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Spring Break Vacation Jewelry blog post

Spring Break Vacation Jewelry

Spring break vacation is kicking off over the next few weeks! Not everyone has the same time frame, but millions of people are taking off for a quick getaway! What jewelry should you bring for a spring break escape? Let’s get into it!JEWELRY FOR SPRING BREAKERSSpring break is mostly for schools, students, staff, etc...

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woman in surf at beach, in swimwear, jewelry, and sunglasses with her hands on either side of her head. Sort of sepia toned.

Jewelry for Beachwear

Beach fashion is for everyone! When we consider jewelry summer looks, 2020 is an anomaly. Since last year most of the jewelry looks were geared around zoom appearances, we are just skipping right over it. In recent years, other than 2020, we have seen a look that was surprising but delightful. Jewelry at the beach i...

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