Round Diamond Engagement Rings 101

By PS Staff

Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring - in 18kt Rose Gold (0.50 CTW) at Ritani

Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, $3,410 at Ritani

More and more people are becoming interested in fancy cut diamond rings. Why wouldn’t they? They see a fancy cut typically costs a bit less and are one of the hottest trends leading in 2016. However, we will always have an affinity for round diamonds and think you should as well. They’re fantastic diamonds that manage to withstand the test of time. But don’t take our word for it, read on and learn why you should have at least one round diamond in your jewelry box.

  • Most Popular Cut for Engagement Rings. Almost 75% of all diamond cuts sold are round diamonds. Within that percentage, nearly all of them are the round brilliant cut.

  • Why so Expensive? Have you ever wondered why round diamonds cost more than fancy cut diamonds when all other factors are the same? It is because the round cut loses more as a rough diamond. Therefore, it takes a greater amount of stone to yield a 1.00 ct round diamond than it does any other cut.

  • Bling Bling. Round diamonds are cut in a way to reflect the maximum amount of light, typically 57 facets at the minimum that are distributed across the crown, the girdle and the pavilion.

  • It Is Everlasting. Those who want a diamond cut which will stand the test of time should buy round diamonds. Their look has survived popularity throughout the ages and will not wane any time soon.

  • Purchasing a Diamond as an Investment? Then a round cut diamond is for you. It is the best cut for retaining its value through a resell or trade in. The reason is that fancy cuts go in and out of style, but the round cut is here to stay.

Round diamonds should never be overlooked. They have withstood the test of time in addition to jewelers improving the cut’s brilliance, sparkle and fire. We know that although we love a fabulous fancy cut, we will always gravitate towards the round cut when making a purchase for our own jewelry box.

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