Diamond and Jewelry

Michael Lebowitz

Michael Lebowitz is Director of Jewelry at WP Diamonds Bringing over 40 years of Jewelry Industry knowledge to White Pine Trading”™s jewelry division, Michael has an extensive background in reta...

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Andrey Pilipchak

Andrey Pilipchak is the CEO and owner of Pricescope.com. Since 2007 he has worked to maintain the integrity of the forum while bringing new features to the website. By implementing new diamond sear...

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David Friedlander

David Friedlander has been in the diamond industry since 1976 when he was accepted as a student trainee in the diamond grading school at Harry Winston in New York City. He is the owner of Diamonds...

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Mark Turnowski

Mark Turnowski, President of online diamond retailer, Engagement Rings Direct, has been a prominent member of the diamond industry for over 33 years. Mark”™s career began in 1976 as a Senior Staff ...

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Bryan Boyne

Bryan Boyne is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, AGS Registered Jeweler, and Vice President of Whiteflash Inc. His career in the diamond and jewelry business spans over 35 years. His early work was in ...


Diane Ferraro

Diane Ferraro is the Advertising Director at Robbins Brothers - The Engagement Ring Store, based in Los Angeles, California. Since 2001 she has worked on television, radio, print, social media, pub...

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Ephraim Ramhari

Ephraim Ramhari is an anonymous diamond trade member.

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Jim Summa

Jim Summa first started making jewelry at the age of 14, when his sister gave him a jewelry tool kit. In high school he took classes in silver fabrication and casting. Upon graduating Jim left the ...


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