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Jan 5, 2019
Usually, diamonds shoppers want insurance, and there's lots of options for this. Frequently, people will either add a rider to their homeowner's or apartment insurance, or, shoppers can get stand alone insurance.

Most riders are replacement type insurance. For the stand alone type, the most well known, and most frequently listed ones, are Jeweler's Mutual and Chubb, these were listed here in the FAQ section back in 2002, and that information is current even now. For these stand alone insurers, the first is also replacement, and the second is cash out, tending to cost somewhat more...but also possibly providing more options, primarily that of cash in lieu of a replacement diamond ring of like kind.

Since 2004, people have been challenged to actually get Chubb, and the number of threads on this subject is incredible. Possibly whenever you'll read this, you'll have been told by several agents Chubb can't be gotten as a stand alone jewelry policy any longer, but, at least if you've spent at least $10K, you could review this thread from Hangout and understand you probably just haven't talked to the right people yet. Who the right people are may change from time to time, but if experience serves...somebody will offer it. Just don't expect to be told the truth by either a local (to you) agent who otherwise does sell Chubb, or especially, corporate offices for Chubb itself.


Dec 17, 2008
Good Bow-tie information with comments by Garry (Cut-Nut)

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    Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way
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