Jewelry Travel Tips 2021


In many countries, travel restrictions are being eased and people are excited to get out of their homes. The travel industry is starting to show signs of life again, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity to talk about tips for traveling with jewelry!

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We have seen some great tips over the years, as many of us have had travel mishaps with our jewelry.  From packing the wrong pieces to tangled chains, lost stones, or even whole pieces missing. There are some quick tricks that will increase your odds of getting to your final destination with all the looks that you so carefully planned intact and ready to impress.

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  1. Make a List– Make a list of all of the jewelry that you are bringing, make a second copy, and bring one with you, leaving one at home. If you are really prepared, include pictures of the pieces. If there is some tragic loss, this preparedness will help with any insurance claims.
  2. Jewelry Rolls– Jewelry rolls are essentially portable layered pockets. There are different compartments in a fabric container that is flat and rolls up to remain secure. It takes minimal space and keeps your pieces separated. You can buy them in many places or even make your own with free patterns online.
  3.       Drinking Straws– This may seem odd, but there is a logical reason it’s on the list! Lace your delicate chains through a drinking straw and then close the clasp. The straw will keep the bulk of the chain straightened out so that it will not get tangled. You can use a straight straw, a bendy straw, a reusable straw, that is up to you.
  4.       Small Closeable Hard Containers– There are several types that you can use to keep small pieces safe. There are containers that are sold strictly for the purpose, but a small metal mint tin, contacts case, or days of the week pill reminder cases will all do the job as well. You can also use the boxes your pieces came in!
  5.       Medium Closeable Hard Containers– If you need a little more space than the tiny container will allow for, you can upgrade to something a little larger that still can easily be slipped inside a suitcase. There are many types that you can buy, you should be able to find one that fits your taste and budget. You could use a hard-sided eyeglasses case or a travel soap dish as well.
  6.       Small bagsWithtiny bags you can pre-select the jewelry that you will pair with each outfit and attach it to the hanger of the outfits as you unpack. There are many styles and colors that you can find tiny bags in, you can even make your own.
  7.       Earring Storage– We’ve seen several suggestions for earring storage, ranging from Styrofoam plates to pink school erasers. Something that you can put the posts into to ensure that they don’t get broken or bent. Just put the posts in and keep them safe, together, and ready to wear.
  8.       Carry On– Keep your jewelry in your personal item that you carry with you. If you are staying in a hotel utilize the in-room safe, or the hotel safe (which is even more secure). Once you arrive, you can assign the pieces to the outfits if you are using tip #6.
  9.       Selection– Only bring what you will wear. If you are not going to a decadent red carpet event, you may not need to bring that Chanel High Jewelry piece. Plan your jewelry looks ahead and pack accordingly.
  10.   Insure it– Make sure that you have insured your pieces. They are precious to you and you deserve to have them protected. Make sure your jewelry is properly insured and that your insurance policy provides coverage wherever your travels take you. Before you leave, have a current appraisal done on your jewelry and have your items re-evaluated to current values and replacement costs. Have your insurance coverage adjusted, because jewelry prices generally increase, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you don’t have enough insurance in the event of loss, theft, or damage.

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Keeping your jewelry safe and secure adds peace of mind. You can dazzle on vacay, but it makes sense to take a few precautions to protect your pieces.

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Most importantly, have fun! We hope that if you are traveling this year that you have a wonderful time, and look fabulous doing it!

If you have any other jewelry traveling tips, let us know by clicking on the comments button below.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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