation Jewelry blog post

Spring Break Vacation Jewelry

Spring break vacation is kicking off over the next few weeks! Not everyone has the same time frame, but millions of people are taking off for a quick getaway! What jewelry should you bring for a spring break escape? Let’s get into it!JEWELRY FOR SPRING BREAKERSSpring break is mostly for schools, students, staff, etc...

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Grandmother and Daughter

Can My Jewelry Be An Heirloom?

Jewelry that is passed from person to person takes on a life of its own. Wearing a family heirloom can make you feel more connected to those that came before you, and passing it on connects you to those yet to come.There are no actual rules for what qualifies as an heirloom; the emotional value of an item cannot alw...

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A Latina woman jumping for joy on a green blue watercolor backdrop with 3 different pairs of earrings in the open space.

The Earrings of Encanto

The world is enchanted by Encanto! The Family Madrigal is everywhere, and for good reason! This new Disney animated sensation is going to be on top of the charts for a long time, Frozen may have reason to “let it go” for a while a new champ reigns. Some people are probably scratching their heads and wondering why...

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