The First Balmain Fine Jewelry Collections

Balmain has entered the Fine Jewelry world! The luxury fashion house has launched a new jewelry line; we are excited to see what they bring to the industry.

Balmain, is the luxury French fashion house founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. While the brand’s aesthetic has evolved and shifted throughout its history, Balmain has remained a major player in fashion. Several amazing designers have occupied the top seats of the house and brought their style and feel to the looks. The different designers have created some shifts in the signature looks, but the exquisite taste and quality have remained.

Rousteing is presenting two inaugural lines, Emblem and Labyrinth.


Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold Diamond Bangle
Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold and Black Bracelet

All Jewelry Images from Balmain

Balmain is known to focus on being inclusive; they create styles that have global appeal and remain fierce in the process. The new jewelry line stays firmly within the ideals of the luxury house. The gender-neutral collections are designed in Paris and crafted in the finest workshops in France, the designs are created with recycled and ethical 18k gold, conflict-free minerals, and traceable gemstones. 

Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold and Black with Emerald Center Stone Ring
Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold Pendant Necklace

Now that Balmain has entered the fine jewelry arena, we are excited to see all they come up with. With ten years as Balmain’s creative director to back him up, Olivier Rousteing has taken on the challenge of adding this new element to Balmain’s product offerings. The goal of maintaining the excellence that began with Pierre Balmain is a lofty one, but they are still soaring. Rousteing’s brilliance seemingly knows no limitations.

Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold Chain Chocker
Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold Earring
Balmain Fine Jewelry - Gold Diamond Bangle

“We’ve made it very clear that we are building upon that unique heritage by having our first jewelry collections riff on a host of items pulled from our archives, including Monsieur Balmain’s legendary Labyrinth pattern, the house’s distinctive coat of arms and the couture-like embellishments of my Fabergé collection, which I first sent down the runway ten years ago.” ~Oliver Rousteing

Oliver Rousteing Close Up
Oliver Rousteing Hand Close Up
Oliver Rousteing Hand Close Up

Oliver Rousteing Images from The Official Balmain Twitter

From VOGUE:  “The house chose to focus its fine jewelry collection on the celebration of the self, identity and gender neutrality. Emblem and Labyrinth are symbolic of belonging to a greater whole, creating pieces that work interchangeably. Each piece marked a statement, relying on a brilliant mix of yellow gold, diamonds, onyx and tsavorites to reference the heraldic language of the Balmain Blazon and the masterful embroideries of one of Olivier Rousteing’s most influential runways, the Fabergé collection of 2012.”

These collections are an exciting debut, the bar has risen – Exceptional! 

There will surely be High Jewelry pieces in the line, and Balmain is a name that can carry that value.

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