The two week club!


Jun 27, 2020
It's here, and it's beautiful!!! So sparkly. I love it!!!

Although the value was fairly high (due to the quality of diamonds used), UPS just threw the ring package on the ground at the end of our long driveway along with a couple of other packages also being delivered.

We waited all day for the ring to arrive. When it didn't, my husband finally went out at 8 PM and looked around. A bunch of newly delivered packages (including my ring) were almost in the street. One was even in the grass. Guess we had a substitute UPS driver for the day. He must have just thrown the boxes out of his truck. Our driveway is over 200 yards long and then our front walk is another 100 yards long. So, it means delivery people have to walk a bit to get to our front porch.

Luckily, we live on acreage on a dead-end courtyard and don't (knock on wood) - so far anyhow - have any problem with porch pirates. But it still was unsettling to find the box with my newly delivered diamond ring almost out in the public road. I don't know what was in the other boxes: just some things my husband had ordered for home maintenance. Nothing irreplaceable or super expensive. Still, they also shouldn't have been just dumped where they were.

But that's no longer important. I have my ring!!! And it's gorgeous.
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