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Are Engagement Watches Trending?

If a woman announces that she has recently been engaged, the standard reply is a request to see the ring. Some people are out to change that, because there is a new trend developing; engagement watches. I know, PriceScopers are probably aghast at the very idea of bypassing the engagement ring! We are going to take a...

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The Magic of Pink and Blue Diamonds

  The classic white diamond will always be timeless, but there’s something surprising and tantalizing about colored diamonds. As special as diamonds are, the rarity and uniqueness of a colored diamond seem to raise the feeling of exclusivity just a bit more. Pink, yellow, red, brown, blue, orange, black… dia...

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What is PriceScope?

PriceScope's Online Community - Register (Free)   New to diamonds or buying an engagement ring? Our online community is the place to be. Hello and welcome to PriceScope – the leading diamond discussion forum and community. You may be feeling bewildered that you’ve just stepped into the world of diamonds,...

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Style File: Julia Roberts

  Scorpio season is upon us so we decided to shine the spotlight on one of the most famous Scorpios in the world, Julia Roberts. Roberts is a megawatt star, a household name who has the ability to balance both her public and private life effortlessly. Roberts has a sense of mystery to her. Now, if that isn’t...

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

  Bali, Kenya, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, and Montana.   We are sailing right into the engagement season. As a result, there will be a crop of married couples planning their honeymoons. While the plans of many couples have been forced to change due to the global pandemic, some have chosen to scale down t...

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