Wear Your Jewelry

There is an instinct among fine jewelry owners to lock their favorite pieces away so that they are kept safe. I want to take a few moments to encourage you to wear your jewelry!

Ok, so not every piece of jewelry matches every day; that is understood. Getting use out of your gorgeous pieces, however, is lovely; there are reasons that you love them after all! I am not saying you should pull out the High Jewelry for the office, but get it out and enjoy it. Ensure your valuable jewelry, so it is financially protected, and take it out for a spin!

I may get a little controversial here in my thoughts on this. Of course, I still endorse proper pairings that create cohesive looks. After the last couple of years, I am leaning more into joie de vivre!

Let’s look at the type of pieces you can most easily integrate into everyday usage.


Chocker and Large Ring

Delicate necklaces can pair with most things, maybe not bold statement pieces, but refined classic looks. I mean, if you want to wear the bold statement piece that fits your lifestyle, have at it! The key here is to enjoy wearing your jewelry more regularly.


Bangle, Necklace and Ring
Ring Stack

You can wear more than a wedding set! There are no actual rules about how many rings you can wear at once, but a stacker set on your right hand is a great addition. There are so many great right-hand rings, but there are also no absolute rules that they can only be worn on your right hand. Wear what feels good, and pair it with what feels suitable for your style.


Drop earrings and Necklace Portrait
Drop Earrings and Bangle Portrait

Wearing diamond studs with or without jackets will go far in any office/day look. I would argue, however, that dangling earrings can go with many outfits too. Chandeliers may seem out of place, but the actual limitations on what you can wear are up to you. Earrings are the one place where I would perhaps refrain from going over the top. Your face is essential for your interactions and body language; pulling focus from that could cause misunderstandings.


Bangle Stack

Bracelets also have some limitations because if your job requires a lot of typing, you may not want to have your bracelet banging against the keyboard. That said, you know your routine and situation and can determine what will keep your functionality in line with your fashionability!

The bottom line is that I want to see you happy and thriving. As jewelry lovers, we spend a lot of time seeking the pieces that speak to us, and then we put them away for safekeeping. So often, PriceScopers mention their regret at letting a part sit unworn. I am advocating for making informed decisions about safety with your jewelry but getting it out in the light! Take necklaces and bracelets to your jeweler and have the clasps checked to ensure they are secure. Make sure that your insurance policies are up to date and accurately reflect your collection. Then get out there and wear what makes you happy!

After all, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Do you wear any fine jewelry on a regular basis? We’d love to see how you wear it in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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