Diamond and Jewelry


Gloria Cheng

Based in Houston, Texas, Gloria has a background in Marketing and Public Relations. She has worked in a wide range of industries, ranging from technology to real estate to non-profit, and comes most recently from the art and music world. Gloria inherited a love of jewelry from her grandmother on her mother's side...

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Bianca Mac Donald

Bianca Mac Donald is a South African Copywriter who has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Digital Marketing from Vega School of Brand Leadership. Mac Donald's content creation for PriceScope Inc. comes from her enthusiasm for Gemology and passion for Jewelry. Mac Donald has previously marketed bran...

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Yoram Finkelstein

A second generation Diamond cutter, Diamond designer and Diamonds enthusiastic especially for old cut Diamonds. Also, a longstanding Pricescope participant who enjoys educating as well as learning. Founder of GemConcepts Ltd., which specializes in designing and cutting unique Diamonds using a new approach and new ...

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Kayti Kawachi

Kayti Kawachi is a Social Media Manager and blogger, she loves to write and create valuable connections between people on the internet. Kayti spends a lot of her time chasing her daughter, so her time to sink into the beautiful world of jewelry has become a very welcome escape into delicious decadence and opulence. ...

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Michael D. Cowing

Michael D Cowing is an educator, gemologist and appraiser operating an Accredited Gemologist Association (AGA) Certified Gem Laboratory. His career in the diamond, gem and jewelry business spans over 35 years. He began as an amateur faceter and gemstone cutter in the late 70”™s involved in the early computer aide...

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Ashley Boykin

Ashley has always had a passion for jewelry and fashion. When she isn't working you can find her traveling or practicing dressage.

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Linh Pilipchak

Linh (pronounced "Ling") Pilipchak is the VP of Pricescope, Inc. and she is the partner/wife of Andrey Pilipchak who is the owner & CEO. She brings a consumer side to the PriceScope community.

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Brian Pollard

Brian Pollard is Director of Consumer Education for B2C Jewels where he oversees technical training, consumer education, and internet representation. A specialist in cut-quality and imaging tools which communicate diamond performance, Brian was instrumental in the development of the Perfection Cut for Performance li...

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