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Spinel, diamonds, blue pearl, upgrades, remakes....three lovely projects now finished!


Aug 18, 2013
Happy Tuesday, @yssie :wavey:

I think I'll be switching out 2 stones, as apparently 2 of them aren't playing nicely with the others. I have my eye on a pair that might do the job, so we'll see.

Re the spinel, yes, I'll definitely be changing the prongs on the spinel - I' all about cohesion and flow.

And there was never a single second during which I considered doing Tiffany proportions on my 3 stone! Yikes!! My finger, which was originally an 8.25 at its largest, is now a 6.5 and, while stil substantial, would battle to handle that kind of spread! And, frankly, if I had that ind of money to spend, I'd up my center to a 4+ct and go back to a soli, I think.

I bought a 1.05ct AVR from GOG and am getting matching 3.5mm sides cut so I can make a platinum cluster. That will be one of my last rings - if not my last. I'm umming and ahhing about doing 2 more, but we'll see. Either way, no more settings will be done this year, apart from the ones already being worked on (2 charm bracelets, rubellite, diamond and pearl earrings and opal drop earrings). I'm also putting the AVR into a temp setting that I already have, and changing the shank and prongs on the spinel ring. After that, I have between 1 and 3 rings to go - and then I've finished my collection. I'm sure there will be the occasional piece here and there - but the 'mental list' will be finished. A reief, really.


Oct 19, 2013
@Rfisher - your thoughts on this please:

I'm doing the rose gold shank for sure. But I'm also thinking of blackening the metal around the diamonds in the halo. I'm afraid it will make the stone too dark.

Your thoughts?
Are you thinking of a more grey than black (but still called black I think) rhodium like this example before/after
Or a more solid black rhodium?

That’s more of a nosy question than in answer to your question tho!
I’m assuming the black just going directly around the diamonds and not expanding any further? Again assuming there’s a natural break in the design from the side view to be the line of demarcation.
I think if the black rhodium will not be applied to anywhere in the basket next to the spinel pavilion/girdle - it will not darken it. Will it fool the eye so when on your hand? Hard to tell.
I think it would look lovely and have a great nod to an ‘edgy’ component with still being allover considered a classic look.
(Will this then be too much of a stand alone item in your jewelry wardrobe?)
I think since you are considering something that’s not a permanent option - it’s worth the few dollars (relatively speaking) to try it out. As it can be removed with a thorough polishing (I believe, but please confirm) if you dislike it immediately as a whole, or it wears off down the road in a non enjoyable way, and wish to completely remove it.

the thought is intriguing :)
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