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Bryan Boyne is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, AGS Registered Jeweler, and Vice President of Whiteflash Inc. His career in the diamond and jewelry business spans over 35 years. His early work was in the area of colored gemstones gradually transitioning to diamonds where his primary focus is today. Along the way he has been involved in all major aspects of the jewelry industry from buying rough gems in exotic locations around the globe, to designing and manufacturing finished jewelry. In 1999 he was recruited by the first publicly traded company selling diamonds and jewelry online,, where he was Operations Manager of the Diamond Division. In 2003 Bryan built and operated his own fine jewelry e-commerce business,, which was acquired by Whiteflash in 2009. Today his primary duties revolve around education and communications for Whiteflash. He is also intimately involved in purchasing, sales and sales training, content creation, web development and company messaging. After graduating from Rice University with a degree in Political Science and before entering the jewelry trade, Bryan played three years of professional baseball, hence his nickname “Texas Leaguer."

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Tacori – An Iconic Modern American Designer

The most recognizable and arguably the top designer brand in the bridal space is Tacori. But Tacori is about more than just bridal. The ‘Tacori Girl’ can choose to build a jewelry collection that shares the unique style aesthetic of her engagement ring and wedding band. And for her significant other, gift giving ...

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Designer Brand vs Custom Design

This article discusses some of the issues and considerations involved in deciding what approach to take for those who don’t want something “off the shelf”. Quick Summary: Survey several of the top designer brands to get an overview of look and feel and to see the range of variations possible. Go deeper int...

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Gravity Light – A Brilliant Solution for millions of people off the grid

We thought the pricescope community would be interested in learning about a brilliant initiative that will have impacts in communities in diamond mining areas as well as communities all over the world. When we sent a message to the Diamond Development Initiative recommending that this product might be synergistic f...

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AGS Laboratories – Diamond Cut Grading The Princess Cut

Diamond Grading – The AGSL Way (part five) *The following article provides an overview of the American Gem Society Laboratories approach to cut grading of princess diamonds, and was written in collaboration with the AGSL. Special thanks to Peter Yantzer in providing information and insight, Rachel Stark for provi...

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color palette

Designer Engagement Rings

  Understanding Top Designer Brands and Benefits   The purpose of this article is to examine the role of designer brands in the overall bridal jewelry market, to understand how they operate, and to compare and contrast their offerings with “generic” or non-branded jewelry. The intent is to help consum...

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