The two week club!


Aug 14, 2018
Hi! Just saw your post. I do, I have the bracelet and love it! Thanks for asking.

This summer has been super busy, so I haven't had a chance to take good photos of her yet. I look forward to a quiet moment when I can get her cleaned up, photographed and the pics shared with my PriceScope friends!

I was wondering about that today! Been waiting to see it! Cannot wait.


Jun 28, 2006
She's here! She's here!

2.69 RB set in a platinum 1.7mm band with 6-prong tab

thank you to everyone who suggested a 6-prong tab in a separate thread, I'm very happy with the way it turned out.



Somewhere on this forum I read you can use a toilet paper holder to see the arrows - my husband got a good laugh watching me, but it works!



IGI Report (if anyone is interested) -

thank you again @DejaWiz !

Your set is so impressive And looks so lovely on your hand. I’ve been trying to see the Sparkle of a LG. Yours is so sparkly! Do you have a link to your search?


May 13, 2023
Your set is so impressive And looks so lovely on your hand. I’ve been trying to see the Sparkle of a LG. Yours is so sparkly! Do you have a link to your search?

@MrsT - Thank you for your incredibly kind words! What a lovely way to start a Saturday.

Unfortunately, I can’t take any credit for finding the stone - @DejaWiz kindly found this on my behalf after providing him with some perimeters (price range, carat weight, color, clarity etc). He originally found the stone on another site and I was able to price match this through Adiamor since they had the setting I wanted. From what I understand, finding a diamond with ideal cut proportions is what’s going to provide the sparkle you’re looking for. I hope that helps!

I can’t wait to see what you end up with!


Jan 1, 2021
They arrived this morning. I have to say that David and Sandra were so nice, worked with my budget (that is why one stone is lighter), and the custom settings are beautiful and very substantial. It was a great experience.


Aug 23, 2020
I have a 10mm Tahitian floating pearl necklace and studs on the way from Kamoka. They had been on my wishlist for a while- Kamoka is one of the pearl vendors who has pledged to donate a portion of sales (50%) to the victims of devastation in Maui so I decided to go ahead with my purchase.


Jun 27, 2020
I’m back in the Two Week Club.

Back in 2021, I sent a diamond and French cut ruby, band ring to David Klass to be resized while he was making a different custom ring for me. I had impulse purchased the ruby/diamond band ring in Europe late 2019. Although the ring was new, I was told that the rubies in it were older French cut ones. As eager as I was to wear it, I didn’t get the ring properly sized as soon as I got home. Instead, I was off on another long, work assignment. So, the new ring just sat in my jewelry box. Then, the pandemic hit, & I eventually learned about the world of on-line jewelers, which led me to David Klass.

Unfortunately, the ruby band came back too small and needed to be resized again. Before I was able to send it back to David, the ring suddenly totally disappeared. Since I never had this ring out of the house, it had to have disappeared inside my home. But poof!!! It was in a “safe” place ready for me to box it up. Then, it was gone. Meanwhile, when told the situation, David said to just send the ring back to him (whenever or if ever we found it). He’d fix the size, etc problem. No rush. Kudos to him for being so customer orientated and so patient & so understanding!!! He really does stand behind his work.

I spent days, weeks, months hunting and hunting for the missing ring in our house with no luck at all. The ruby band remained missing until I was putting some of our holiday decorations away in 2023. To my shock, my husband (not me) accidently found the ruby ring in one of our storage boxes with seasonal decorations. I like to decorate our home for all the different, seasonal holidays. Who knows how it got in that box or why we missed seeing it when we unpacked the box in 2022? Anyhow, to make a long story short, David has had the ring since April 2023, and I’m now finally getting it back with modifications. It’s been a very long journey and wait.

Fingers crossed that the sizing is good this time & I like the modification that has been made to the original shank. Guess I’ll know in a few days. I bought the ring back in 2019, and it has yet to be on my hand!!! Although this isn’t one of them, I do love my custom-made David Klass rings. So, things should be okay now with this ruby & diamond band. I hope. I hope. The diamonds aren’t VVS D quality like with the diamond rings I had David make for me. They’re just so so at best. I hope that doesn’t now suddenly bother me with the ring I’ve been waiting over 4 years to get on my hand.
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