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Summer Jewelry Looks 2023

Welcome to the sunniest season of the year in the US! With summer in full swing, it's time to update your jewelry collection and embrace the carefree spirit of the season. We've got you covered with the hottest jewelry trends to make your summer sizzle. Get ready to shine bright and elevate your summer style with th...

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Spring Break Vacation Jewelry blog post

Spring Break Vacation Jewelry

Spring break vacation is kicking off over the next few weeks! Not everyone has the same time frame, but millions of people are taking off for a quick getaway! What jewelry should you bring for a spring break escape? Let’s get into it!JEWELRY FOR SPRING BREAKERSSpring break is mostly for schools, students, staff, etc...

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Jewelry Travel Tips 2021

  In many countries, travel restrictions are being eased and people are excited to get out of their homes. The travel industry is starting to show signs of life again, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity to talk about tips for traveling with jewelry! We have seen some great tips over the years, as...

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