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Spring Break Vacation Jewelry blog post

Spring Break Vacation Jewelry

Spring break vacation is kicking off over the next few weeks! Not everyone has the same time frame, but millions of people are taking off for a quick getaway! What jewelry should you bring for a spring break escape? Let’s get into it!JEWELRY FOR SPRING BREAKERSSpring break is mostly for schools, students, staff, etc...

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Who Is BriteCo’s CEO? Dustin Lemick

BriteCo is the jewelry insurance that covers up to 125% of the appraised value. Competitively priced with no deductibles. BriteCo aims to reinvent your jewelry shopping and insurance experience. Get a no-obligation quote in just 60 seconds using your smartphone. BriteCo makes the jewelry retail and insurance experie...

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Wear Your Jewelry

There is an instinct among fine jewelry owners to lock their favorite pieces away so that they are kept safe. I want to take a few moments to encourage you to wear your jewelry!Ok, so not every piece of jewelry matches every day; that is understood. Getting use out of your gorgeous pieces, however, is lovely; there ...


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Jewelry Travel Tips 2021

  In many countries, travel restrictions are being eased and people are excited to get out of their homes. The travel industry is starting to show signs of life again, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity to talk about tips for traveling with jewelry! We have seen some great tips over the years, as...

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